The case for not-Lambert

Greyson Lambert finished the 2015 season with the SEC’s fifth highest passer rating among starters, which makes this list kinda cold, don’t you think?


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  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Cold, indeed. I am starting to feel bad about dissing on Lambert, but we all know that the numbers that got him the 5th highest passer rating were the statistical equivalent of ‘fake juice’. If he starts the season, I am resolved to keep an open mind and trust that the coaches know what they are doing, but hoo-boy am I going to be nervous.

  2. Greg

    A 200 plus rating in August/Sept, my guess is – he led the SEC then. I still do not believe he is a bad of QB everyone makes him out to be. A healthy backfield and better recievers will prove this out imo. Tough to do it without help. I still think he starts the season and we see Eason slowly worked in. I guess we will see soon enough.

    • merk

      He may have been the most lucky QB I have ever seen with how many INT drops happened for him. There was literally almost one a game. Add in throwing the ball at WR feet fairly often and yes, he was a pretty bad QB. The only reason he started over Ramsey was that Ramsey was not so lucky to have his INTs dropped and there seemed to be some kind of secret hate for him given the lack on consistent opportunities to play.

      • Dawgy1

        Yes and at the same time unlucky having several key passes that were on target dropped, i.e. the Tennessee game, and losing one of the best running backs in America to injury.

        • merk

          The RB would be the same regardless of the QB, so it has 0 merit on who should start. Also WR drops are something every QB deals with, even the best. Throwing to the D is the one thing a QB cannot do. Fortunately for him, as I pointed out it did not cost him very often. This does not take away from the fact that there were numerous opportunities for it to happen.

    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Just watched him throw a pick-six to Aaron Davis in the spring game. Had a chicken salad drive working, but managed to turn it into chicken shit. Are y’all watching the same guy?

    • wet willie

      You’re correct about having a healthy backfield and better receivers, however, don’t under estimate what difference our new offensive staff will make in Lambert and the offense.

  3. Lambert is not a bad QB, Eason however is better and has enough upside.

    • Greg

      If he is better, he will start game 1. He may have more potential, but I don’t see how you can say he is better until we see him in a live game situation or two. The one that makes the fewest mistakes, leads, can manage the game and get the ball to his playmakers should be the one that starts imo. I think it may be Lambert at this point, I believe Aaron Murray had basically said the same. I am okay with with winning ugly until he is ready.

    • Macallanlover

      He certainly isn’t a bad QB, and those who say that know little about evaluating football. He has a problem with getting fast feet and getting rid of the ball when feeling pressure. That is an issue when you don’t have a reliable OL and have to keep your TE in to help block. He has decent arm strength, is accurate, and takes care of the football. Those skills made him look very good in practice and scrimmages when there was no “live fire”. You only have to re-watch the SC game to see his ability/potential.

      But we didn’t have the offense and OC to make things work and as QB he caught most of the flak. I am fine with him until we know more about Eason. Eason will be almost certainly be a better QB one day, but I don’t think he is right now. I would prefer either Lambert or Ramsey to start against UNC,and remain the starter until we see JE on the field against two or three opponents, then decide. Everyone is excited about what Eason might do for us but he did not plat against a high level of competition in HS, never took a snap under center, did not have to use play action in our style of offense, and did not have to read defenses and check off. I can prefer he be worked in slowly and still be optimistic about his future. If he doesn’t catch on quickly, and we still are in the title race, I am comfortable with one of the other two QBs who have more game experience.

      • Greg

        Good synopsis, keep’em coming.

      • Reinmart

        Lambert actually struggles with his accuracy, especially when he has to move around in the pocket which is also why he is so hesitant to pass the ball unless the WR is pretty open.

        The SC game was a mirage. Yes he was very accurate in that game when SC’s DBs were playing 10 yards off of our WR’s.

        • Macallanlover

          I am not making a case of Lambert being a top QB, the discussion was about how horrendous he was/is and un bearable to watch. That is just Georgia fans being Georgia fans and eating their own. Few QBs are accurate on the move, Lambert is a 6′ 6″ stork, so now he isn’t great when flushed. SC wasn’t a mirage, it is on video and was very real. Give credit where it is due, nobody, nobody ate that defense up like UGA did and that includes UNC’s senior QB and Clemson’s Watson. Exactly which speedy receiver was SC so afraid of to lay off of them for 4 hours with no adjustment? And I have heard from an outside coach , unbiased observer, that Lambert can be very impressive regarding accuracy with his feet planted. I think that is why he was selected, and may be again. Add in the game experience edge he has and you can see how that happened.

          The problem last year was more than just the QB. We had been thrilled with a high octane offense producing points like a video game for a few years, last year was as sluggish as a Dooley offense in the 70s. In today’s society we need a victim to blame and fans often go after the QB, it just isn’t one person ina game as complex as football. A combo of OL, OC, receivers, QB, all played a part. Lambert may, or may not, be the best option but no one here is in a position to know, and I doubt the coaches will not know until late in August, if then. In the meantime, throwing a young man under the bus isn’t exactly the way fans should act on public forums going into camp, imo. Expressing concerns about anyone’s specific shortfall is fair but there are ways to do it that are less abrasive. If a player misses practice regularly, or is seen drunk in downtown bars two consecutive nights before a big game that he flops in, then go after him. But to judge a player that is doing their best, and God forbid, doesn’t measure up to Mr Internet fan’s expectations…well, tough, it isn’t reason to trash the guy. Lambert may not be our best option, I don’t know, but many teams would like him as an option until they get someone ready to go. UGA could be dealing with a lot worse.

  4. Derek Ross

    Lambert is the Alex Smith of college QB’s. Can’t throw farther than 10 yards, won’t turn the ball over much, but won’t open up the offense or give us much of a run game. There is a reason we struggled to run against teams like Southern University.

