Home grown

David Ching asks:

Which states have proven to be the most fertile recruiting grounds for SEC schools at specific positions?

That was the question we hoped to answer this week by breaking down the conference’s 3,762 signees between 2006 and 2016 by home state and position and then tallying the numbers.

Today we will examine defensive positions…

What will amaze you when you read his piece isn’t that Georgia is the state leader over that time, but the size of the margin in certain areas, like “Nearly one in five of the SEC’s defensive line signees (133 out of 712) hailed from Georgia.”

Holy crap, Dawgs.  With numbers like that, who cares about locking down the borders?  Just get your fair share of in state talent and you’d be kicking ass.


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12 responses to “Home grown

  1. Derek

    Maybe it would help if that ajc reporter didn’t keep suggesting to recruits that the university of Alabama is located somewhere near Alexander city and this practically as close to Athens as Cordele!

    Cordele is NOT as close to Alabama as it is to Athens you moron! Have you heard of google maps?

    It would be one thing if the moron did it once, but twice?? Fucker’s getting checks from Tide Pride.


    • 92 grad

      I hate these articles because it another “that’s so Georgia” thing. Only thing I can say is when van gorder left it was never the same again. CMR prob would like to have a “redo” on that situation.


      • Derek

        You think CMR let him leave? Really? He tried to convince him to stay. I’m pretty sure he’d try that again. The dude has wonderlust. What can you do?


        • W Cobb Dawg

          “What can you do?”

          If he says to dump garner, you dump garner. BVG knew what he was talking about in that regard.


        • 92 grad

          Hey, I don’t know how or why it happened but B-M failed to keep him. Maybe it’s one of those “lack of support” deals, I dunno.


  2. 92dawg

    And that does not even count SEC-level players from GA that went to FSU, Clemson or other non-SEC schools, correct? Love Coach Richt and I was sad to see him go. But the new, fresh hope that Kirby just might be able to take UGA, given the State’s advantages in talent and resources, to the highest level is more than a little intoxicating. Good thing it is counter-measured by our history of incompetent administrators and overzealous policing so as not to give us the advantage God intended GA to have. Otherwise I might smile too much and lose my case of the Munsons.


  3. If you read the offense article in co text, it’s clear that if Kirby can sign the guys in state he wants, grab a few players out of Florida, and nationally recruit a QB, he could build a monster. Whether he does it long term or not depends directly on the results he gets on the field. Pretty amazing how many of the categories had Georgia either as #1 or #2 in providing talent to the SEC pipeline.


  4. The U

    Richt is going to continue his mastery of recruiting and keep that Ga pipeline wide open to the U. National Champs 2016


  5. rchris

    The two articles would be more informative if they were about how much talent each state sent to all P5 programs. I think Florida would win on that score, but recruiting in Florida is tougher because you have FSU and Miami fighting you for the recruits Florida doesn’t get. Georgia Tech doesn’t put up much of a fight in Georgia, so after UGA gets its 18-20, the field is wide open. Even though we can’t lock down the borders, we can do something very significant if we evaluate talent very accurately. Imagine if we year-in and year-out managed to sign 18 of the top 25 players in the state, not the 25 top rated players but the players who would be rated the top 25 if the ratings were 100% accurate. That would leave only 7 of the most elite players for everyone else. The 6 vultures that lie just across our borders would likely only get 1 apiece, and while they would get several lesser players, only a few would be standouts. After several years of this, most of them wouldn’t be able to compensate in other states and their programs would suffer, making them even easier to compete against. That’s the path to a truly dominant Bulldog program in the future.