Georgia Tech’s recruiting is…

even more Chantastic than ever.

Worry about …

Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets entered June with one 2017 commit; they now have six, but two of them are kickers. Their highest-ranked commit is cornerback Jaytlin Askew from McEachern (Powder Springs, Ga.), who is No. 506 in the 247Sports Composite rankings.

“Georgia Tech has been pretty disappointing,” Huffman said. “They have different academic requirement so it might be tougher for them, but you’re in the state of Georgia, and there’s no reason to have so few commits. And it’s not like Georgia Tech has been in a downward spiral. Two years ago, they were in a playoff bowl. Given where they are located, it’s surprising to see where recruiting is.”

Remember my asking this morning if it’s preferable to have an elite recruiter or an elite tactician as your head coach?  Georgia versus Georgia Tech is beginning to look like a controlled experiment on that point.


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    Georgia Tech has a genius for a Coach…just ask him.

  2. Dog in Fla

    Pawwl’s taking all our kickers

  3. It’s a dumb saying, but I’ll take Jimmie’s and Joe’s over X’s and O’s everyday of the week and twice on Saturday.

    • D.N. Nation

      Richt outcoached Saban in the ’12 SECCG. For all the hand-wringing over Richt’s aggressive call not to spike, Saban bungled the clock at the end of the first half way worse, and the special teams speak for themselves. (Ours resulted in a TD and set up another, theirs….didn’t.)

      Didn’t keep Bama from bulldozing Georgia’s line and winning the game, though.

      • This. No amount of coaching was going to change that Georgia was out-manned on both lines that night.

        Tech fans (and Mark Bradley) somehow convinced themselves that Paul Johnson is a master tactician because he let Georgia score that one time late in the game in 2010. Nevermind that he needed to march the entire damn field in less than two minutes with Tevin Washington throwing the ball. Genius, my ass.

      • JCDAWG83

        Richt set the program up for future failure by putting the unnecessary, self imposed scholarship limits on the program. We went into the ’12 SECCG with, I believe, 59 healthy recruited scholarship players, less than FCS programs are allowed. On the other side of the field, Bama had 85 recruited scholarship players, more than two full offenses and defenses than Georgia had available. The lack of depth on the D line was a major contributor to the Bama O line bulldozing our line.

        • Mayor

          ^^This. There is a reason the punishment meted out by the NCAA for rules violations is a limitation on the number of scholarships. Limiting the number of players a team can sign hurts more than any other single thing. CMR self-imposed limits on scholarships almost the entire time he was in Athens. Southern Cal, at the height of their probation, had more players on scholarship that Georgia. SOOO glad CMR is gone.

        • lakedawg

          Your belief is about as far off as most of your comments. I have the program for that game and there were 81 scholarship players listed, and I do not believe that 21 were injured. If you do not know something just make it up.

          • JCDAWG83

            I said RECRUITED scholarship players. RIcht was excellent at giving scholarships to walk ons who had “worked really hard”. Look again and get back to me. I may be off by a couple of players, but we had no more than 61 or so RECRUITED scholarship players available by that time.

            Don’t let your man love for Richt blind you to facts.

            • Otto

              Exactly and if he had filled the cap with lineman rather than walk ons, he might still be coaching in Athens.

  4. Jared S.

    We should take bets on who has a better 2017 class…. GT or USCe.

  5. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Just breaks my heart.

  6. AusDawg85

    Tech – Where you CAN do that…but honestly, why would you?

  7. dudemankind

    The sooner we dump Tech for Ga Southern as our annual in-state “rival” the better if you ask me.

    • Russ

      Yeah, winning all those games against a P5 opponent really has held us back.

      Beating tech will never get old.

      • Yes it has. Not only has it gotten old, but so have most who actually consider them a rival. Just my opinion.

        • Mayor

          I don’t see why we can’t play them both every year–just play Southern in Athens every time.

          • RandallPinkFloyd

            But how will Tech ever bring in any athletics revenue if we’re not playing at Mark Richt Field every other year?

    • stoopnagle

      I’ll do you one better: rotate the tech series into a two-years on, two-years off with the breaks from beating tech filled with nice home-and-homes against good power 5 teams.

  8. Using the word Chantastic to describe the current state of tech recruiting is an insult to the legacy of Chan Gailey who recruited Calvin Johnson and Demarius Thomas. If not for the pooch kick disaster, we would be looking at making the Drought a footnote on the history of the tech series. Fish Fry is taking the tech program to a degree of irrelevance not seen since Bud Carson was on the tech sidelines.

    • Will (The Other One)

      One horrid quarter in 2008 was all that stood between a decade-plus win streak that would have totally erased the Drought from history. I’m angry about those shoulder bumps all over again.

