The greatest convention speaker of our era

It would really be entertaining for the GPOOE™ to perform a public circumcision on Trump.  Think of the ratings!


UPDATE:  Chuckle.


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42 responses to “The greatest convention speaker of our era

  1. @gatriguy

    Sounds like the Senator is advocating Timmy cutting Trump’s head off. #dicklivesmatter

  2. fmdjr1970

    Is this a convention or a circus? A circus, methinks.

    • The Quincy Carter of Accountants

      That used to be a thing you had to choose between.

      /Maybe? I don’t really know.

  3. simpl_matter

    A Meteor Convention, if there ever was one.


    Just have the election for crying out loud. Been running for POTUS for 3 years it seems to me. Should start about this time of the year and be done in the fall. I am beyond tired of this election.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Most political candidates these days have been running for election since sixth grade class president, and all they’ve ever done is run for elections. We (the entire world) has the worst political class since the inbred dim bulb European monarchs before World War I.

  5. rchris

    Trump’s small hands would keep this from being a major event. And not because they would make him fumble-prone.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Brings to mind the old joke: Why does a dog lick his b**ls?

      You know there’s a second good answer: Because he can’t make a fist.

  6. Comin' Down The Track

  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Ah, I think Trump is probably already cut. It’s definite that he’s had a filterectomy.

  8. W Cobb Dawg

    There’s something about Timmy….

    No Herschel?! No Vince Dooley?! No Ted Nugent?! I guess Tebow can give Donald lessons on how to break down and sob when he loses.

  9. ASEF

    99% of the people in Tim’s life at this very minute: “Um, Tim, can we talk?”

  10. Jared S.

    …still planning to write in Kasich’s name.

  11. Dog in Fla

    “UPDATE: Chuckle.”

    “Tebow reportedly has not finished writing his speech yet and is working with former Florida teammate Riley Cooper on fine-tuning the parts about immigration and race.”

    Because Riley’s been fine-tuning the perfect opening line for any speech about immigration and race

  12. Will (The Other One)

    Given the time it takes Timmy to wind up to pass, the DNC has plenty of time to counter with an NFL DB…

  13. Tlkdawg

    Geez, reading the posts on this blog has become like browsing the transcripts of any msnbc prime time show. The obsession with anything that is in any way different than the standard far left socialist obamaspeak is astonishing. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

    • Don in Mar-a-Lago

      The standard far left socialist obamaspeak is sad but very effective.

    • ASEF

      Lol. Yeah, the 6 right wing cable news channels on my TV, the hours of daily right wing radio, and hundreds of web sites dedicated to versions of Right-dom ranging from National Review to Breitbart to World News Daily to Holy Shit That’s Insane are just invisible. No obsession or sizable audience there.

      The Far Left hates Obama and considers him a corporate sellout. The Far Right calls him Stalin Reincarnated. This is how deranged our political extremes have become.

      How does the song go? “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…”

      • yep, a holy f’ing messed up derangment. I keep waiting for the two extremes to circle around and meet. Now this begs the question, Where would they meet?

      • Tlkdawg

        “6” right wing cable shows? Maybe you have Fox on 6 different channels? For your liberal viewing pleasure, how about ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and FOX network… every morning show on every network and every cable channel except Fox….every late night talk show on every channel except FOX…. every comedy show on every channel bar none. Every awards show of any kind except for Country Music Awards, virtually every play on Broadway or off, every movie done by anyone of consequence in Hollywood, every quote ever reported out of Hollywood. Facebook. Google. All liberal. If they are not extolling the virtues of the greatest human being to ever live(I think we know who that is to this group) and now his heir apparent, then they are covering up, dodging, or refusing to report anything that doesn’t fit the narrative, while simultaneously attempting to destroy any person or group that doesn’t agree with them. You realize that millions of dollars were poured into Air America to try to get liberal radio listened to, and yet it failed miserably. Either people didn’t want to listen to the constant BS or, more likely, who needs to hear it on the radio when its all you ever hear to begin with. There is a reason dems are wanting to impose the Fairness Doctrine. Their ideas and beliefs do not resonate with a thinking and informed public, so the next best thing is to eliminate anyone from giving a different view. Thank God for the conservative media, it is one of the few things standing in the way of America having only one ideal presented and eventually a one party system. And lets be honest, that’s the ultimate goal of liberals.

        • Derek

          Given what we know about our national elections there is no population supported argument that suggests that left wing radio should be so less popular than right wing radio. The only possible answer is that the right is more inclined to enjoy their “echo chambers.” I’ve never voted for a GOP member for president and I don’t watch msnbc or any other media that is clearly pushing an agenda, like Fox News.

          As far as Hollywood and it’s biases I’ve always wondered went Clint Eastwood will get his chance to break through. It’s a damn shame ain’t it?

          • Tlkdawg

            Clint Eastwood is a great example of the overwhelmingly right wing, conservative agenda in Hollywood (key eye roll). Are you kidding me? That’s the comeback to prove Hollywood is not a piece of shit, left-wing cesspool and proponent of socialism, the destruction of the family, Christians, and hater of all those who consider themselves to be lovers of this once great country. I guess you got me there. Any thinking person with a modicum of knowledge into the workings of the Hollywood machine could not in all honesty even pretend to think there is the slightest balance in liberal and conservative thought. Clint Eastwood, as you may not be aware of, is a somewhat older gentleman who is slightly past his prime. He came around in the fifties when Hollywood was a very different place. That was a long time ago and is completely irrelevant to any discussion concerning the Hollywood of today.

        • @gatriguy

          Yes, what woud we as a society do without the intellectual pillars at Fox News? Not to mention the leg cam, no pants rule, and glass desks, amirite?

        • @gatriguy

          And before you start, I’m not a liberal or a Democrat. I vote Libertarian. But I am smart enough to realize Fox News and talk radio is 100% pure horseshit propaganda designed to keep suburban white people terrified.

        • Don in Mar-a-Lago

          I know Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes is a friend of mine. Based on what I read in the conservative media, he’s done nothing wrong and the charges are totally unfounded. What the liberal media is trying to do to him is very sad. What the world needs now is more blondes in the target zone.

  14. Muttley

    You’re right. Tebow and Trump are totally awesome. “Tebow and Trump are not totally awesome” would be a perfect example of far left socialist obamaspeak. And I’m against that! Yay, Tebow and Trump.

  15. If he ever wins the presidency, the best is still to come. Run for the hills.

  16. 92 grad

    Big problem is that we all fall in the trap that makes us think ANY of this matters. Sacrifices need to be made by everyone, especially those that take government assistance in order for us to regain our independence and freedoms. Everyone thinks there is a way out with no pain and there simply isn’t. Our money is worthless, domestic business and manufacturing is minuscule, society is a mess. All the federal government knows to do is to keep making laws and keep growing in an effort to fix everything. It’s a viscous cycle we can’t get out of. Making sacrifices to cut back is the only way to improve things but we don’t have the character anymore to do it.