For the crime of not being Nick Saban…

Les Miles is on the hot seat.  Crazy stuff, man.


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  1. Windogger

    The same crime Mark Richt was fired for…

    • Even as a person who defended Richt’s record, I can’t agree with you. He was let go because of the last two failures against Florida teams that we should have beaten – nothing more, nothing less. We should be riding a 5 game winning streak over the Gators rather than scratching our heads asking, “How did that happen?”

    • 3rdandGrantham

      Not even remotely close.

  2. Everyone is so high on Corn Dog Nation. I don’t get it. Yes, they have recruited well and are good across the line of scrimmage. Yes, they have Leonard Fournette (I would still take a healthy Nick Chubb over Fournette). The question is whether Miles and Cameron can find a QB that can beat Alabama. It’s the same issue as last year. If one of the LSU QBs can’t threaten teams with a consistent passing game, a good defense (Alabama) will take away Fournette.

    It’s not 1982 anymore, Les. You can’t give the ball to #7 35-40x per game and win big games in this league like Georgia and Auburn did with Herschel and Bo.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      I agree — their offense is straight out of the George Haffner era, and they haven’t had a decent QB in seemingly forever. They still don’t have a proven QB, so why suddenly people think they will have the offense needed to win is beyond me.

      • Mett was pretty damn good as a senior in Baton Rouge, and he also had two NFL-quality receivers in Landry and Beckham. They still couldn’t beat Alabama in 2013.

        Before and after that season, they’ve been abysmal at QB. I really don’t see how one of their QBs is going to raise his level of play to where they can beat the Tide.

        Although I can’t stand Junior, I’ll take him as an offensive coordinator over Miles & Cameron any day of the week.

  3. watcher16

    Surprised there is no Paul Johnson on the list

    • tech can’t afford to let him go. Plus, he has recruited so poorly that someone running a different offense is going to need 4 recruiting cycles to untangle the talent mess Fish Fry has created. His successor is also going to have to deal with a talent shortage on the defensive side of the ball because kids don’t want to come there to have their knees dived at every day in practice. Defensive backs can’t get any real experience other than games of defending receivers who can run the entire route tree.

      • 3rdandGrantham

        This is why I don’t mind PJ at GT, even though he’s a PITA to prepare for because of his goofy offense and such. When he eventually leaves, as mentioned the incoming coach will have a complete mess on their hands for quite a few years, with little/no talent and no recruiting foundation to build from (this, IMO, will prevent them from landing a solid, up-and-coming or established coach).

        I’d hate to be in their shoes, in which your current coach is a bad recruiter with a mediocre at best record, and you essentially have a major NCAA probation looming ahead when the day comes that he’s no longer the coach. Think Bama in the early 00’s or USC in ’08, without any of the current success.

  4. Argondawg

    Les Miles being on the hot seat is perplexing. He was basically fired last November til he wasn’t. then he just signs arguably the best class in the country. How do you do that with no job security? LSU fires him, he will be hired by someone within 24 hours if that is what he wants.

  5. Unfortunately, these kind of “cheap” settlements are the reason why the culprits and their cohorts keep on doing these violations of morals against women. The predators are not punished and go one their happy ways, while real victims get short changed.

  6. Daniel Simpson Day

    Interesting to look at the complete list of coach ratings. Most new coaches start with a “1” (Safe) but Boom kicks off with a “3” (Pressure mounting). Surely they weren’t serious about winning the SEC in year one…🤔