So much for that New Year’s Eve tradition

Bill Hancock, tower of Jello:

… In January 2013, when the CFP announced the 12-year schedule, they touted the idea of tripleheaders on consecutive days, and of taking New Year’s Eve for college football. Hancock said nothing has changed.

Next year, New Year’s Eve falls on a Saturday. And in the fourth year, the semifinals will again be played in the Rose and Sugar bowls on New Year’s Day.

“We are committed to this,” he said, adding: “Two years does not make a trend. Let’s watch this. Let’s see what happens.”

Of course, the question is whether people will watch — whether college football’s postseason eventually will become part of New Year’s Eve tradition.

“We had some bum luck with the lack of competitive games,” Hancock said. “Things would have been different with competitive games. How much different, nobody knows.

“We’re very confident that every year will be different and over time these games will be ingrained into a part of the New Year’s Eve tradition.”

Some disappointing TV ratings later, and the tune is changing.

If there’s one thing you can count on with regard to college football’s postseason, it’s the suits panicking when the viewers don’t show up.


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13 responses to “So much for that New Year’s Eve tradition


    NYE is fine with me, it is the monday championship date that sucks.


    • Tybee Dawg


      College football was meant to be played on Saturday. Unless of course you are Georgia Tech, in which case please substitute Thursday night for Saturday.


  2. Hardcoredawg 93

    I like New Year’s Eve too but I have always been one to watch whatever bowl was on the date regardless.

    I don’t think they are going to get the ratings they are looking for because a lot of people are doing other things in the afternoon (such as running errands, preparing for their evening) and at night (going out or having people over).


  3. JCDAWG83

    The Monday night championship is the worst part of the whole CFP. I don’t think the New Year’s Eve thing makes that much difference in the audience size. Anyone who is a fan of any of the teams playing or has any interest in who wins will watch regardless of the date. I don’t know a soul who said they did not watch the CFP first round because of New Years Eve.


  4. Otto

    Agreed with the dislike of the Monday night game. Trying to get back into the swing of the work after taking vacation and then I’m up late.

    New Years Eve is when the SEC kicks some ACC team’s but in the Dome, New Years day should start the playoff or the old big Bowls with the playoff starting the next Saturday.


  5. Chi-town Dawg

    The problem with NYE isn’t the hardcore college football fans, but rather the spouses, girlfriends, etc. who are much less inclined to stay home and watch football. Maybe I’m the exception, but if Mama ain’t happy, then no one is, so I’d much rather miss a game(s) than pay for it in spades much longer. Ideally, go with a Saturday/Saturday combo and if NYE falls on Saturday, then move the first round to a Friday. Gotta be a better way than scheduling on NYE as this year’s ratings showed us.


  6. DawgPhan

    They should just ask the TV people which day and time they would pay the most for and then have the game at that time.

    Just cut to the chase.


  7. I definitely missed most of the 1st round Clemson game because I was working/running errands. Bama was on at the Bar I was at NYE but I no one cared bc it was a blow out. If it had beed a non NYE Saturday I definitely would have watched both. Have to agree with Chi-town Dawg here – Most of the time I can get away with football. NYE is not one of them when the ladies want to get together.


  8. Macallanlover

    Never understood what the problem was with NYE and CFB. Cannot remember the last time I didn’t watch bowls on that evening. For those with spouse problems, pick the right couple and invite them over for dinner and a small celebration among friends, not a large gala among strangers. Better, cheaper, safer, and easier to stay up with the game. Also don’t really get the problem with Monday for the championship game either, but I don’t care what night they play it, so move it if you must, and save me a seat.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      I just can’t get the college football vibe on a Monday.


      • Having the championship game on a Monday sucks in the same way that having the Super bowl so late on a Sunday sucks. You go to a party and the pre game and first half are fun. Then after halftime when it’s freaking 10pm eastern people realize that they have to work the next day and start to leave.