The satellite camp mess, getting messier

There is so much packed into this article (h/t) that I hardly know where to start.  When in doubt, bring in the bullet points.

  • “The NCAA is considering banning satellite football camps and replacing them next spring with camps it would sponsor at NFL training centers and high schools.”
  • “If the NCAA doesn’t ban the current camps, documents indicate it is likely to set a 10-day window for coaches to attend camps. The current window is 30 days.”
  • “The NCAA would mandate counseling on recruiting and academics at its satellite camps, and is considering compensating low-income athletes for the cost of traveling to the camps.”
  • “The NCAA Council banned satellite camps earlier this spring. But just weeks later, the ban was overturned by the NCAA Board, composed largely of college presidents. The short-lived ban drew the attention of the Justice Department, which was preparing to investigate because it was concerned the ban might discriminate against players from low-income families who could not afford to travel to camps on campus sites far from their homes.
  • “Sources said the Justice Department has been involved in discussions with the NCAA.”

That all comes from a bunch of potential football rules changes discussed at the recent Conference USA spring meetings. (Copies of the proposals were obtained from ODU by The Virginian-Pilot under the Freedom of Information Act.)

The NFL on one side and Uncle Sam on the other.  Nice can of worms you opened there, Jim Harbaugh.

And that’s just on the satellite camp front.  Check out some of the other topics up for discussion:

High school football players who are rising seniors might be able to sign binding letters of intent after July 31. This would eliminate the early February signing day. If this rule takes effect, there is a proposed provision allowing players who have signed with a school to be released without penalty if the head coach leaves.

… The practice of enrolling high school players in January, before their scheduled high school graduations, might be banned or limited. Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby has questioned the practice of enrolling players early.

Schools might be held responsible for all players they sign, not just those who qualify academically. College football programs don’t lose a scholarship or get penalized under NCAA academic ratings when a high school player they’ve signed fails to qualify academically. Forcing schools to count all signees against their scholarship limit of 85 would discourage them from signing players they know are unlikely to qualify. That would give those athletes an earlier chance to sign with a Division II school.

They ought to call that last one the Houston Nutt rule.  Taken together, those would radically restructure the recruiting process.  Which is why I can’t imagine most P5 coaches would be in favor of them.

If other mid-major conferences get behind this, it could get interesting.


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12 responses to “The satellite camp mess, getting messier

  1. Russ

    The NCAA and the Justice Department working together? Shoot, they’ll have this figured out in no time!


  2. 69Dawg

    Something has to be done. The college coaches will have zero vacation if this escalation continues. I know they get paid well but there is a limit to never seeing your family. The high school coaches have seen a way to make some money and blackmail the the colleges to come to their camps. NCAA should not allow coaches to attend any camps but their own at their own facilities. If a kid who can’t afford to come needs to the schools or NCAA could offer financial aid.


    • DawgPhan

      yes poor poor multi millionaire coaches, these work thing is clearly cutting into their social time.

      those poor little things. why wont someone consider the feelings are the hyper wealthy for once.


      • Macallanlover

        Your continual disdain for all successful things/people is very telling. Wonder if your inability to understand all sides of the issue would change if you were ever to succeed? Or maybe you are just a committed comrade of Lennin/Marx/Sanders/Mao? Burn it down baby! Let’s drag everyone down to our level, it may not take a village but it is surprising what damage a Village Idiots can do.


        • DawgPhan

          The wifi is strong in your mom’s basement.

          Are you using a repeater?


          • AthensHomerDawg

            Dude…bring some game. Respond yes, but don’t bring that bstment crap . Goodness. This is a grown up blog.


        • Tim In Sav

          And yes Mac…….we have a “full” village


        • Bazooka Joe

          My opinion (not that anyone asked, but that never stopped me before, except for the fact that I am 4 days behind reading these posts nobody will read this anyway – trying to catch up…).
          I have had jobs where I was expected to be “on” 24/7, even on vacation I had to be available unless I left the country. So I understand the value of having a decent work/life balance. I got out of that situation, but the job did not change for me or anyone else in it.
          That being said….. and no I do not have any disdain for anyone else’s success – jealous because I am not in that bracket ? Could be a little… but lets get real here guys and gals. These guys are getting 3-4-5 mill a year and they know the deal before they ever sign the contract so if they don’t like it they can certainly find anther line of work where they can have a better work/life balance. But do not expect to keep the same compensation level….


  3. Mr. T

    More & More we are headed to a P5 League & the NCAA left with the rest. The Day the NCAA left Athletics for Political Correctness began the countdown for its irrelevance.


  4. Macallanlover

    The 10 day window idea may be effective in keeping coaches closer to their home recruiting area without banning their place of holding camps in several geographies. Not sure how successful Harbaugh will be in luring players in the South to Ann Arbor but he will have to make a hard choice to risk that much time and not defend the home turf. Me like.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    They’d better be careful. There is nothing at all keeping the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC and Pax 12 from saying “screw you” and going off and throwing their own party.


  6. ASEF

    The developmental camps with the NFL idea is hysterical. Satellite camps as Harubaugh envisioned them were never going to be anything more than personal brand building. Player benefit rhetoric was pure BS. So I guess the NCAA called the NFL and decided, yep, nice brand building opportunity. We’ll take that, thank you.