“Papa John’s is the official delivery pizza.”

Shit, they’ll slap a G on anything, as long as the price is right.

Well, almost anything.

Don’t look for an official beer or liquor. Gribble said those are “prohibited categories.”

Right, Don Leebern?


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31 responses to ““Papa John’s is the official delivery pizza.”

  1. WarD Eagle

    Peyton Manning sends his thanks

  2. Go Dawgs!

    Maybe Georgia can also invite a sponsor to be the “Official Good Delivery Pizza of Georgia Football.”

    • I’m thinking there’s an obvious move for some outfit to step up and become the Official Condom of Georgia Football.

      • Leggo5

        ….to be sold in combination with Victoria Secret’s UGA-Red panties.

      • SEBdawg

        Or rolling paper, bb gun, scooter, car ( Chevrolet Impala, the official car of…..) The possibilities are endless!

      • That would be a weird thing to manage for the support staff Senator. (Adult creeps into dorm room while the magic is happening) “Ehem–if you feel like wrapping it up–and I strenuously suggest you do…as that girl is from Rockdale County–The coaching staff requests you use these Magnum Condoms (shakes a few packets). They have a new spermicidal lubricant for 2016–you should check them out. See you in the weight room at 6am. Night night.”

        • DawgPhan

          those rockdale ladies are never going to live that down.

          • DawgPhan

            though that seems unfair since it takes 2 to tango.

            so dude from rockdale are gross as well.

            • Normaltown Mike

              for years if I met someone from Conyers I’d ask if they were one of the “lost children of Rockdale County”

              Too bad GPTV doesn’t do reruns of that.

              • We had a rule. It was “Stay away from the horny Rockdale teens.”

              • The sad part is, it wasn’t kids from Rockdale County High. It was kids from Salem and Heritage, the two wealthier high schools the county. You couldn’t pull off one of those sweet gang-bang parties in a trailer park. The cinder blocks would come out from underneath.

      • mwo

        The above comment is Ludacriss.

      • The Ludacris Series.

      • Cojones

        Would they stamp a large “G” on the end of each one? Small letters “tp” could fit right after.

        “G-Haw” as the brand name?

        “Homecoming” would take on a different connotation.

        “Mc-G” is already spoken for as a penis protector.

  3. DC Weez

    My guess is that there won’t be an official condom either.

  4. John

    Papa John’s sells Gatorade and Pepsi. That’s not right.

  5. Walt

    Shitty pizza, shitty company, shitty CEO. Must be cheaper to pay advertising $ that to pay your employees a living wage. Screw Papa John, buy local pizza.

    • JCDAWG83

      Yeah, those local pizza places are paying all their employees a good, middle class, living wage.

      • Walt

        Not my point. Buy locally rather than making some rich out of state guy richer. Some rich guy who spends $$ lobbying Congress to not raise minimum wage so he can have a 35 car garage. Buy the local pizza because it tastes better and supports your local economy.

        • JCDAWG83

          I’m quite the locavore, I rarely eat at any chain restaurant unless it’s a local chain.

    • PTC DAWG

      Plus…the pizza doesn’t taste any better than the box…I agree, buy locally when you can.

  6. Gaskilldawg

    This topic is a pet peeve of mine. The peeve is UGA and the company paying for a license to use the “G” calling each other “partners.”
    Partners owe each other a fiduciary duty. Both Delta and Southwest Airlines have a licensing agreement with UGA. To which competitor does UGA owe a fiduciary duty?

    Partners are liable for the partnership debts and are entitled to share in partnership profits. If UGA AA gets a billion dollar bequest does the bread company get a share? If a Delta flight crashes does UGA AA, as its “partner,” share the liability?

    Also, why is a bread company a “partner” when I, who have continuously contributed to the Hartman and Basketball Enhancement Funds, and bought football and basketball season tickets through the years, do not get termed a “partner?”

    UGA AA and Papa Johns are not “partners,” they are a licensor and licensee. Let’s not act as if they are anything different.

    • JCDAWG83

      It doesn’t feel as good to announce “We welcome Papa Johns Pizza as a new licensee of the University of Georgia Athletic Association”.