    • Greg

      Who cares??…..I certainly don’t. He is not as bad as some say – and we have also had better. I am glad he is a Dawg and hope he does well. The staff will choose the right guy, I don’t give a rat’s ass who starts, I just want to win….ugly or pretty, they all count the same.

    • Olddawg55

      Lambert was the QB in 12 of 13 games for UGA. He won ten of them…not exactly an incompetent. If winning isn’t enough for you maybe you’re watching the wrong game. The only applicable statistic is WINS! Eason may take the starting position away from Lambert but that will be a coaching decision not the fans!

      • Derek

        Name the best team beaten among those ten and note their final record and rank.

        Look at the losses and their records and rankings. If you want to start lambert vs. Nicholls I don’t give a damn. You start him vs. it, unc, ole miss it UF and we’re in trouble.

        We need to be able to beat good teams not just struggle to wins over the blind sisters of the poor and lame. Maybe that’s good enough for you, but it ain’t good enough.

      • wet willie

        Right on Olddawg!

    • TXBaller

      So Lambert is better than #11 (41 career picks) Murray? I love your analogy.

  5. Normaltown Mike


  6. My take on Lambert is he is the guy I’d trust the most with a good lead, a good game manager. If we are behind and need someone to bring us back from 17 points down I don’t think he gets it done. I blame Schotty for the O last year not Lambert, but still feel Lambert can’t/doesn’t handle pressure very well

    • Derek

      So it was Schotty who missed Mitchell who was wide open on the first play vs. Bama? Hell thought it was lambert that threw it short and outside despite the fact that Malcolm had 2 steps on the DB. So is Chaney going to throw it for lambert this year? He obviously could use the help.

      • merk

        It was also a ST and the D that won multiple games for us last year. Auburn would have been a loss if not for McKenzie. Mizzou would have been a loss if not for a TD saving tackle by Townsend and a huge goal line stand by the D.
        Also remember that the “good lead” occurred a couple of times last year. We had a good lead vs Tenn and a good lead vs Penn. Both times we either nearly lost or did lose the game when the O stopped producing and the D gave in.

        • In both of those games we had opportunities on defense to provide the knockout blows with 4th down stops. The defense failed both times. The offense did the team no favors when we failed to generate anything in the 2nd half at Knoxville or late after I-Mac’s big punt return in the bowl game. Sony’s fumbled kickoff return completely changed the game in Knoxville.

      • I never meant to imply that Lambert was blameless in last season because he can’t handle any type of pressure or adversity, but it was not Lambert calling for Sony up the gut 3-4 plays in a row when it hasn’t worked all season. Schotty did no favors in how he used our personnel. I am by no means pulling for Lambert to start over anybody, but there has been some drops that were on the money….Davis late at UT comes to mind

  7. Skeptic Dawg

    Are we talking about the guy that currently holds the all-time single game completion rating in NCAA history?

    If Lambert can improve upon one aspect of his game, reaction to pressure, the kid will be ok. I believe our WR’s were awfully weak last year and the OL was deqqruined by Sales. I expect improvement from our WR’s and OL this year which will lead to improved QB play.

    • merk

      Yes, if he could improve, however, the guy has played over 2 full seasons and had the same results. I do not expect any real improvement to occur and it is pointless to start him in hope that he improves only to have him gone after the season. It wont really matter though. Unless Eason blows away the coaches in fall camp, then Lambert will be starting vs UNC. With Douglas as his starting RB.

    • wet willie

      I agree. I also think that all of these Lambert bashers will find out how wrong they are and eventually shut up. Go Greyson!

    • Mitchell made some great catches to keep that streak alive. Majority of the passes were less than 10 yards at the time of completion. Run after catch accounted for a lot of the yards. An exceptional job was done getting to ball into the hands of the playmakers, something that lacked later in the season.

  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Lambert is the poster boy for what I’d call the ‘dinking’ offense. Can’t throw a decent long ball to save his life. His intermediate passes make one cringe. His short passes resemble a kid throwing a balloon. And forget about athleticism, scrambling ability and pocket presence. But he’s still better than two of the guys on that list.

  9. Athens Dog

    I know y’all are probably tired of me saying this……but if he starts in the Dome I’m going to have to stick sharp sticks in my eyes. Please don’t make me do it. 😄

  10. DawgByte

    Brandon Harris?! LMAO!!!

  11. Godwin was our best option last year…only half-joking, which is a problem.

  12. fred russo

    Lets be honest UGA will go no wares with Lambert!!!!

  13. AO

    Don’t think he’s horrible, but his happy feet and nervousness in the pocket make me crazy. I held my breath everytime he dropped back to pass after Carolina game. That being said, Eason didn’t look took comfortable either with 3 D-linemen bearing down on him at GDay..

  14. Bulldog Joe

    The meltdown here will be epic when GL earns the starting job next month.

  15. JCDAWG83

    If Lambert were a good qb, he wouldn’t have lost the starting job at UVA. He is terrified every time he has to drop back to pass in a live game situation and his best pass is 4 yard completion on third and 9. He is a mobile as an oak tree and I’ve seen beach balls with more zip on them than his throws. He must be the best practice qb in the nation, there is no other explanation for why he kept the starting job, unless the other qbs were truly God awful.

    Also, those who love to crow about the 10 wins last season need to step back and ask themselves, when was the last time a traditional SEC power won 10 games, won a bowl game over Penn State, and was unranked at the end of the season. The season’s most exciting, signature win came in overtime against Georgia Southern. Other than that game, we did not win a single game against a D1 opponent with a winning record. Lambert is the living embodiment of “mediocre at best” and the Georgia team last season was the same. If Lambert is the starter this season for more than the first half of the UNC game, I look for 8 wins maximum.