Cam Robinson’s life matters.

By now, you’re aware of yesterday’s Saban-Finebaum fracas, which arose over PAWWWLLL’s questioning of the Sabanator’s choice of discipline regarding the two Alabama players who were arrested but ultimately not charged with criminal behavior in Monroe, Louisiana.  Part and parcel of Saban’s heated defense of his actions — or, in this case, lack of action — was a certain perceived bias on the part of the arresting officers.

Finebaum told reporters after two heated exchanges with Saban, “He said the police officers were LSU fans.”

This led to one of those only-in-America moments when the Monroe police department rose to the defense of its men in blue in the only way imaginable.

“I can tell you for a fact that the first officer on the scene is not an LSU fan,” Chris Bates, the Monroe Police PIO, said Wednesday. “He hates LSU. He doesn’t like the color yellow or purple and gold. In fact, he’s a Florida fan. If you mention LSU around him, he throws up in his mouth. Most of our officers are LSU fans, but we have some who are Arkansas fans and Georgia fans and Alabama fans…”

LMAO.  That should put Saban in his place.


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22 responses to “Cam Robinson’s life matters.

  1. Perry

    It does make me wonder why the two football players were arrested and not the other two.

  2. ASEF

    It was apparently was a cluster of a case.

  3. Bright Idea

    Finebum took Saban at his word about the cops being LSU fans and called Monroe,La. a bad name.

  4. Gravidy

    This is what happens when a man who is used to answering to nobody for anything actually gets questioned. The fact that he chose to argue with FBomb multiple times after his segment aired tells you this got under his skin and stayed under it.

    • Macallanlover

      Agree totally, and it makes you wonder why anyone would be that sensitive to a perfectly legitimate question. Very rare for me to support FBomb on anything but he is the “journalist” who had the balls to treat Saban as ALL other coaches were treated. Who the hell does he think he is, and why do you think they put on this event?

      Fans throughout the SEC have been shaking their heads about this handling of this incident and have a right to know why Saban looks like Urbie on this one. And don’t say it is because he is an important player, if you have the level of recruits and depth that Saban has stockpiled for several years, you shouldn’t be afraid of anyone with one of your better players missing. Are you telling me that Robinson’s backup isn’t higher rated than USC’s player opposite Robinson? If he is scared to say “next man up”, how can you expect any coach to stand up for discipline? (And this isn’t to say he doesn’t have a valid reason, but to think he is above providing some legit rationale to fans who make his $100M dollar lifestyle possible is disgusting. Why so thin skinned little man?)

      • Gravidy

        To be clear, I’m not defending either of them. I have no use for FBomb whatsoever. I don’t know the facts of this case. But if I did, I might well agree with Saban’s decision not to suspend them.

        My beef is with the way the media generally fear Saban (as evidenced by the fact that nobody asked him about this when he was on stage) and the petulant way he responds on the rare occasions he is asked these types of questions.

        • Macallanlover

          Agree, think that is what I said. If he has a legit reason to not suspend them, and he might, state it. Fans need to know why situations aren’t addressed. To act like a pompous ass is disgusting. And I feel FBomb at least took a run at, where was the rest of the tools sent there to report significant issues to the fans?

          • Gravidy

            Yes, that is what you said. I didn’t mean that as a contradiction. I just find it funny that Nick Effin’ Saban has time to be bothered by such petty crap. FBomb really got under his skin. Hell, he may still be stewing about it.

            • Macallanlover

              But Ibet we never see FBomb anywhere close to questioning Little Nicky again without getting the questions cleared first. Hell, Satan may have him fired before he gets another chance. Sanky is still shaking that he may get scolded.

      • Cojones

        In this case it’s absolutely correct to aggressively question Saban. You could also ask why the graduate transfer, Williams , is still lingering at ‘Bama after repeatedly trying to go elsewhere. Seems like he suddenly is Saban’s best player at nickle-back and he can’t do without him, to hell with the player’s desires.

        Saban has a few yardsticks that he doesn’t match up to and while we are at it, what has been ‘Bama’s D-Coach’s take on these matters? Seems like there are some D players mentioned in all the falderal milieu created by some slimy character decisions concerning players. Pruitt, wherefore art thou?

        • Cojones

          Make that “Smith” instead of “Williams”. Hadda brain fart with a curve. Sorry, early senescence and all that crap. Shoulda’ hadda’ smoke to straighten it out.

          • Macallanlover

            So, let me get this straight, you think Pruitt is allowed to speak without permission, (and being told was what permissible to say?) Now that’s funny, nobody in Alabama exists without Little Nicky’s say so.

  5. So I guess that’s the reason why the DA did not charge the player per Saban. Or is it what the lawyers sent by Saban told the DA?

  6. fmdjr1970

    Saban proved, without a doubt, that he is a world-class bully. Shame on him for his monumental disrespect for Finebaum.

    • gastr1

      It’s well-known that Saban is defensive pretty much all the time. I’m not sure that makes him a bully, but does make him look like a dick at the very least.

  7. stoopnagle

    I believe the key statement here was: “I don’t care.”

  8. tesslibrarian

    My takeaway is that if a Florida fan can feel that strongly about LSU, the SEC needs to make it one of those permanent rivalries that must be preserved, so go 9-game (or Bill Connolly’s revolving schedule, which would be even better).

  9. gastr1

    This charge of the police being fans of this or that school is eerily similar to how we can easily throw out facts we don’t like because of “media bias.” Give me a frigging break.

  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the coaches decided to nix future sec media days. Some of them are really getting grilled this week.

    • 69Dawg

      That’s not happening, too much media money involved. The coaches will just have to grin and bear it. By the way kudos to FBomb, I hate the little weasel but he was the only media guy that had the balls to bring it up and mention that Saban was on his butt afterwards off camera. The rest of the SEC ESPN media hacks are just glorified fan boys/girls.

  11. Spike

    Who wins the douche off between those two?

  12. Cousin Eddie

    So all the police officers in Athens are LSu fans to? would explain a lot.