“It’s the earliest sellout of any game this season, kickoff game-wise.”

That would be the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, in case you were wondering.


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  1. Legatedawg

    Looking forward to watching it on the new HD telly! But did they have to include a photo from the 2011 debacle with the article? Just one look at those Power Ranger unis and my specs are starting to fog over on me Not my fondest memory of this decade.


    • Genius on North Ave

      Dude, you been doing hard time? “New” HD? Just kidding, assuming you are referring to OLED, UHD, or 4K. …..Right?


      • 3rdandGrantham

        What makes me cringe is when I read someone excitedly tout their new awesome (sic) Bose surround sound system to go with their HD setup. Ugh…if only they did 5 minutes of research they would have avoided such a horrid decision.

        4k is incredible — unfortunately 4k programming is quite limited. With that said, The Masters in 4K a few months back was amazing.


        • AthensHomerDawg

          …on the other hand it does depend on viewing distance to your rig. And your rig.
          Let’s say your armchair qb recliner is at 10 feet. At that distance your eyes don’t really perceive/appreciate the 4x as many pixels as 1080p until you get to a 75 inch screen.

          Now sets can last a decade and more. Industry is moving to 4k standard. I don’t think it’s a horrid decision at all.

          On another note…;) Note 7 comes out in August. Thats a new standard too. Apple will scurry to catch up.


          • 3rdandGrantham

            I was simply talking about the horrid decision to buy Bose speakers.


            • AthensHomerDawg

              I was simply talking about it being a sound decision to invest in 4k.
              It’s ironic that Dr. Bose founded Bose in reaction to poor high end equiptment.
              “One magazine in the United States High Fidelity, a really credible magazine, had one reviewer named Norman Eisenburg who really knew his music. In those days I used to take the loudspeaker to the reviewer. I packed my son and loudspeaker in the car and went off. I put this little thing on top of the big speakers he had, turned it on, and within five minutes he said: ‘I don’t care if this is made of green cheese, it’s the best sound, most accurate sound, I’ve ever heard.’ He came out with a review titled ‘Surround and Conquer’.[14] He was not known to do things like that. Everybody in the press knew he knew music, and it resulted in rave reviews one after another, and we were able to survive.”[15]


        • PTC DAWG

          Most any surround system is much better than the TV speakers only. Audioporn folks can be funny at times. And Bose has been known to make some good stuff, especially back in the day.

          Agree on 4K programming…it looks great in the store…but what is really out there.


      • Legatedawg

        Well, it is definitely a new set and it sure is HD. But not to beat around the bush, it has replaced a top of the line 1995 tube set that I had for over 20 years. So this is like going from pinhole vision to panorama vision. I didn’t get 4K since I didn’t want to make all my DVDs obsolete. All the VHS tapes and laser discs are gone however. It’s an LG 1080p, 55 inch screen. And an all-region blu ray and DVD player to go with it. Haven’t decided yet as to speakers. Still absorbing the 20-year leap in visual technology.


  2. Jared S.

    Yeah, but the Georgia Dome only has a capacity of 71,000. Which makes it the smallest of the Week One “notable game” venues, except for one – the Citrus Bowl which is hosting FL State/Ole Miss and seats right at 70,000.

    Notable Week One games and capacities:

    Georgia Dome (Atlanta) 71,200

    NRG Stadium (Houston) 71,500

    Lambeau Field (Green Bay) 80,700

    UCLA @ TX A&M
    Kyle Field (College Station) 102, 700

    Jerry’s World (Arlington) 80,000

    Clemson @ Auburn
    Jordan-Hare (Auburn) 87,400

    Notre Dame @ Texas
    Darrell K. Royal Stadium (Austin) 100,100

    FL State – Ole Miss
    Citrus Bowl (Orlando) 70,000


  3. BulldogJay

    Georgia is the only SEC team on this list to lose in the game:

    Year; Matchup; Winner

    2015; No. 6 Auburn vs. No. 25 Louisville; Auburn 31-24;

    2014; No. 2 Alabama vs. West Virginia; Alabama 33-23

    2014; No. 18 Ole Miss vs. Boise State; Ole Miss 35-13

    2013; No. 1 Alabama vs. Virginia Tech; Alabama 35-10

    2012; No. 14 Clemson vs. No. 24 Auburn; Clemson 26-19

    2012; No. 25 N.C. State vs. Tennessee; Tennessee 35-21

    2011; No. 5 Boise State vs. No. 19 Georgia; Boise State 35-21

    2010; No. 16 LSU vs. No. 18 North Carolina; LSU 30-24

    2009; No. 5 Alabama vs. No. 7 Virginia Tech; Alabama 34-24

    2008; No. 9 Clemson vs. No. 24 Alabama; Alabama 34-10


    • Anonymoose

      Except for Auburn in 2012. Unless we’re kicking them out of the SEC, with which I’m wholeheartedly on board.


    • Sweet D

      Well, I mean, except for Auburn. But point taken.


    • Derek

      In 2011, after starting a true freshman in the opener at a marquee, offensive position and losing, we did end up winning the East that year and beat UF and UT and Tech and Auburn. Could have gone with a more experienced and less talented Junior in the opener, but we started the talented youngster and won the East. Just saying….


      • The Dawg abides

        What youngster are you referring to? Crowell?


        • Sanford222view

          Think he is referring to Murray but he wasn’t a freshman that year. He was a redshirt freshman in 2010.

          Maybe he did mean SoCrow.


          • budro

            And if I recall correctly, Crowell didn’t start; Samuel did.


            • The Dawg abides

              You both are right, that is why I was asking. Murray was a redshirt sophomore with an entire season as the starter under his belt, and Samuel started the game and got the early carries. Crowell came on and ended up with more carries, most in the second half.


    • Russ

      I also noticed that the higher ranked team won every time except for the Vowels beating 25th ranked NC State. But that doesn’t make us look as bad, so I won’t point that out.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    No doubt there is a buzz around the program that has been absent for quite a few years, so I’m not surprised the game it already sold-out. I always use my wife as a barometer as to the overall UGA fan support or interest, as she’s a passionate, knowledgeable fan but not utterly consumed like many are. The last few years she basically stopped watching and/or was only half interested in the game (myself included). This year she’s already planning for opening weekend, reading up on various team workouts and such, and basically can’t wait until the UNC game to see how the team looks under Smart and co.


  5. Juan

    My tickets will be for sale if Lambert gets the start over Ramsey or Eason.


  6. John Denver is full of shit...

    Grooving out the couch all day, just way too many games to miss on opening day to be sweating in Atlanta.