“But he’s not Superman. He’s not Batman. He’s just Nick.”

Among the many things I’ll never understand about my fellow man

Wherever she goes in and around Cedartown, at the grocery store or gas station, work, or whenever she’s somewhere that she’s recognized as Nick Chubb’s mama, Lavelle Chubb gets the questions.

“How’s Nick?” people ask.

“Is Nick going to be able to play?”

“Is he gonna play against North Carolina?”

“Is he gonna be as good as he was?”

If they’re delivered to her in the right spirit, Ms. Chubb always does her best to answer them. If not, she’ll handle them differently.

“It’s expected,” she said of the constant queries. “They’re fans. The majority of them are genuinely concerned. When they’re not, I know how to walk away and still be polite.”

… what kind of person goes up to Nick Chubb’s mother to give her a hard time about her son’s health?



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39 responses to ““But he’s not Superman. He’s not Batman. He’s just Nick.”

  1. Barstool

    Gamblers and idiots. Sometimes overlapping circles.


  2. gastr1

    Tech fans.


  3. Tennessee fans – still remember that @$$ that tweeted about how Neyland claimed another Georgia knee


  4. Jared S.

    “I love mankind. It’s people I can’t stand.”
    ~ Linus Van Pelt


  5. paul

    That drunk idiot that sits four rows behind you complaining that we don’t run enough when we’re throwing and conversely complaining that we don’t throw enough when we’re running. Usually on consecutive plays. That guy.


    • Either ‘that guy’ comes standard with every 4th seat at a Georgia game or I’m just that unlucky. I’m leaning toward the former.


    • 3rdandGrantham

      4 rows behind you? You’re lucky — in my experience it ends up being the guy directly behind/next to you. Even worse, their 230 lbs+ doughnut oil like flesh then presses against you for the entire game as they scream and sweat grease from their earlier tailgate consumption. Meanwhile, you’re sitting there thinking to yourself — if this guy was 1/10th as passionate about his own health as he is UGA football, you’d have at least a few extra inches of seating space. But alas, you’re essentially confined to a middle seat in 37B for the next 3 1/2 hours.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Mayhaps we need some stadium obesity policies. Decree essentially that if you don’t fit in a seat without an extension of yourself into your neighbors seat space with your arms raised you will need to purchase two tickets. Noncompliant fans will be removed from the stadium.


  6. Juan

    Does she walk around in a #27 jersey with “Chubbs Mom” on the back? How the hell do these people know who she is??? Weirdos…or she really does advertise she’s his mom


    • Yeah, that must be it… or she lives in a small town where she’s well known by everyone.


    • Silver Creek Doug

      I live 15 miles from Cedartown and I know who she is, as well as having met Nick at Cedartown HS before I refereed a HS soccer match there.

      It is not a big place and everybody knows everybody in Polk County.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Some people just can’t get enough Chubb…


  8. Cojones

    If you were in a small town where everyone knows everyone, why wouldn’t one expect a sincere inquiry as to her son’s health? After all, he belongs to the community as well. She doesn’t sound as if she is being harassed and I’m sure the questions get old, but many are probably from sincere and caring small-town people, not crazed fans.


    • DawgWalker07

      I believe many do come from a genuine place. And I think Ms. Chubb agrees with that. She never said, “I get all these questions from people that aren’t genuinely concerned and it really ticks me off!” She did say, “the majority of them” are well-intentioned. Sounds pretty reasonable on her part to me.


      • David K

        Agreed. I don’t see the outrage. If the Chubbs were my neighbors and I was out walking the dog, I’d ask mom how Nick’s doing. It’s not like people are knocking on her door to ask her. They’re passing her at the grocery store and being friendly.


        • Argondawg

          Hard not to love a kid who gives everything he has got on and off the field. He is an amazing athlete and a humble young man. We all want what is best for him.


      • 202dawg

        Reminds me of the flight back to DC after Gurley’s last game. I had met his dad on the flight down and, as he passed me in the aisle before takeoff, he fist bumped me and just said ‘torn; but he’ll be back…’ You can’t teach that type of positive attitude. You’re born with it or you’re not. Classy family…


  9. Bright Idea

    We even have fans mad because Sony didn’t wrap himself in bubble wrap for the summer.


    • Cojones

      Right. You no longer have a life kid because our existence on earth depends upon you not getting hurt although you play a physical gladiator-type game. Don’t get injured on your own time, get injured playing this brutal sport. Sheesh!


    • Jared S.

      I appreciate CKS making sure not to seem like he was blaming Sony. He even mentioned how he’d go jetskiing during his playing days. Nice touch.


  10. 69Dawg

    +1 We sure do have some f..ked up priorities in this country. It’s just a game played by 17 – 22 year olds. The fans need to chill.


  11. sectionzalum

    i love that she calls her baby “Nicholas” still.

    if someone wants to get rude they better hope daddy Chubb isn’t around. i met him at USC game and the man is large and chiselled from granite.


  12. Gurkha Dawg

    I have not seen this posted so here it is. I am not some big shot with inside info but I do know a player who sees Chubb on a daily basis. I was talking to him yesterday and he says Chubb looks good, REAL good. As in making cuts at almost 100% normal. He said there is no doubt Chubb will be ready for the first game, barring a setback. I called bullshit because of all I have heard about the extent of his injury. He said he would not believe it if he hadn’t see Chubb workout with his own eyes. Anyway, this is all hearsay but I am getting fired up.


  13. Borodawg

    I would imagine it’s those more concerned about him playing than his actual well being. A mom can tell the difference.