Agent Muschamp’s honeymoon

It’s not every day you see a Gamecock fan urge his fellows thusly:  “… let’s be patient and let Muschamp go to work.”


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9 responses to “Agent Muschamp’s honeymoon

  1. Jared S.

    Train wreck. In slow motion.

    Is it wrong for me to actually look forward to this comedy of errors sure to unfold in Columbia?


  2. Not sure if y’all listen to the Shutdown Fullcast podcast with Spencer Hall, Jason Kirk, and Ryan Nanni from SBNation…but let’s say Spencer holds nothing back when they’ve been doing the previews for teams that play South Carolina and mentioning that Will Muschamp ruined many Saturday afternoons for him.


  3. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    “so the guy knows what he’s doing.”

    He knows exactly what he’s doing.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    To be honest, the guy said it in line for a porta potty in William brice parking after Muschamp went in and the guy behind him was in a hurry. It’s all a matter of context.


  5. I’ll wait for the GA vs Cockeye game before commenting who should have some honeymoon period.


  6. I'm right, you're wrong

    I fucking hate the chickens. Everything about Columbia and the Harvard of the Congaree fucking sucks. I hates ’em I tells ya.


  7. Daniel Simpson Day

    As one of my Gamecock friends told me after Muschamp started, “He’s basically Kirby Smart with four years head coaching experience “….Hokay. 🙄


  8. steve

    Boom has a history of filling fans with a substance (faux optimism)…as in cousin Eddie’s filling the storm sewer with his RV’s septic holding tank….’the shitter’s full’.
    His mouth is his worst enemy just like cousin Eddie’s RV tank. For every 10 alumni events Wil shaves off 1 year of his tenure.


  9. Spike

    Yea.. Riiiight.. He’s a great recruiter..He’s a great coach.. He knows what he’s doing… blah blah blah.. Just wait until these mysterious super recruits and more importantly, their parents, get a load of his bedside manner and charm.