Even when Baylor does the right thing…

Nothing comes easy in Waco.  The school announced yesterday that it was releasing five of its 2016 signees from their national letters of intent, which means they’ll be free to sign elsewhere.

The school didn’t announce which five were released.  Which presents something of a problem in that seven kids asked for releases (although one subsequently decided to stay).



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4 responses to “Even when Baylor does the right thing…

  1. Do they have some good DL or LB available?


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The article was offering ideas about the guys released, but because Baylor didn’t release names it was one of those ‘we think he was released based on what his high school coach said’ things and/or some sort of twitter leakage. Anyway, one that they said they thought was released was Patrick Hudson who at one time was interested in the Dawgs. I hope – actually, I’m sure – CKS and staff are in contact with him. No time like the present.


  3. Smart seems to be a recruiting machine and we should snatch a few WR’s from them, also any other talented recruits to add depth. Screw Baylor, let’s wait to see if the Sister Kissers get the same treatment for their blind eyes to the assaults!


  4. ASEF

    How do you let 5 go but force 1 to stay?