Skinny no more.

Holy crap.

He felt that five months of workouts, a nutrition regimen and his first SEC spring practice has transformed Eason.   Durant told DawgNation that Eason is up to 242 pounds.

Eason told him the goal is to have him play at 245 pounds this season. He also noted a half-inch of growth. That clearly puts Eason at the 6-foot-6 mark entering his first fall camp at Georgia.

“No baby fat,” Durant said. “You can definitely notice his muscle. You can really tell he’s been working out. You don’t see a gut with him at 242 pounds even with all that weight he’s gained.”

My Dawg porn job for today is done.  You can go take that cold shower now.


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32 responses to “Skinny no more.

  1. Hillbilly Completetion

    A shower will not bat down the flashes I am having.


  2. Walt

    Didn’t he arrive on campus at a reported weight of 215 or 220? Adding 25-30 lbs. of muscle in 6 months is amazing.


  3. Derek

    Why do we need an unsackable cannon arm when we’ve always got Greyson? I mean, come on, is the qb really that big a deal? It’s just really all about coaching and play calling ain’t it? What has a transcendent talent at qb ever done for anybody at the qb position at any level of football? I mean other than win championships?

    Could we get a show of hands from those who said that it really didn’t matter if Kirby locked this kid down or not last fall? Geniuses.

    The next three years are gonna be a lot of fun. If they can get the Lawrence kid for 2018, we can extend that out a bit.


    • I thinking Fromm will be a force himself.


      • Derek

        I hope so. Lawrence beating Buford in a state title game as a sophomore is big to me. Buford never loses.

        I want a qb who either calls Bama a bunch of wusses and backs it up or looks right through them with the thousand yard stare of a sniper. Hot or cold. Never scared.

        Given bama’s roster you’re probably better off with the second kind. Them boys will hurt you.


        • I saw Buford play once last year against my high school in the playoffs. They beat my alma mater soundly, but I’ll admit I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t surprised that Cartersville beat them in the state championship game. Buford has won a lot of games as they moved up through the ranks. Now that they’re in AAAAA, they will be going up against schools with equal resources as opposed to when they were in the smaller classifications and just beat up on overmatched schools.


      • Agree. This kid best stay focused. Damn good guy right behind.


      • I think Fromm is going to be a player. He’s the kind of guy we’ve been hoping for as a QB – in-state kid whose parents are Georgia grads and who grew up loving the Dawgs. The fact that he’s a South Georgia product makes it even better. Houston County may be “middle” Georgia, but anything below the gnat line is South Georgia in my book. We couldn’t have gone wrong with either he or Davis Mills (Stanford) in this class.


  4. ctfain

    Damn. Goodbye blue Saturday.


  5. John Denver is full of shit...

    I have a raging clue.


  6. Athens Dog

    Never have I been so proud of weight gain


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    If any of y’all are ready to go again, here’s another taste:

    *”Another takeaway to him was that Eason understands throwing angles a lot better than before. Durant saw through five workouts how we would trust in his mechanics and technique and not just rely on that big arm to make plays. Durant was at G-Day and noticed that sometimes Eason still can play more reactive.

    He might drift from what he’s trained to do during the heat of a game. Some of those elements remain, but they appeared less frequently to him at G-Day in his professional opinion.”*

    The part about drifting from what he’s trained to do in the heat of a game is a worry, but c’mon, do any of y’all think Lambert doesn’t drift a little? Ramsey?


    • Lambert always does. Virginia folks warned of that when he got into UGA and picked as starting QB.


      • Cojones

        Were you aware of his running abilities? Take a look at last year’s out -takes seen now on ESPN SEC . I guess they will have to replace all the film clips that have #11 in them especially those with the touch pass for TDs.

        I’m bettin’ my chips that Lambert makes it two QBs that we can rely on this year.


  8. Russ

    I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke.


  9. ugafidelis

    Tee Hee…


  10. Big Shock

    Sounds like we’ve found our new tight end.


  11. Ricky McDurden

    By comparison:

    Cam Newton is 6’5 245lbs

    Ryan Mallet is 6’6 245 lbs

    Peyton was 6’5 230 lbs

    Tom Brady is 6’4 225 lbs


  12. 92 grad

    Remember when Munson would call lorenzen “Godzilla “?


  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    Boddy Petrino got good value out of Mallett, who has a brain the size of a peanut.


  14. Cojones

    No one mentioned that he now measures 6’6″- his field of vision will increase. His passing spirals have now tightened the rope and appear to be more bullet-shaped.

    Five minutes have passed since the first paragraph and I barely got to the nitro in time. The wife laughed as I staggered with my hand to my chest while searching for them. She thought I was into the tequila

    Think I’ll start searching for the Depends as well.


    • Cojones

      Except you, Senator.


    • Lrgk9

      My Wife even laughed at your post cojones.



      • Cojones

        Are you both from Albany as well?

        Mid to late 70s, I was headed for a meeting with my plant mgr at a large pharm firm in Chicago area. In passing his admin asst’s desk I inquired why she was crying and she said her husband had just accepted a mgmt. position with Miller in a God-forsaken town in So Ga called Albany. Saw her after the meeting and told her Albany was slightly cosmopolitan with good people who had been around Yankees for years due to the Plantations’ owners and guests, an AF base and a Marine Supply Depot that brought other people and cultures to bear for years.

        After house-hunting there the next week, she gushed to everyone that ignorance of other areas and people was not limited to regions and was a talking Chamber of Commerce about Albany and Sowega until she left. She was most thrilled that her choice for a home was complicated by the three fine homes she had to choose from and couldn’t wait to get back down there.

        And, of course, Trent Thompson is from there.