      • Macallanlover

        Dead on, we were blowing them out and then forgot a few key fundamentals (that tackle and Southerland’s fumble changed the whole day around.) Had to work hard to blow that.

        And the pooch kick wasn’t a mistake, majority of coaches would have done the exact same thing (and still would), but the lack of defense on the next play was a huge issue, and calling that timeout to freeze the kicker was also something that contributed. But don’t forget, we had a 1st down in OT to take them out and threw the INT. Lot’s of problems after the pooch kick that contributed much more to the loss. Along with the lack of stopping the A dive all of the second half.

        • JCDAWG83

          The pooch kick was a horrible mistake. Tech had not returned a kickoff more than 13 yards the entire game and has an offense that is not set up to move the ball quickly. There were 18 seconds to play, there was no way tech would move the ball 60 yards in 18 seconds. The game never should have gone to overtime, a deep kick would have ended the game about two or three plays later with tech still on their own side of the field.

          Even Richt admitted it was a mistake.

          • Macallanlover

            Of course, in retrospect, after we know the outcome, we would all have done something different. Duh. But it wasn’t an unusual decision for any coach to have made. The continual harping obsessively about a decision most would make, while ignoring the other factors is silliness. No different than going for a first down and not making it. Every play call doesn’t work out and it is pretty simple to Monday morning QB them. You could nitpick any coach, at any school in a bar after the game. Don’t get how narrowly our fans think, even years later. How many games, pros and college, have we watched and seen exactly the same strategy employed?

            Some need to grow up and accept we will lose some games that we should have won. No one play or call is responsible for a loss because there are errors throughout a game, not just with less than2minutes to go. We played like crap that game, offense in the first half with fumbles inside the one, and defense in the second half by not stopping the run between the tackles. I think we lost the game when Arkansas choked against Mizzou the day before.

            • JCDAWG83

              Coaches making $4 million a year shouldn’t make blatantly stupid decisions. High school coaches, sure, but not top level college coaches being paid millions. If that was the only bonehead decision Richt made, I could let it go but he constantly made idiotic decisions in games, even when he was doing well the first 5 years.

        • In 2008, Stafford’s pick 6 and a fumbled kickoff helped, too.

          Regarding 2014, Richt said the pooch kick was a mistake after the game. We still had other chances to win the game in OT. Finally, we got 3 points off 3 trips inside the 10 in regulation when Chubb and Michel both lost fumbles and we only kicked a FG after a beautifully executed fake. Honestly, we should have run tech off the field that day.

          • RandallPinkFloyd

            ^^This. It should have never come down to the fourth quarter. What are the chances both of your stud RBs, who were platooning as replacements because your beast mode RB Gurley was injured in the Awbarn game, fumble inside the five yard line on breakaway runs in the same game.

            • Chubb’s happened after he ran it down inside the 5. He was winded but Bobo went hurry up and didn’t take him out. Michel’s was due to poor ball security.

  9. Coach Bobby Finstock

    Anybody else out there think he wants to recruit poorly, just to reinforce the genius label?
    Follow up:
    Is it true that he doesn’t even have a clipboard? All the plays are in his head, or something like that. I heard that somewhere, I think.

  10. kckd

    What is their different academic requirement? They signed both Kenny Anderson (who barely made 700 on the SAT) and Stephon Marbury. Those guys were barely eligible. Is it any different for football?

  11. waterloodawg

    Tech must be planning on punting every down.

  12. Bulldog Joe

    It’s not like Georgia Tech has been in a downward spiral…

    True. I would describe it as more of a free fall.

  13. Edawg55

    As terrible as the nerds recruit, they still had a chance to beat the Dawgs last year. I know it’s a rivalry game and anything can and does happen on occasion, but they should be drug up and down the field. I think CKS knows the importance of keeping the nerds program at bay. I also believe he will have the team punish JJ Green. I still can’t believe ADGM allowed that transfer and Richt signed off also. I was done with both of them after that. You tell him son hope your parents have a satellite for their TV and hope you have boots and a parka. It’s gonna be cold at your next school.

  14. ACM

    We started the 2012 season with 69 recruited scholarship players (per an ABH article dated August 20, 2012 – don’t know how to link to it from my phone). I know that Marlon Brown and Michael Bennett were out for the championship game, and possibly others. So, maybe not 59, but not a full roster either.

    Your roster is probably including walk-ons offered scholarships due to space under the cap – which is not what we’re talking about.

    • The Dawg abides

      You’re closer to the correct number. The game program may have listed more, but after the usual attrition we were closer to 60 for that game. Remember, Abry Jones was out because of of tech’s dirty, cheap-shot chop blocking also.