Common sense on a streak

Well, this is nice to see.

Kirby wants our asses in the seats.  No excuses.


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14 responses to “Common sense on a streak

  1. sectionzalum

    have we ever announced a spring game that far in advance?

    • KornDawg

      I went to the Bulldog Club thing in Augusta last year on April 30. CMR told us that night that G-Day was scheduled for April 16 the next year, therefore not conflicting with the Masters. But I don’t know if it had been announced before he told us.

  2. Herschel Krustofsky

    That’s cool but I wonder why it’s so late. That’s 2 weeks after the Masters. Just wondering, not complaining.

    • Herschel Krustofsky

      Nevermind, I just read that Easter is the weekend in between.

      • Herschel Krustofsky

        Come to think of it, that’s even more proof that Kirby wants us there. He didn’t want it on Masters weekend or Easter weekend b/c he knew it would affect attendance. I like the way that man thinks.

  3. Normaltown Mike

    I hope we win

  4. JCDAWG83

    This season will determine everything about G Day 2017. A good season and it will be 93K Day all over again. A Mark RIcht bed crapping season and it will be 40K Day.

    The scheduling shows somebody has some brains, but what happens on the field in the regular season will be the ultimate determinate.

  5. lakedawg

    If 10 wins is a bed crapping how many we got to win this year to be successful?

  6. Ray Goff

    How about beating North and South Carolina, Ole Piss, Missouri, Florida and Tennessee all in one season? That will get me to the spring game in 2017. 10 wins against the likes of last year’s list of patsies, not so much.

  7. ApalachDawg

    Book it gentlemen, as long as the boy from Decatur co. patrols the Sanford stadium sidelines, we will never ever have another conflict with G-day and the Masters…

  8. While I would like to think we’ll have 93k next year, I’ll be very surprised if that happens. There was a novelty (and I’m not talking about the pre-game entertainment) about this year. The Bulldog Nation wanted to show Kirby we would support him after he asked for a full house. Alabama hasn’t been able to keep that up even after a national title.

    I just like the fact it’s not in conflict with Masters Saturday.