It’s all about Chubb, isn’t it?

Andy Staples on Georgia’s 2016 chances.


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9 responses to “It’s all about Chubb, isn’t it?

  1. Macallanlover

    No, it isn’t, and it isn’t even close. Nick Chubb is one of many questions on this year’s team, and a dynamic playmaker to ne sure, but we have closer options behind him than we do at other areas of concern. If our OL is improved this fall, our running game will succeed enough to make our offense work enough to win 8, or more, games. With a Chubb working at close to 100%, we might get one more win in the season, and be more competitive in post season. We all love the guy for sure but RB isn’t the biggest concern for 2016, nor the difference maker for success. For us to win an SEC, it might be the edge we need, but we can possibly get to Atlanta with or without him being in top form.


    • Charles

      Sorry but Chubb is a difference maker. I get your point on depth, but he’s a Heisman-caliber RB. He wins you more than +1 game per year if he’s 100%.


  2. I won’t be surprised to see #27 on the field in Georgia 2nd possession on the floor of the Dome. When he comes out, I imagine the roof of the building is going to get blown off by the reaction.


  3. Am I the only old man(I’m not yet 40) who bemoans the fact that sites from the AJC to ESPN no longer bother to actually hire journalists who write stories and instead just post 2 minute videos?

    I guess it’s cheaper and easier to post a two minute video than to actually have to be able to write a proper story and pay copy editors. Pretty sad IMO and most websites like ESPN that I used to read daily have become total messes. As much as Furman Bischer was a Tech lover at least he could write a legible article.


    • Jared S.

      I am not yet 35, and I can’t stand short videos in lieu of actual stories – not to mention slide shows! GAAAH!!


      • Gravidy

        Well, I’m a card-carrying “old man”, and I can’t tell you how much I despise videos and slide shows. They must work, or they wouldn’t be as prevalent as they are, but they don’t work on me.


        • Olddawg55

          Well, I’m really an old man and grew up with Bisher and Outlar since that was the default newspaper in Georgia. I hate seeing the “headline” on thedawgbone heralding some UGA news only to click on a podcast. I believe they do it to hear themselves and see themselves on film. It certainly doesn’t place them in the category of journalists/reporters.


  4. kckd

    Smart and Pruitt sure do recruit different types of players at LBer and DL if they run the same defense.