On the Flats, a coach’s best friend

… is an operating deficit.

New basketball coach Josh Pastner and his staff, repairs to Bobby Dodd Stadium and slow ticket sales are expected to drop Georgia Tech’s athletic department into a $2.4 million deficit for the upcoming fiscal year. Athletic director Mike Bobinski sees it as a one-year aberration, though, and is confident for improved financial standing in years to follow.

The projection was given Thursday at the Georgia Tech Athletic Association’s board of trustees meeting by Marvin Lewis, associate athletic director for finance and administration.

Ticket revenues are projected to dip $2.2 million from this past year’s totals, to $12.052 million, on expectations of slower sales for football (after a 3-9 season) and basketball (following a coaching change and low expectations for the 2016-17 season)…

Ain’t nobody getting canned this season.

Best of all, Dawgnation, we’re doing our part to help.



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18 responses to “On the Flats, a coach’s best friend

  1. Walt

    They should have a bake sale or maybe get the players to sell chocolate bars.


  2. siskey

    Senator, would another 3-9 season lead them to fire Johnson or are they potentially exceeding the peak Chantasm that we saw in 2005-2007?


    • If Tech dodges the injury bug this year, they won’t go 3-9 again. I’m not saying they’ll be world beaters, but they’ll scrape by and make it to a bowl game.

      But to answer your question, I would be surprised if Johnson could survive back to back three-win seasons.


  3. BMan

    A new “four tickets, EIGHT hot dogs, four cokes” campaign should solve the problem.


  4. Spike

    Please do not fire this man, tech.


  5. I don’t want them to fire Fish Fry, but I would like to see the cut and chop blocking coach out because I really don’t want to see Trent Thompson limping off the field like we’ve seen so many other d-linemen.

    I think Georgia Southern is going to knock off tech this year in Atlanta. Should we all buy tickets, wear red, and give the Eagles a neutral field especially if the Vandy game is at a time where people could go to both?


  6. Kalamazoodawg

    Georgia Southern is coming up to help them fill up one Saturday.


  7. I would like to see GT on their knees praying for UGA not to drop them as a non-conference game. Based on the numbers, without a home game vs the dawgs their athletic program is in danger of collapsing. Let’s do it. Let’s close their program. Let’s show them who really runs the state. Let’s sign a petition to the legislature to drop the game. Kirby can do it. LOL


    • We don’t drop them until The Drought is no more. It’s the only thing they hold on to about the series. I could make the case that we should tell them we’ll only play them in Atlanta in the new stadium. I’m not sure the Senator would agree with that given that some of his favorite memories are walking out of Mark Richt Stadium at Vince Dooley Field … otherwise known as the Joke by Coke.


  8. 81Dog

    I don’t understand how GTU can be in the hole, financially. I thought the ACC’s tv deal was so sweet, and the pencil necks love to brag about how 1 in every 6 Tech grads is a millionaire. I guess those guys don’t like football. Or games with a ball. Or sports. McGarity probably has more money in the cushions of his office couch than Bobinski has in a month’s budget. I guess for a bunch of ignorant rednecks who all work for Tech grads (if we even have jobs, or went to school there) wearing WalMart UGA shirts, we aren’t doing so badly. 😉


  9. Tech should consider selling a one-off away game in the even years to pad the bottom line like the other mid-majors do.


  10. Russ

    Wait, I thought Stingtalk taught me that all Techsters were instant millionaires coming out of college? Just ping a few of them for donations and problem solved, right?


  11. steve

    Is it any wonder Tech is having accounting difficulties? After all, one of their most famous graduates (Reggie Ball) forgot what number comes after 3.


  12. stoopnagle

    Not to pile on, but… Yeah, I guess I won’t.

    This seems like an opportune time to get the home-and-home with Tech re-set so that our final home game is either vs. tech or Auburn every year. Lord knows our AD isn’t going to get the SEC office to change the AU game, so a one-off neutral site game in MB Stadium vs Tech for their home game should do the trick, yeah? Split the gate?