Poor, poor pitiful Hugh

Hugh Freeze would love to set the record straight, believe you me, but the goddamn lawyers and those bastards at the NCAA just won’t let him.

Which makes this…

so unfair.


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8 responses to “Poor, poor pitiful Hugh

  1. Cojones

    He’s not even tempted. Damn, what a great lia…guy he is!


  2. Cojones

    That’s really a dirty article, putting in facts about their “unorthodox” method of recruiting is just a blow against such a stalwart program that is unfairly paying a price for dirty recruiting rumors. Reiterating the 9 charges against Hugh’s program and speaking of upcoming charges expected from a guy who is no longer in the program is just too much for one innocent soul to carry.

    Hugh is going about this correctly by throwing the other two guys under the bus just before the wheels hit him. Who in hell are they and since when can strangers make decisions that have to be approved by the HC? He has never seen or had a conversation with these people and his wife can back him up with a little help from Jesus.

    This is podium sick drivel from a man who had something negative to do with UGA’s program while taking credit for good recruiting and winning ball games. The shit can’t hit his fan soon enough for me.


    • Macallanlover

      Dead on, old timer. Freeze is quick to call out negative recruiting but slow on the draw to discuss facts. If you want to talk, no one can stop you. They might advise you to let them handle the talking but if someone is telling lies about me, that hurts my family, job, or self/property you would call them out. He is a scumbag who has gotten away with dirty recruiting, time for him to do the time.


      • ASEF

        “Please forget all those leaks right before Signing Day discussing the very case that I now claim I cannot discuss. And please also forget that those leaks proved to be flat out lies.”

        Hgh has officially entered Politician status – “if his mouth is moving….”


        • Jared S.

          Some coaches are great at the X’s and O’s but just horrible at the political/PR aspect of their job…. I don’t know if I can offer any kind of valuable opinion on Hugh’s abilities with X’s and O’s, but his political/PR skills suck.

          And it’s easy to make this judgment that he sucks because you only have to answer one question: When he talks does he hurt or help his program?


  3. chase

    Would love for Glenn to have asked Hugh some questions.


  4. lakedawg

    What a self righteous prick!


  5. He blames Richt for not paying up on Tunsil. If he did then he (Hugh) won’t have this problem. LOL.