The domestication of James Franklin

He’s come a long way from the hot wives theory of hiring assistant coaches.

… Franklin said he’s even more encouraged by watching his new hires buy homes and move their families to the area — something that Shoop and Hand didn’t do as quickly or at all.

“You have Coach Morehead, you have Coach Banks and Coach Limegrover have all bought houses here and their families have all come,” Franklin said. “With the first staff, we had some guys who their families didn’t move ever and we had some guys that their families didn’t move until after the school year finished up. That was a year. I think it’s dramatic when you can bring players to your home and your family is there. They get to know you on a different level.”

Although you kinda wonder how comfortable Mrs. Shoop and Mrs. Hand were in the presence of their husbands’ boss… er, former boss.



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10 responses to “The domestication of James Franklin

  1. Dolly Llama

    James Franklin. Gah. Has about as much business judging someone’s family values as Bert Bielema. Glad I don’t have to hear about his ass so much anymore now that he’s moved on.


  2. He’s basically right on. When I moved to a new job, my new boss likes me to buy a house asap. Well, I did not because after a year I moved on. My boss is something similar to that fellow in Penn State.


  3. stoopnagle

    HAHA suck it Franklin! You lost to a WR coach and buncha GAs! Bah Ha!


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    How ya gonna keep em in State College, PA after they’ve seen Nashville?


  5. Athens Dog

    Just a turd.


  6. James Franklin -> one game where SEC officiating and special teams made him marketable

    I prefer to remember that 48-3 @$$ whipping we put on him in 2012. I think Todd Gurley just ran over another slow white safety.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      “….another slow white safety.”



      • Kirby played safety … He wasn’t slow.

        Boom played safety … He was slow.

        Gurley and Marshall ran over, past and around Vandy’s defense that whole night. Gurley’s most Herschelesque run happened against Vandy. Do you remember Herschel running over that safety in 1980?


  7. Hunkering Hank

    Franklin is just a grade A narcissistic a**hole. I have had the displeasure of watching some video of him recently on the recruiting trail and he is insufferably arrogant. And he coaches at Penn State(!) – a has been program most well-known for knowingly harboring a child molester. Some folks deserve one another.