SEC Media Days reader poll

Next week’s bound to have its awkward moments for at least three head coaches.

The buck-passing prowess of three coaches with programs under fire could be tested during SEC football media days Monday through Thursday in Hoover, Ala.

Problems at Tennessee, Mississippi and Mississippi State could have Volunteers Coach Butch Jones, Rebels Coach Hugh Freeze and Bulldogs Coach Dan Mullen scrambling to pass the buck to higher-ups on their campuses over answering media questions on the spot.

Expect them to ask, “Can’t we just get back to football?”

Here’s your chance to pick whose week will be the worst.

Feel free to elaborate in the comments.


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15 responses to “SEC Media Days reader poll

  1. I voted for Bootch because that’s who I hope gets raked over the coals. Freeze is corrupt in a system that’s corrupt. Mullen is dealing with a situation with a signee. If Jones said what he’s alleged to have said to one of his players, the UT administration should have fired him.


    • simpl_matter

      That’s why he got my vote. Calling one of your players a traitor to the team for helping out a distressed female is about as classless as it gets. Hoping the media brings their pitchforks for his ass. No doubt in my mind about whether he said it or not.


      • Raleighwood Dawg

        I voted for him too, though I imagine all three will bob and weave their way through the questions without sharing anything relevant.


      • Gaskilldawg

        I voted for Freeze before I read the comments. Thank you for your thoughts. You changed my mind. I should have voted for Butch.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree he should get the tough questions, especially his actions with the player specifically, but he won’t. Soft of journalists at this event, not geared to challenge a HC in the SEC. It is the biggest story in the SEC given the climate nationally about protecting those involved in sexual misbehavior, but how much have we heard about this lately? It has been swept aside. He should be made to answer the question under oath.

        I voted Freeze because this is just picking the low hanging fruit and concerns a subject sports journalists are used to covering. He will lie or defer but they will bring it up. I don’t expect sleaze ball Sgt Carter to do anything but talk about how wildly successful he has been in Knoxville, accomplishing nothing but leading numerous cheers. TN is nearing 20 years without an SEC title, approaching UGA’s 1982-2002 span.


  2. Bootch will be able to play the ‘no comment’ card as one of the conditions of the settlement. Freeze may try to avoid the issue with the ‘no comment on ongoing investigations’ but he has so much more to answer for, imho.


  3. Ricky McDurden

    Freeze will just answer with allusions to God and the Gospel. Butch I can see actually getting unnerved in the moment and saying something he might regret.


  4. Unfortunately, Richt is no longer involve with the SEC. I would be funny for him to sit giving some wide smiles beside Freeze during the question and answer portion or photobomb him as usual, LOL


  5. It looks like the results of the poll and the comments are in conflict. I imagine someone in Hillbilly Country told their fans to go to the Senator’s page to vote for Freeze.


  6. Hands down Mullen. He hasn’t been available to the media since he admitted Jeffrey Simmons. He will and should get blasted. Butch and Hugh will be able to lean on, “I can’t comment on active investigations.” Mullen won’t be able to do that.


  7. i voted Freeze, but I could easily see it being Booch if the reporters would just ask the right questions. I don’t think they will.


  8. VoxDawg

    I voted Freeze, because gasmask bong/Tunsilgate, but Bert is always good for at least one colossal head-scratcher of a quote.


  9. AthensHomerDawg

    It was “Bootch Please” for me.


  10. P. Manning

    Butch. The guy is a real weasel


  11. Bulldog Joe


    Until Butch or Mullen beats UA or turns UA in for violations, the Alabama media will pretty much leave them alone.