Go Gator

This has no football relevancy – no direct relevancy, anyway – but I think it’s worth bringing to your attention that Corrine Brown has just been indicted by the feds.

If Congresswoman Brown goes to trial, maybe she can call Corch and Percy Harvey as character witnesses.


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  1. I bet Aaron Hernandez would be willing to congradulate her on her indictment and be willing to let her know what to expect on the inside.

  2. Otto

    Is Huntley Johnson defending her?

  3. Normaltown Mike

    shocked the Feds bother to indict an elected official for something so minor.

    Now if she leaked information on drone strikes, she’d have to move to Moscow.

  4. Go Gayturd, Go to JAIL.

  5. hassan

    One Door?

    Don’t let it hit you on the way out.

  6. Smitty

    Jeez how much evidence did the Feds have on her?! Must take a mountain or more to indict these days…

    Go Gatuh

  7. DavetheDawg


  8. 3rdandGrantham

    Has anyone ever viewed her actual physical district on a map? It starts in west Jacksonville then literally snakes its way down to parts of Orlando. For some portions, the width of her district can be no more than a mile wide as it continues south through various minority sections of the state. I’m not a state districting expert by any stretch, but that has to be one of the most bizarre districts physically in the entire country, and one that clearly was drawn out in order to keep certain parties in place instead of one that would best serve the interest of the local population.

    • Gerrymandering at its best/worst…however you choose to see it I guess.

      • Bazooka Joe

        The republicans did the same thing in Georgia – heck they all do it… its called rigging the system to ensure they continue to get re-elected and no party has a monopoly on that, they both play the same game.

    • dubyadee

      It’s the unintended impact of Section 5 of the Civil Rights Act in the south. Republicans are free to be, and have been, creative in drawing heavily majority minority districts, with the net effect of cramming the most llkely Democratic voters into just a few, super-safe districts. The democrats can’t complain too loudly for fear of a backlash from the black caucus.

      • dawgtired

        Corrine complained pretty loudly when restructuring of the districts was suggested in her area.

    • Derek

      Gerrymandering was the death-knell for the Democratic Party in the south. In 1988 there was one GOP Congressman from Georgia. (Newt) The rest were Democrats. Now you have majority white GOP districts and majority black districts Dem. districts. Bad for democracy in my opinion.

      If were up to me they would require districts to be drawn without regard to anything but population and geography. We’d avoid both the Corrine Browns and the Louie Gohmerts of the world and then perhaps those clowns wouldn’t be permitted to opportunity to create an environment in which a guy who talks about the size of his dick in a national debate is seen as a reasonable candidate for public office.

      • Don in Mar-a-Lago


      • 3rdandGrantham

        In fairness, as least Trump was smart enough to refrain from commenting on his penis size until after the black guy (Carson) exited the race.

      • Some states have set up independent boards to do the re districting. Wish all would and cut out the bizarre shaped districts. As stated, this would cut out a lot of crap reps. Also, limit campaign spending. But that is another story.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Now just who was it that brought penis size up in the first place?

        They. Both . Look. Sound. Act. Silly.

      • rchris

        It would be hard to define regard for things other than population and geography. One concept that might help is the notion of a “sinuosity ratio”. This is a mathematical way of determining how curvy the boundaries of a district are. It could still be tinkered with a bit, but limits on the sinuosity of district borders would severely constrain gerrymandering.
        On the other hand, part of the job of politicians is to build consensus, Some politicians would argue the only way to get a sufficient majority to accomplish anything is through gerrymandering. Witness the Senate, with no gerrymandering and no ability to do anything.

  9. Bright Idea

    First use of the Clinton defense now that it works, plead ignorance.

    • Derek

      Certainly in a country where both “intent” and “knowledge” are required elements for commission of a felony, nobody has ever claimed ignorance, ever… In fact, the constitution will not permit a felony conviction for conduct which is neither grossly reckless, intentional nor with knowledge. You can be convicted of speeding when you have no idea what the speed limit is or how fast you are travelling. If you want to make things like shooting people a strict liability offense where “I thought he had a gun” isn’t a defense, however reasonable such belief was, then say goodbye to your local police force. But good thoughtful point there BI.

      • Normaltown Mike

        “country where both “intent” and “knowledge” are required elements for commission of a felony,”

        Bull butter. Each crime defined by a the penal code has its own elements. There are many felonies that don’t require “intent” and still others that don’t require “knowledge”

        • Derek

          Name one that doesn’t require one of the three elements I mentioned above and I’ll show you a statute that isn’t constitutional.

          As stated above a statute with felony punishment must include a mens rea element such as: “gross[]reckless[ness], intentional or knowledge” (willfulness).

          People cannot be convicted in this country of a felony for making mistakes attributable to negligence. For example, criminally negligent homicide is a misdemeanor. In other words, a death producing act of negligence limits exposure to a maximum 12 months of punishment.

          • Normaltown Mike

            the easiest is statutory rape


            what’s more, b/c of RICO and the CCE, a person can be charged as a co-conspirator in a criminal enterprise though the underlying “crime” is dubious at best. For example, Bubba rents his fishing boat and accept cash to people that happen to be drug runners in the Sinoloa Cartel. In a RICO case he’ll be charged as part of the conspiracy.

