“This is not about speed. It’s about getting it right.”

According to Steve Shaw, the average number of replays in an SEC game last season was less than two.  Does that sound right to you, or does replay not mean what I think it means?


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8 responses to ““This is not about speed. It’s about getting it right.”

  1. I fast forwarded through Shaw’s remarks. I didn’t think SEC officiating could get worse than with Bobby Gaston and Rogers Redding. I was wrong. It’s just as bad and just as biased as it always has been.


  2. Sam Johnson

    That sounds about right if he means “replays that take the idiots longer than five minutes to figure out.” Clearly, Shaw has just given the idiots longer to figure out what happened.


  3. Macallanlover

    While I don’t know why something that is supposed to be clearly evident should ever take more than one minute to decide (longer to get the right spot/time in some situations when the booth overturns) why do fans whine so much about replay? The game is 3 1/2 to four hours long, parking and traffic is another hour+, the trip is often several hours, or a couple of days. What is so tragic about another 10 minutes to get the call right? The only thing that aggravates me is reviewing it and still not getting it right. Just wish the review teams were not part of the same conference’s officials to protect us from cover ups among buddies.


  4. Lrgk9

    Replays reviewed by the B’ham bird brains.


  5. Spike

    Penn Wagers just threw a flag on this conversation.


  6. Bright Idea

    I despise committees and this replay committee stuff sounds too much like finding as many scapegoats as they can find. A committee watching for targeting calls in super slow motion is scary. Holding and pass interference might be next.


  7. Committees are designed to spread blame for blown calls, make the simple complex and employ SEC cronies. Committees almost always create more problems than they solve and create complexity which is, and always has been, a great way to cover up fraud. Have one replay official make them responsible for getting it right and if they prove to be incapable of doing their job ,get rid of them . NCAA and the SEC an ever growing and expanding bureaucracy
    BUT maybe they will go back and call that targeting penalty against Ford on Murray at the end of the miracle in Jordan-Hare game and we can get one more chance.