Bob Bowlsby’s got a mess on his hands.

Of course, most of us can think of a dozen things that are more of a mess than satellite camps.  But it’s nice he cares.

“There were all kinds of components of it that would not be what we would want to have as our recruiting environment,” Bowlsby said Wednesday. “We are at the point where there’s full acknowledgement that this isn’t about teaching football, it’s about meeting players and meeting families and meeting middlemen. It’s all about the recruiting environment; it’s not about camps anymore. So we need to deal with it on that basis.”

Of course it’s about recruiting, you silly twit.  You think anyone would care if it were about teaching football alone?


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  1. 92 grad

    Wait, I thought that a big part of this is to get the far reaching corners of kids in 2A high school ball that are talented but stuck too far out of the daylight at the big schools? Now, it’s a bad thing?