Thursday morning buffet

A few nibbles here, a few there…

  • Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione admits the math isn’t there for Big 12 expansion.
  • Does somebody at Tennessee need to step up and commend Drae Bowles for coming forward?  (Note that is not the same question as will somebody at Tennessee step up.)
  • Ole Miss hasn’t sold out its ticket allotment for the opener against FSU.
  • Here’s you a handy summary of all the preseason mags.
  • Academics vs. the jocks at Cal-Berkeley, not a pretty story.
  • Buyer’s remorse at Auburn can come on very quickly, it seems.


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23 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. dawgtired

    Athlon has two ACC teams in the play-off. I’ll be disappointed if the SEC is not the first conference to have two teams going.

    • dawgtired

      …and ESPN CFP has Washington in the playoff? If I can muster the interest, I’ll dig into what is going on with Washington and the PAC to see if there is any validity with that choice.

      Phil has two SEC West teams in…easy to guess the teams. That would be a West division statement.

      • DawgPhan

        everyone is loving washington this off season. I dont follow pac 12 that closely, but ESPN isnt alone in thinking that washington will be very good. But the pac 12 doesnt look to be really great this year either.

    • The committee is never going to put two teams from the same conference into the playoff unless two of the conference champions are so undeserving that they have cover for it. What I’m waiting for is when ND has a team that’s worthy of consideration, gets in, and knocks a 2nd deserving conference champion out … I would love for that other champion to be knocked out to be tOSU or Michigan. Corch or Harbaugh’s head might explode. I would pay good money to see that.

  2. If Bootch said what he is alleged to have said to Bowles, he deserves the Briles’ treatment immediately.

    • Athens Dog

      Just re read the timeline of calls and what was evidently said. If true, how does he still have job?


    Reading article on Cal and thinking about D-Rob going there is intriguing.

    • rchris

      I wonder if he’s already having second thoughts.

      • DawgPhan

        he should be. that team is a trash fire. Sonny Dykes seems slimy even by coaching standards and they just lost their top 5 draft pick QB that could only get them to 7 wins last season.

        If he didnt have the grades for Stanford, surprised he had them for Cal.

  4. Psychedelic Hogbody Spradlin

    It brings a smile to think about the peacelovedope crowd at Berkeley working up a froth of moral superiority against the dumb reactionary jocks. I mean, like yuk man, they just defile the purity of our permanent sensitivity seminar.

  5. The JUCO Auburn commit at Aubum likely did not find the rabbit’s foot on the offense side of the team (it’s at the defense side).

  6. Ole Miss fans likely worried something big may be coming before the Ole Miss and FSU game that may derail their team.

    • RugbyDawg79

      Plus it is on a Monday night in Orlando – what did they expect ?

      • Russ

        This is it. I’m assuming even in Mississippi, people have lives outside of being a football fan.

    • JCDAWG83

      If Ole Miss will simply follow the Auburn method and deny everything and not assist the NCAA in the investigation, they will never have any issues. I only know of one program that gathers all the evidence for the NCAA and throws itself on it’s sword to make sure it’s season is ruined.

      • Uglydawg

        They can just insist that, while they were careless, their intentions were not to F everything UBAR.

  7. steve

    As I understand it, the Auburn WR de-commited 2 WORKING DAYS after his verbal. The banks were closed for the holiday weekend. The check could not be cashed…’insufficient funds’…..since most of the $ is still going to Cheeseditts and Co.
    Auburn, where chicken wire covered by a T shirt is sold as ‘body armor’…..and no one notices….

  8. SouthernYank

    Am I misrembering – didn’t Bowles have two inconsistent affidavits (or his affidavit didn’t square with his initial questioning)?

  9. SouthernYank

    Oh, and re Cal: Lib Academia v. Jocks? I’m going with Jocks. Those bedwetting liberals will lie their asses off to further their agenda.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      And we shall hear from, hmmmmm, in 3 2 1 . .

      • Hear from me. Expect nothing else from above bloggers. Went to Berkeley for a degree. Went to a lot of sporting events. As usual, most of the folks from the South think of Berkeley in above mentioned way. Kinda like most of the folks out West think of people down South as mental retards. My feeling, after living in all areas of the country, is that people from the South have no idea about California. Just what they read. Same as folks from out West. Do love bedwetting liberals though, that is so original. Only heard that a few thousand times from my relatives. By the way I am a Republican(or used to be) since Trump came in to run.