Watching and listing

Yeah, I’m somewhat amused that Kirby Smart, a guy who hasn’t coached a single college game yet as the head man, is on the 2016 watch list for The Dodd TrophyHe is the only SEC East coach on the list of 24; the only other coaches from the conference to show up are Miles and Saban.

Mark Richt’s name isn’t there, either.


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  1. smithbaby1

    It lists Jim McElwain and Kevin Sumlin from the SEC as well….

  2. Saxondawg

    Well, if it makes sense at all to have a “watch list” for a reward based on how you coached through a season–and no, it doesn’t–I guess you would use names that would be most likely to impress with their particular situation, and a new head coach would fit that bill. I guess. I was thinking, if Vanderbilt goes to an elite bowl, that guy gets this. But how do you predict something like that? The fact that you wouldn’t predict it is why he’d win!

    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      It’s not just victories. The website says “… taking into consideration each program’s graduation rate, commitment to service and charity in the community, projected success for the 2016 season and Academic Progress Rate (APR)…”, so any UGA coach should be in consideration, and in a sense, even though I am not one of those who wishes we kept CMR, in some ways the inclusion of Kirby is also a h/t to CMR.

      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Also, it probably doesn’t hurt that The Chik-fil-A bowl folks are part of the selection committee, and both UNC and UGA coaches are in the 24. Maybe that’s a coincidence.😉

      • Bulldog Joe

        Good to see Coach Dodd’s name finally associated with something that stands for integrity.

  3. Wouldn’t it be great for a Georgia head coach to win the Dodd Award in his first season? The nerds at StingTalk would be apoplectic.

  4. No Sgt. Carter. Hmmmmmmmmm.

  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Corch’s name on the list for an award that emphasizes integrity? Really?

  6. I hope Kirby knows how quickly this happy talk can end and these very same groups will turn on him with a vengeance. It’s the American media’s way build em up so you can tear em down.

    • Jared S.

      The sad thing is how many in the media (and fan base) will turn on him if he 1) doesn’t win 10 games and/or 2) doesn’t make it to the SECCG. It’s a ridiculously high bar to set for CKS in his first year, but we all know what we’ll have to listen to if he fails on both points.

      • lakedawg

        With players and coaches on every watch list posted so far, believe expectations going to be more than 10-3 with a pretty soft schedule to boot.

      • To be clear, I’m one of those who absolutely demand/expect a 10 win or better season because that is the standard that has to be met in order to be intellectually and logically consistent with the previous premises for firing Richt BUT I’m not putting KIrby up for Coach of the year before he has had one game as HC. This is the media doing what they do….build them up so they can knock them down. He needs to not listen to the media or Greg McGarity… his admittedly very hard job of improving on what Coach Richt built….but regression is totally unacceptable. I know that Richt would have won 10 with this schedule. The mandate is clearly not to be the same it is to be better. I will not turn on KIrby because like it or not he is our coach and I do want him to succeed but a regression is not to be expected or accepted. If the powers that be decided to fire what was clearly the most successful Coach UGA has ever had it had to be for a purpose and that purpose has to be to get better. Better than what well the last two years obviously. (10-3,10-3) No Championships…no Peace.

        • lakedawg

          Amen, brother!

        • The Bruce

          I demand that we get utterly embarrassed by an unremarkable Florida team, because that’s what Richt would have done…

          But seriously, if you expect any of us to believe that you won’t be secretly looking for reasons to come here and gripe about Richt’s firing one, two, or even three or more years from now, then you must think that we’re all idiots.

          • You are conflating arguments,you betrayer of Wallace,I’ve been pulling for the dawgs and barking in public .in all likelihood, since before you were born. I will NEVER pull against my alma mater but that does not mean I don’t reserve the absolute right to point out that the change that the anti-Richt crowd wanted… and got….was never guaranteed to be be a good change …’s just change. I have argued against the crowd that thought 10-3 is not good enough for UGA since shortly after the negatrons started showing up on this blog. If you consistently have a team capable of 9-2 or better you will eventually have one of those magical seasons when it all comes together but if you get rid of the coach that produces those 9-3 seasons virtually every relevant case in the past (there are not many examples because most fan bases are not as delusional as ours) shows that the program will regress. Do I hope we regress?, hell NO, I finally have enough accumulated points I might actually get tickets to a National Championship game, but if we pull a UT or a Michigan lost decade thing with KIrby you can bet your ass I will be pointing out to the idiots who just KNEW that the hope and change thing would work out for the better not worse, that they were wrong. So to sum up, I would much rather win than be right but if I’m right I will not be silenced by by the betrayers of William of Wallace(i.e. the Bruce) and their likes into not saying I told you so. Dawgs win equals I’m happy; Dawgs lose equals I get to call idiots ,idiots as a consolation prize . No Championships …No Peace.

            • Mark

              “Yep” to all of that, too.

            • Typical scared-to-lose-old-guy argument. You smart ass kids had better stay off of his lawn too.

            • 92 grad

              Well, OK. Calling out ANYONE that has ever posted an opinion comment on this and any other blog is bullshit. NOBODY here or anywhere else had any power or influence to make the decision to change coaches.

              In short: complain to mcgoofy, “we” had nothing to do with it.

        • Mark

          “Yep” to all of that.

      • PTC DAWG

        In no way do I think he has to win 10 games or the East in his first year…that is crazy talk.

      • sniffer

        I’m giving Kirby a bit of a pass this season. I will be much more interested in how we play than how many we win.

        One caveat. The Dawgs HAVE to be ready for UF….

        • so your OK when we drop a big ole deuce in the middle of the season against UK or Vandy. That kind of talk drives me crazy ….there are wins and loses …football doesn’t give style points .Trade the UF lose last year for a lose against Vandy and we still don’t go to the SECCG.. I don’t care what we look like doing it …just win baby and that is what Kirby was hired to do .

  7. ugadawgguy

    I’d like to look back and see how many pre-HC-career accolades were lofted Muschamp’s way before his first season in Gainesville.

    • Walt

      I’m pretty sure he was on the Ditka Award watch list for the coach most likely to have his head explode.

  8. illini84

    Have you looked at the function that allows you to edit a WordPress post for a few minutes?

  9. Spike

    I’m not drinking the Kool Aid yet.