While we were all in the air conditioning…

You go to punishment with the penalties you have, not the penalties you might want or wish to have.

Documents obtained by a television station in Louisiana show that Alabama has already begun disciplining left tackle Cam Robinson and safety Hootie Jones, who were arrested on drug and weapons charges in Louisiana May 17.

According to the documents obtained by KNOE 8 News in Louisiana, coach Nick Saban suspended both players indefinitely May 19.

There’s more.

According to the documents, both players have had to undergo weekly urine tests, have had regular drug counseling, have monthly video appointments with a mental health consultant and have had to meet twice a week with a Tuscaloosa police officer for gun safety/ownership education.

They also both have had to complete 20 hours of community service.

In addition, Robinson has spent at least 26 hours riding along with the Northport Police Department while Jones had to spend 21 days in a drug rehab program, per the documents.

They’re still suspended, but, as the article notes, there’s no word on whether that suspension will extend into any games.  Yeah, I know.  Besides, why punish Nick Saban?



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23 responses to “While we were all in the air conditioning…

  1. DC Weez

    What’s the over-under on games suspended? My guess it’s zero.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ug. Heap big kaka del toro.


  3. paul

    Those are all good things to hear and certainly seem like appropriate steps to take if you’re Alabama. But not pressing charges based on the ‘air conditioning’ rationalization still staggers the mind. We’ve heard a lot of the ‘why ruin a kid’s life for a few minutes of bad judgment’ argument quite a bit lately. Stanford anyone? But if that’s a legitimate argument then you can’t really charge anybody with anything ever can you? What needs to happen is for parents to explain how one bad decision can ruin your life or perhaps even end it. I know my children heard this from me. And they thought I was pretty stupid until they saw it happen a few times. You know what they say, it’s amazing how much my parents learned while I was away at college.


  4. Walt

    I like the idea of actually educating the kids rather than just punishing them. Still, they ought to miss at least a couple games, IMO.


    • paul

      Generally speaking, punishment is part of their education. You know, learning that your actions have consequences.


  5. Senator,

    You are ever the advocate for the these students, so why hold your pen (or keyboard) now? Now is the time they need you!

    They only had one gun, for crying out loud, and they barely had any weed. These are only kids who ain’t never had nothin’ and ain’t never been nowhere! (Other than places like Dallas, Miami, Arizona, etc., but you get the idea.) Cut them some slack!

    We sit in our Barcas and we sip our scotch (albeit with the AC set on 69), so how are we in position to judge how these young men blow off a little steam? These are dangerous times and these kids are working hard. If it takes possession of a stolen firearm to get in a little R&R, then who are we to say this is wrong?



  6. Jeff Sanchez

    Why are they being punished if there’s no legal punishment?


  7. Alabama folks have permanent blinders when it comes to their football athletes, while folks in Georgia have microscope.


  8. They probably would be suspended for a game if Bama opened with a powder puff. But, since it’s Southern Cal, that ain’t gonna happen.


  9. Cojones

    Kudos to Bryant Denny. He’s right. How dare we judge these kids who were just doing a moot drive-by? Besides, it was a starter pistol – you start running as soon as you see it waved out the window.

    That’s it, hop on the truly humane DA who, like us , manages his life in an air-conditioned building while the kids have to run around in hot weather with their windows down. And there is the rub. This summer cold caused by air-conditioned quarters and vehicles is headed for summer pneumonia and that is life-threatening to old farts like me.

    Kids nowadays don’t have the guts to grow old. Wait ’til they find out the most important thing in their lives now will atrophy later. Then all they will have is a gun and some pot. Hell, that sounds a little like my retirement plan.


  10. Cousin Eddie

    Sounds like a fair amount of punishment. With all the punishment being dished out know, I wouldn’t expect any missed game time.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. I think saban’s punishment is likely to lead to more positive long term results than simply suspending them for a game. I think UGA could learn a thing or two from this.

      Not defending the D.A., as he appears to be just another f#*k up. If this was your typical John Q. Public, the punishment would be little more than a shakedown for money.


  11. TMC DAWG

    A gun is a gun, anyway you look at it. All things start with an innocent mistake.