As luck would have it

If regression to the mean comes into play this season with regard to turnover luck, it’s gonna be an even longer year for Boom than I already thought.


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5 responses to “As luck would have it

  1. I hope Boom doesn’t win a game this year. He could have been gracious about the questions about his Georgia degree (Don’t tell me he wouldn’t have taken the job if offered while HCIW in Austin), but he decided to burn every bridge he could both in Gainesville and Columbia.


    • Macallanlover

      +100 He was a total dick in how he handled that, and looks like a punk thug on the sideline. How desperate was SC to hire a guy like him just days after his last meltdown at Auburn? Hope he drives the Cocks to a level below Kentucky in football. AD, and their fans, should have to pay for subjecting us to this childish behavior. Another winless season would be exquisite.


  2. Agreed. He absolutely stepped on himself at his USC introductory press conference.


  3. 69Dawg

    Noticed that the SEC wrote the “Muschamp” rule beginning this season. I had no idea it didn’t already exist but Steve Shaw said that there had never been a rule to disqualify a coach for multiple Unsportsmen Like Conduct Penalties until now. Players in football yes but coaches no. I guess Will can take pride in being a pioneer in getting the rule enacted.


  4. Mayor

    Turnover margin and whether that is luck or not has been cussed and discussed so much on this blog…well you get my drift. I come down on the side that over time it ain’t luck–it’s hustle and physicality. How else can you explain how some teams have positive turnover margins year after year and other teams have negative turnover margins year after year?