“The Briles era is over.”

Former Baylor coach Art Briles is accusing the school of wrongful termination, reports the Associated Press.

… In a motion filed as part of a federal lawsuit filed against Briles and the school, Briles says the school used him as a scapegoat for its sexual assault problem.

“The conclusion is inescapable that the motive of Baylor and the Board of Regents was to use its head football coach and the Baylor athletic department as a camouflage to disguise and distract from its own institutional failure to comply with federal civil rights protections,” Briles’s lawyer wrote in the motion.

… Briles is demanding Baylor turn over its litigation files and the information discovered by law firm Pepper Hamilton in its independent review of the school, claiming he has yet to see the evidence for why Baylor fired him.

Briles is a co-defendant with Baylor in a lawsuit filed by a rape victim. His lawyer says he does not intend to settle.

Well played, Coach.

Embattled former Baylor football coach Art Briles has reached a financial settlement with the university, a longtime regent of the school told the Waco Tribune-Herald, saying, “The Briles era is over.”

Clifton Robinson, a Waco insurance magnate, told the Tribune-Herald that regents held a conference call Thursday night. Robinson said he could not take part in the call and was told Friday that Briles and Baylor had reached a settlement.

That’s pretty much how Jimmy Sexton would negotiate a settlement.



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5 responses to ““The Briles era is over.”

  1. Walt

    I guess Art knew where the bodies were buried. If I were Gus Malzahn, I’d be getting kind of worried right now.


  2. Cojones

    Can Briles continue to be held responsible under Ttle IX or is that for bigger game?


    • interesting question. Maybe some of the attorneys on here know.


      • paul

        Title IX is an institutional obligation. However, if any of those sexual assault cases make it to a courtroom I believe he can still be held responsible for what he did or did not do while employed.


  3. Russ

    Only in America…