Hoo, boy.

Blowing smoke, or it’s all just made up and flagellent?  You decide.

I can think of a number of defensive coordinators in his prior gig who might disagree with Gus’ assessment.



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22 responses to “Hoo, boy.

  1. Silver Britches

    Every single thing that comes out of anyone’s mouth associated with Auburn is just horseshit.


  2. JCDAWG83

    I hope Garner manages to outlast Gus and does for Auburn what he did for Georgia.


  3. Chubb didn’t play, and we rushed for less yards than they did. Let me repeat…Chubb didn’t play. Lambert threw for less than a C-note but completed 71% with no picks. Minimal pressure applied. Yet, we still put up a bigger number on the world’s most audacious scoreboard. Yeah, boy…I hope they keep Rodney for a long time. Garner was a hell of a recruiter, but merely average as a position coach.


  4. Cojones

    Everyone should get off his ass. If Malzahn says he’s great for Auburn, who are we to disagree? Besides, if Gus is busy “doing the right thing” for his pot smokers, there is no one left except Garner with experience as bag man to keep things together this year.


  5. Bahahahahaahahahahha at Gus


  6. Argondawg

    Dude can recruit and then Puff, they just magically disappear.


  7. stoopnagle

    I remember way back when – I think it was an EDSBS comment – an Auburn supporter stated that “Athens has a huge coaching problem” about a staff that went 10-5 vs AU. I wonder how that dude is feeling these days?


  8. I still love the clips of Greg Pyke steamrolling Montravius Adams play after play two years ago in Athens.


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    I get feeling that Gus is a dead man walking unless he can make some serious chicken salad out of chicken shit this year.


  10. Cojones

    It was embarrassing to hear him answer questions. He mealy-mouthed from position players to “a great bunch of guys’ in describing his team for the coming year. Not one solid description of what they had to do at differing positions and instead talked about how tough their schedule is when compared to all of NCAA. Gobbledygook. Pomme de Rue.


  11. Ricky McDurden

    I’m not sure which head coach would better suit Georgia Tech: Paul Johnson in all his turkey-necked smugness or the turtle-necked, sweater-vestioed dweeb and his crazy wife (side note: Is PJ married? If so, why?)


  12. Macallanlover

    I am not knocking anything said, I want Malzahn and Garner to stay at Auburn fro as long as they want them. Why rile them up when things have been going well in this series? I am sure they will be very unhappy with their September, the heat will be turned up, and they will come into Athens and play us hard.