One reason to like Tennessee’s chances in the East

It’s not getting a lot of attention now, but there’s a part of me that thinks dumping Jancek and replacing him with Bob Shoop may turn out to be the best offseason coaching move in the conference.  Here’s what Ed Aschoff notes about UT’s new defensive coordinator:

Butch Jones’ hiring of former Penn State defensive coordinator Bob Shoop was an outstanding hire. Tennessee’s defense was lagging before, but Shoop will bring a much more aggressive style to a unit that already has a ton of athleticism and speed. Tennessee’s defense had OK overall numbers in 2015, but it also helped the Vols lose three games in which they led by double digits. Shoop’s last five defenses, including three with Vanderbilt, ranked in the top 25 in total defense and forced a total of 120 turnovers. This past season, the Nittany Lions ranked 14th nationally in total defense (324.5 ypg) and 25th in defensive efficiency (69.2).

He’s got a good track record.  He’s got SEC experience.  He’s a major upgrade.  If the Vols break through this season, he’ll probably turn out to be the big reason why.


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16 responses to “One reason to like Tennessee’s chances in the East

  1. Cousin Eddie

    And Bootch will give himself all the credit

  2. F Lee Ballast

    All the years the smart people picked UGA to win the SEC East worked out real well.

  3. Uglydawg

    2015…Penn States top 5 opponents (arguably), averaged 34.4 ppg.
    This includes Temple, Michigan St., Michigan, Ohio St. and UGA.
    Tennessee’s top 5 opponents (arguably, but barely) averaged 26.6 ppg.
    This includes OK (with those points had more time involved), UF, Arkansas, Alabama and UGA.
    The only common opponent just happens to be our beloved UGA. Tennessee held UGA to 31 (with Chubb playing part of the game) and Penn St. held UGA to 24 (no Chubb) in a loss.
    Maybe a big upgrade…maybe not. It’s so hard to compare defensive performance when so much of what a defense does is predicated on what it’s own offense is doing. If you can control the ball and clock, even a mediocre defense can look great. If you can’t sustain drives, a good defense can look bad.
    I personally hope it’s a big mistake for Tennessee..but it looks like a wash.

    • Brandon

      By Chubb playing part of the game you mean the first play from scrimmage.

    • Reinmart

      There is no question he did a great job at Vanderbilt, a program not noted for having an abundance of talent. I think Tenn should be the favorite because they have the most experienced QB but I also think their overall talent level is experienced but somewhat mediocre.

  4. I thought Bob Shoop would get some look by Kirby when he attended the Gator Bowl.

  5. Ricky McDurden

    I like Shoop as a DC a lot more than Jancek, but I do find it very odd that nobody seems to be talking about the first-year coaching move as a potential negative. For a team that is expected to win the division, you’d think someone would point out that their defense having to learn all new plays and terminology could be a detriment to their expected success. Or is it just Georgia that goes through that?

  6. When it comes to the Sister Kissers I am hoping for the worst but kind of preparing for the better because they have a lot of upfront talent but depth wise they are no better than UGA. Bootch never really out recruited Richt except for maybe 2014. I hope we beat the everloving hell out of them for payback for that late hit that ended Chubb’s year. 52-3 UGA win with Chubb getting 225 yards rushing as the Sister Kissers cry between the hedges.

    Go Dawgs

    • Macallanlover

      Late hit? Come on man, there was nothing cheap about that play. Sometimes players get caught in awkward positions as they fall. It also wasn’t an injury you can blame on the turf. I hate TN as much as anyone but we come off badly spewing venom like that. In fact, that is even the first time I have ever even heard that from anyone at all. Tough one, cost us that game and Lord knows what it may mean to Chubb when all is said and done but that injury wasn’t a result of a late hit.

  7. Russ2

    Oh the pressure of expectations can be great. If Bootch doesn’t start the season well , he might just be fired. I think their season will come down to their ability to throw the ball effectively.

  8. AthensHomerDawg

    And not one mention of the fact we are not playing at Kneeland Stadium this year. Playing between the hedges is worth some points in my book.

    • Macallanlover

      You would think so, really hope it is a night game to increase our emotional edge in the stadium. Almost positive we will get screwed and it played in the afternoon, I have never seen a major program draw some many day games in the south. Haven’t looked to see what other games CBS could take in the 3:30 spot.

      • stoopnagle

        Guaranteed 3:30 kick off.

        Sat., Oct. 1 Kentucky at Alabama
        Sat., Oct. 1 Alcorn State at Arkansas (Little Rock)
        Sat., Oct. 1 Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn
        Sat., Oct. 1 Tennessee at Georgia
        Sat., Oct. 1 Missouri at LSU
        Sat., Oct. 1 Memphis at Ole Miss
        Sat., Oct. 1 Texas A&M at South Carolina
        Sat., Oct. 1 Florida at Vanderbilt