            • Derek

              You don’t have to know you’re fucking? Of course you do. You have to intentionally have sex with someone who happens to be under the legal age of consent. You do have to act with both intent and knowledge that the sex act is occurring. The reason that they don’t require proof that you have knowledge of the age of the girl is pretty obvious.

              If, however, a 15 year old blew you while you are sleeping, in a coma, or whatever, you haven’t committed any crime at all. So its strict liability as to a circumstance, but it isn’t as to the defendant’s conduct. Of course, the inverse is true too. If it got you off that you were screwing a 15 year and she’s 17, there is no crime in spite of your intention to break the law. You didn’t, so you’re not guilty.

              Conspiracy is about the worst example you can give. It is a “specific intent crime.” You have to prove an specific agreement to violate the law and an overt act in furtherance of its completion. Ignorance, mere presence are absolute defenses. The only exception is “deliberate, willful ignorance.” You can’t say “I have no idea why the Columbian paid me 1,000,000 to fly the plane to Miami.” Well, you can, but you’re unlikely to be believed.

    • 92 grad

      Ignorance, lack of interest in learning appropriate information regarding communication, investigators focusing on specific words and actions in order to ensure lack of evidence is the result. Carefully engineered and fortunate plausible deniability all factored in. Very very carefully worded announcement that ensured all the right “yes” statements were the only possible answers.

      And I don’t care if anyone agrees or not. It’s true.

      • Derek

        I’m guessing that your post was intentionally worded in such a way that it would not be decipherable. Excellent job at being entirely opaque. You must want a job in government.

        “Carefully engineered and fortunate plausible deniability all factored in.”

        Early humans were more easily understood when they were limited to grunting. 92 grad of what? Dave’s Drive Thru College and Used Furniture Emporium?

        • 92 grad

          It’s a list of technicalities that the fbi accepted so that they could exonerate. Only reason she got off was lack of evidence (but they chose to stop looking by limiting the scope of the investigation). Secondly, the answers given to the fbi in private were contradictory to the answers that congress and the people were given, both can’t be true, but it’s ok because she didn’t lie to the fbi, it’s okay to lie to everyone else (her employer). The Hilary inference was started in this comment thread, so I’m venting. I’m sure you’re much smarter than I since you have some kind of background that gives you the ability to buy into her bullshit.

          • Derek

            My take on all of this is that political appointees aren’t tech gurus. The people who should know, adhere to, and notify breaches of the rules are the IT people at state, not the Secretary.

            It’s political bs. When the Bush admin “lost” 22 million emails that they ran through the RNC server so that no one would ever see them the same people complaining now had nothing to say then.

            As far as lying: “Saddam has WMD’s” is kind of a biggie. People died. Lots of people died. Should have consequences, but because it’s all rigged for conservatives it just won’t happen will it?

  10. Cojones

    Wire fraud/fake charity to allow lobbyists and special interests of any kind pay for favors/ – looks like she may be a fraud messing around the wrong individuals; who slowed down long enough going through Gainesville to have a Master’s thrown in for the level of public speaking obtained while at FU.

    Nothing new there or anywhere, but take a look at the shape of her district. Like a spear, it dives down through Fl , and, like a scythe, happens to hit rich constituent bases of Democrat graineries on it’s journey. The key to getting her to Washington was courtesy of Fl Republicans who drew up and approved into law her lightning-shaped state power. Funny how things happen that way and with a court order to redraw Fl Dists, the Republicans now get the opportunity to give a redistricting balance to her constituency that will also put her out of office. Fl Republicans destroyed the vote in their state by Democrat-overrepresented districts that, when added to the whole, made for many more Democrat-underrepresented districts. That’s how the Republicans have held power down there. Court-ordered redistricting now changes the marbles for Corrine and that, added to her presently perceived difficulties, ought to stop the drivel from DC about FU’s disgusting academic retreat into football that now gets posted on sports pages. Many Dawgs will be happy to see her go, but not nearly as many as those Democrats of Fl. that I know.

    Screw FU’s alumni who let the Tim Tebow crap go to disease stage.

  11. Go Dawgs!

    Pretty gusty of her.

  12. Corch


  13. Athens Dog

    Another: 1,2,3,4,5. Federal prosecutors don’t take no jive.

  14. JCDAWG83

    They let Hillary walk and throw the Corrine bone to the pubs hoping they will move on and forget about Comey and the joke that is the federal govt. The pubs and dems are all in on the sham. They let us think we are getting to vote when, in reality, they program the electronic voting machines to do exactly what they want. A few key districts in a few large cities can swing an entire state one way or the other in a presidential election. No record of the actual vote exists, only a computer printout. Rig a few large districts in a few large cities and who will ever be able to prove a thing?

    It’s all rigged and the only thing that is ever going to change it is serious violence.

  15. BarneyDawg

    The Feds should not ruin the life of someone like
    Corrine, who was sweating during her teenage years while they were in the air conditioning.

  16. JAX

    This was a long time coming so hopefully justice will be served. She is an embarrassment to north Florida and to the American political system.

    Adios you fool.