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Go Gator

This has no football relevancy – no direct relevancy, anyway – but I think it’s worth bringing to your attention that Corrine Brown has just been indicted by the feds.

If Congresswoman Brown goes to trial, maybe she can call Corch and Percy Harvey as character witnesses.



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“It’s the earliest sellout of any game this season, kickoff game-wise.”

That would be the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, in case you were wondering.


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Michigan breaks a date with Bert.

Good to see this game come back.

In order to make room for it, though, something’s gotta give.  In this case, it’s the home-and-home the Wolverines scheduled with Arkansas.  How bad do they want out?

This bad.

Can you put a price tag on karma?


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“The coaching staff Kirby put together is exactly what Jake was looking for.”

I know this is little more than your basic preseason happy talk, but imagine reading a similar piece from the 2015 offseason entitled “Relationship of QB [INSERT NAME HERE] and coach Brian Schottenheimer will be key”.  Kinda makes you think, no?

And hope.


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Thursday morning buffet

A few nibbles here, a few there…

  • Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione admits the math isn’t there for Big 12 expansion.
  • Does somebody at Tennessee need to step up and commend Drae Bowles for coming forward?  (Note that is not the same question as will somebody at Tennessee step up.)
  • Ole Miss hasn’t sold out its ticket allotment for the opener against FSU.
  • Here’s you a handy summary of all the preseason mags.
  • Academics vs. the jocks at Cal-Berkeley, not a pretty story.
  • Buyer’s remorse at Auburn can come on very quickly, it seems.


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Musical palate cleanser, just drive edition, part four

Here’s a song that’ll make you want to drive – from his El Rayo-X album, David Lindley’s cover of “Mercury Blues”.

Those are some meaty guitar chops, my friends.


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