This isn’t your father’s Georgia offensive line recruiting.

Be still, mine heart.

So in just over six months on the job, Pittman has reeled in seven commitments to play on the offensive line for him in the upcoming years, nine if you count holding on to Cleveland and Barnes

Four of the seven prospects who have rankings on are considered four-star prospects and the other three are three-star prospects. Griffin doesn’t have a ranking yet, but it’s safe to assume that he’s a very talented prospect if the Pittman and the rest of the staff saw enough to take his commitment with three years left of high school. And Catalina could take over on Day 1 so his ranking should be “starter.”

If Pittman sucked as a position coach, you still could argue he’s an upgrade, just because of his skill as a recruiter.

But of course, he doesn’t suck as a position coach.


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21 responses to “This isn’t your father’s Georgia offensive line recruiting.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    If we keep bringing in these running backs like Chubb, Gurley, and Moreno who can get so much work done after first contact and then put them behind an offensive line that can truly grade the road like the good old days, we’re going to be a fearsome rushing attack. And it’ll be nice to see our quarterbacks’ jerseys staying clean.

  2. 69Dawg

    Damn it another shower today. I love the oline porn and hope he keeps it coming.

  3. First off, I’ve been waiting for news like this seemingly forever. After signing day there’s always been that small itch in the back of my head saying “not enough on the o-line”. Looks like we may have turned a corner here, but out of habit I won’t put all my eggs in this basket yet.

    Secondly, if we start getting bigger and deeper at the o-line, I think this will go a ways toward addressing our annual head scratching bed crapping fail to show up games. Depth at o-line may help stabilize us when our head starts to get tucked away in our nether regions. Just a thought, not going to argue this as law or anything.

    But yes, please more of this…all day and twice on Sunday…er I mean Saturdays.

    • Reinmart

      I think you may be on to something. Because of the fact that we were never overly talented on the OL, the OL had be focused and fundamentally sound (basically overachieve) in order for us to be successful. So if there were any distractions or the team wasn’t very focused, we struggled. By the way a lack of focus happens to every college team from time to time including Bama (Ole Miss?).

  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Meh. I’m not impressed. It’s easy building an all-sec OL when you recruit monsters. Try doing it with undersized 250 lb recruits who just came out of surgery!

  5. Cousin Eddie

    The sad part is I was hoping my 5’3″ 165 lb HS Jr would get an OL scholarship, but now he won’t.

  6. steve

    ‘Pud’ Mosteller was a lineman for the Bulldogs from 1953-56. He was an All-SEC selection during his sophomore season. He became an SEC referee while working full time as a pharmaceutical rep. He called on me regularly in the early 80’s, and was a nice guy- in a Mark Richt kind of way.. The thing that was notable was how small he was. He couldn’t have been more than 5’11” and his frame was full at 210 lbs. And he was an all SEC OL. But that was 60 yrs ago when fried chicken was considered organic health food.

    • artful codger

      I remember Moonpie Wilson in the mid 70s being written about as an absolute behemoth …at about 300 lbs even.

  7. tbia

    Next time they show one of Herschel’s games on ESPN Classic, take a look at the weights of the linemen…..still some pretty small numbers pop up there.

    • Macallanlover

      But it is all relative, Check the size of the DL and LBs today versus that period of time the LBs weren’t 240, nor the DEs 285…and fast. Our OL in 1980 was probably comparable to other OLs for major D1 schools. We can probably both agree that HW required less from an OL than any other running back we have ever seen. No knock at all on Chubb, because he is very, very special, but in 35 years we haven’t seen anyone like Herschel, and that is nationally.

      • If Gurley had been able to be as durable as HW I think he was a similar talent. But I’ve thought for years that the reason Bama wins so much is bc they recruit road grader OLs(sadly many out of Georgia). I’m glad to see the new apparent strategy. Outside of the stud WR that Bama seems to have every year we certainly haven’t been lacking in skill players.

        • RugbyDawg79

          Herschel had a gear these other guys don’t have – no one has ever had.
          10.28 100 meter 35 years ago

      • Walt

        Bo Jackson stood out a bit. Barry Sanders was a talent.

        • Macallanlover

          I put Bo Jackson as number two but admit there are others you can debate for being in that 2nd slot, maybe Gurley if he had played more than one full season. There have been dozens of exceptional RBs in the history of CFB but HW was a total freak with massive power combined with pull away speed. I just don’t see any other name in that conversation for #1. I know, I know, I am a UGA fan but every opposing fan who lived through that 3 year stretch, and is still alive today has unanimously picked Herschel as tops and we then discuss who might be the distant 2nd.

  8. ClydeBoogie

    Are there any of them that don’t play basketball? Looks like a group of superior O-linemen. Just hope we don’t flip flop here get big hogs on offense and none on defense.

  9. Let us just wait and see how it works out.

  10. SCDawg

    The reason the SEC is so good is that our fat guys are usually faster then the other leagues’ fat guys. You win in the trenches.

    And I always thought Richt was ordinarily one more DL and more OL away from winning the whole thing in the couple of years we came close. What if we had another NT against bama in 2012?

  11. 69Dawg

    For as nice a guy as Mark was he was handicapped by not having coached for someone other than Bobby Bowden. I know he was at East Carolina for breakfast but he learned in a system that was dependent on having the best skilled players. His remark about not having to have the best offensive line was just out of Bowden’s play book. Two things separated FSU from UGA. The first was that FSU played in the ACC and really only had one rival The U. The second was that except for the U and Clemson the great skill players were playing basketball. FSU lost to Miami on a regular basis. UGA was not playing patty cake with ACC opponents. Mark’s record against ACC teams at UGA was crazy good. We just could not dominate the SEC like FSU did the ACC. With the exception of Kentucky and Vandy, the SEC is loaded with good skill players. It was the lines that separated the teams. Mark never learned this point. His lines had to finesse you to open holes and did a good job between the 20’s but when it was 3rd and short we had to pass because our line could not just open holes with shear strength. I know it happened on occasion but it was the exception not the rule. So Kirby has diagnosed the problems, lets see if he can cure it.

  12. Sanford222view

    This is what excites me the most about the new coaching staff. I am/was a Richt fan but O-Line depth and talent was not a strong suit of the Richt era. yes we had some good lineman but the depth was never there.