The repackaging of Will Muschamp

I can’t imagine many college football coaches explaining their second go ’round.  I can’t imagine many college football coaches needing to explain their second go ’round.

Then there’s Boom.

But my father taught me that you’ve just got to get back up and work, and after months of intense rehabilitation, I managed to walk on at Georgia, where I earned a scholarship as a redshirt freshman and was named captain my senior year, in 1994. So you see: I’d been knocked down and then gotten back up long before Florida dismissed me as its coach in 2014.

I know that at South Carolina, I’m replacing a legend in Steve Spurrier. I also know that I was by no means a sexy hire. I told my new athletic director, Ray Tanner: Let’s not win the press conference; let’s win football games.

We did a lot of good things at Florida, had good kids in the locker room. We played strong defense and special teams. We simply had an issue on offense and that comes back on me.

So what does a coach do? For me, it’s always important to see new perspectives. I can reflect on my experiences working in the past for Nick Saban, Mack Brown and Tommy Tuberville. You learn what to do and what not to do…

Which evidently doesn’t include hiring the same offensive coordinator you had when you got fired at Florida.

Boy, is it going to be painful if Muschamp’s second act goes down like his first did.


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22 responses to “The repackaging of Will Muschamp

  1. Athens Dog

    Hate to admit it but I liked his message. Still hope he fails miserably.


    • He was a so so DC at Auburn, both times and his UT D’s weren’t that great. Bobo seemed to have his number and put up points on him. I hope he sinks SCjr into a huge hole. He’s a big mouthed asshat that said “I can’t wait to whip Kirby’s ass”! Let’s hang 52 on them again!


  2. Dolly Llama

    He gets knocked down/
    But he gets up again …


  3. No, it won’t be painful if his 2nd chance ends up like his first. I’ll enjoy every minute of it. For some of the things he has said about Georgia since his head coaching career has begun, we should revoke his diploma and tell him never to use the words Georgia and alumnus in the same sentence.


  4. Jared S.

    All he’s got to do is finish 9-3. He’ll be voted SEC Coach of the year because everyone expects something more like 3-9.


  5. Bigshotdawg

    We can only hope it does.


  6. 3rdandGrantham

    “I told my new athletic director, Ray Tanner: Let’s not win the press conference; let’s win football games.”

    Give me a freakin’ break — I sincerely hope that was an attempt at tongue in cheek humor on his part. After all, during his opening SCU press conference several months back, he bragged about his recruiting abilities (‘I can sell ice to an eskimo’), totally ripped his own UGA degree as a means of building cheap, superficial rapport with the new fan base, and generally did his whole rah-rah shtick that we all know him for.

    Besides, the fact that you’re saying publicly that you’re not trying to win the press conference…pretty much tells me that you’re trying to win the press conference. Its akin to the loud person at a party boldly proclaiming over and over that they really don’t like being the center of attention.


  7. The other doug

    “We simply had an issue on offense and that comes back on me.

    So what does a coach do? For me, it’s always important to see new perspectives. ”

    So, your new perspective is to hire the same OC you had at UF? Gotcha. God bless you Agent Muschamp.


  8. What you were, you always will be. You can pretend sometimes, but at times of stress you will be always be what you always were.


  9. Sides

    SC is a great situation for him because he has no where to go but up. He can improve the recruiting and defense right away. Even if it doesn’t translate immediately to wins he can show progress. If SC can find a QB then he can win some games and improve the record quickly.

    Compare his situation to Kirby Smart. A first time head coach with the expectation of winning at least 10 games per year. Will his recruiting be significantly better than Richt? Is his D going to be better than Pruitts’? I hope he is a great game day coach because he could find himself in a hot situation quickly.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    Painful? I think you misspelled “hilarious,” Senator.


  11. Mike

    I will be completely surprised if Muschamp succeeds at UCSe. He IS a good recruiter, especially on defense. But I cannot imagine his offenses are going to be much better


  12. HamDawg11

    I’m gonna step out on a limb and call the ‘cocks a dumpster fire in ’16.


  13. steve

    Despite Boom’s constant attempts to channel Mark Twain with his cute commentary, he made the right move. Auburn athletics, being the classic example of a stuck super-tampon, will let Gus go after the losses exceed the quality wins. Boom was doomed at Auburn. He got out of the blocks before the starting gun fired. Now all Will needs to do is show progress against Clemson and he will keep the job for at least 3 yrs.


  14. Spike

    The guys is a douche of the first order. Painful to watch Not for me, especially after what he has said about UGA. As others have said, he is an embarrassment and should have his shingle revoked. He’s worse than Urban Meyer. At least Urban wins.


  15. Derek Ross

    Honestly, this hire scares me. One thing is certain is South Carolina, although maybe not this year, will have a tough defense. And will play tough. Two things that can be troublesome in an opponent, especially in the first half of the season.