Let’s not you-know-what just yet.

Want a damper to the Nick Chubb comeback story?  Check out the cover to Georgia’s 2016 Media Guide.


Nothing like a little judicious bet hedging…


UPDATE:  Marc Weiszer finds out there are three Media Guide covers this year and Chubb is on one of them.  Now that’s some Grade-A bet hedging.


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12 responses to “Let’s not you-know-what just yet.

  1. Lrgk9

    Res ipsa loquitor.


  2. Gaskilldawg

    There is a,change. We used to only put seniors’action photgraphs on the cover of the media guide.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    No cast on Sony’s arm, either. 😦


  4. Uglydawg

    Looks like the QB question is settled. Sony running the Wild Dog.


  5. Looks like UGAAA is salivating for increase sales on these 3 covers this season from collectors and fans.


  6. Cousin Eddie

    Kirby making sure all his bases are covered? Senator does this fall under you wanting a coach that is organized with attention to detail.


  7. steve

    These are still printed? With paper and ink and images that can’t be updated instantly with a simple digital adjustment? And that is why we need three cover versions? Because we print them 2 months before we know who will be playing? Is this an AD version of MMTB (more money than brains)? Are the printing presses lonely?
    Do mobile devices suddenly lose cellular connection when your ass touches the plastic seat on the toilet?
    This seems like filling your propane tank with bituminous coal and being surprised your grill won’t work.
    This publication should be GIVEN as a downloadable *.pdf to all season-ticket holders and those who buy a ticket to any game….as a ‘thank you’…


  8. Welcome to The Process.

    We’ve had multiple covers for a lot of years.

    They still send a free one based on our points level, though.