Second chance in Tuscaloosa narrowly avoided

Nick Saban’s got his starting left tackle back, y’all.

The district attorney in Monroe, La., decided not to pursue prosecution of Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones, KNOE-TV reported. According to documents tweeted by the TV station, insufficient evidence was the reason the case was dropped.

Evidently, finding “… that a bag of marijuana and a handgun were in plain sight and a stolen handgun was found under the passenger seat” wasn’t sufficient.  Go figure.


UPDATE:  Hang on a minute.

The charges were not dropped completely, however. The clerk’s office said the case could proceed in the future if new evidence is presented. But for now, no future court dates are scheduled.

Maybe they’re waiting to spring those the week before the Alabama-LSU game.


UPDATE #2:  Who said prosecutors don’t have a heart?

District Attorney Jerry Jones confirms that the charges against Alabama athletes Cam Robinson and Laurence ‘Hootie’ Jones have been dropped.

Jerry Jones cited insufficient evidence in proving who was in possession of the gun and the drugs, thus, he is dropping the charges.

Jones says, “I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I’m doing this is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning.”

Good thing Alabama doesn’t play in a domed stadium.  And, yes, I’m thinking “we were all in the air conditioning” is destined for the Lexicon.


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40 responses to “Second chance in Tuscaloosa narrowly avoided

  1. JG Shellnutt

    There must’ve been a third guy in the car and it was all his stuff…


  2. Dog in Fla

    Das Hat loses control over Ouachita Parish DA


  3. Lumpdawg

    So if two teenage kids were working for a local landscape company to pay for school and decided to sell a little weed for extra cash, the charges would be dropped as well?


  4. Athens Dog

    Kirby has a lot of work to do to get the DA office in Athens on board. Maybe invite them to a practice and hang out with Jimmy?


  5. Jared S.

    Charges are dropped not because there wasn’t enough evidence to convict, but because the DA felt sorry for how a conviction would affect these young men’s future?….. Really?


    • Go Dawgs!

      This surprises you after the light sentence in the Stanford rape case was handed down for more or less this exact reason?


      • PTC DAWG

        I have a real hard time comparing these two cases…one had a real victim, the other did not, unless they know who the gun was stolen from..


  6. doofusdawg

    good thing neither kid was wearing a “Trump” hat at the time of arrest.


  7. Sh3rl0ck

    Hmmm… The DA must be planning on moving to Alabama and running for a higher office there.


  8. Grathams replacement

    The bag with all the money was placed in the air conditioning and the charges were dropped


  9. Dog in Fla

    “4th Judicial District Attorney Jerry Jones said allegations about his behavior delaying a criminal investigation into the reported actions of a law clerk are inaccurate.”

    Jerry then had this outfit check the thermostat


  10. sectionzalum

    i he if he has big campaign donors that are bama folk or if he is leaving himself room to drop charges on future LSU arrests.


  11. DawgPhan

    I dont mind the charges being dropped. I just wish that everyone could get this level of empathy when they are dealing with the authorities.


  12. Go Dawgs!

    Baylor’s trying to figure out how to sell the Jerry Jones fella into making a new life for himself in beautiful Waco, Texas.


  13. hassan

    It’s a good thing they weren’t BB guns. Because evidently those can get you into a lot of trouble.


  14. Derek

    Dude looks like he could be bribed with a bottle of Gordon’s gin.


    • Dog in Fla

      ‘Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large mint leaf. Got it?’ Jones, Jerry Jones


  15. If the FBI cannot see the risks of Mateen, how would you expect an Alabama prosecutor see anything but a clean car.


  16. BMan

    Climate controlled justice. Now I’ve heard it all.


  17. paul

    Of course, standard procedure dictates that if no one is willing to “own’ the evidence then everybody gets charged.


  18. I think I will go over to LA and get myself busted for the same thing. I spent a lot of my youth outside busting my ass. Hell, air conditioning was a non entity. Wonder if I will get released. Don’t laugh too hard now. What a joke.


  19. Rebar

    Good Lord this is horsehockey. A closed public park, two guns found,one stolen, weed in weight? and no one is being charged? The DA should lose his job, unless there is something I am missing. It can’t be illegal search as they were in a CLOSED PUBLIC PARK AT 2AM. Seems like the gun was in plain view in the young man’s lap. What more, exactly, would the DA need to prosecute?


  20. ASEF

    Oh please. First time offenders. Grew up in the community. In Cam’s case, on his way to multi-millionair status. In Hootie’s case, perhaps an NFL contract as well.

    DAs look at situations all the time and make decisions in the best interests of the community first and the defendants second. Putting Cam in jail doesn’t serve either interest at all.

    Cam owned a gun. Last I checked, half the board here thinks that’s just as American as it gets. Cam was smoking. Last I checked, the other half of the board thinks that’s also about American as it gets. How did he get both sides turned against him?

    Simple. He wears an Alabama uniform.

    I see similar catch-and-release cases like this all the time. Now, if Cam had pointed the gun at someone and stole his Iphone, or beat his girlfriend, then the DA isn’t looking away.

    And finally, the DA took the additional step of holding the case over both their heads by leaving it open. Just to remind them he can drag them back in if they don;t learn something. Good for him.

    Sometimes the system works. It worked here.


    • aladawg

      Horse hockey. No matter the crime, the place, the color, if you are an athlete on a reasonably prominent team you are “entitled”. Corruption of our “American Values” is at an all-time high.
      Rome will fall……….”Absolute power corrupts absolutely’


  21. ASEF


    • Snoop Dawgy Dawg

      kudos to the defense attorney for defending his clients, but MJ is still illegal, even small amounts, correct? which then necessitated the search of the vehicle which produced a stolen weapon? Felony charges get dropped all the time?

      Not to get all left/right on this message board, but pro-gun folks would probably be a lot more interested in a discussion of gun control, if all parties were as adamant about the seriousness of gun law violations by folks actually breaking gun laws, rather than just adding more selectively enforced gun laws.