The media speaketh.

Keep in mind their track record is Georgia in Jacksonville awful — something like five correct calls on the conference champ in 24 years.


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  1. Silver Britches

    If Auburn finishes 6th? Hoo boy. Yella Fella’s fueling up the jet.

  2. Spike

    Sounds of Spike pinning this up on the Butts Mehre bulletin board..


    I say they are wrong on Carolina and State.

    • MGW

      I can handle SC being terrible. I think they’re the most off on UF. Their recruiting has been absolute garbage for two years (wasn’t Meyer level under Muschamp either) and its not like they have squat for upperclassmen, especially on offense.

      How they got to Atlanta last year is beyond me, but they seem to be getting a bump for it. They will be BAAAAAD this year.

      • MGW

        Also a huge mystery to me is why UF went and hired a second Saban disciple. They’ve historically kicked ass with offense first teams; its in their bones just like Bama and UGA will never be spread teams. And they already got burned with Muschamp the first time; you’d think they would have learned their lesson.

        • Mike

          So UGA goes and hires a Saban disciple? You would have thought they would have learned from Florida’s experience?

      • DawgPhan

        I agree. I dont get the florida love. Recruiting. coaching, and personnel loses are going to add up this year. It’s like the second year coach bump and the east champs bump is making people crazy. Look at the depth chart. not a lot there. Their Qb position is a mess.

        • DawgPhan

          Dont need a QB to beat UGA </insert joke>

        • Cojones

          FU has two new QBs that can throw and perform lights out. They have the same feeling for playing one of them as we do playing Eason. Their QB position is the only place they don’t have a mess.

      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        “How they got to Atlanta last year is beyond me….”

        C’mon, you know the equation:
        Faton Bauta + Schottenheimer + no change in game plan = UF rolls.
        It’s still hard to believe, but there you go.

        • MGW

          I think 2015 can safely be called “rock bottom” for the SEC East. Vandy, UK, and SC were as “Vandy, UK, and SC” as they’ve ever been. UF, UT, and UGA all were really terrible, which is historically very unusual. Its been a long way to the bottom, too, when you consider that Mizzou won the previous two East titles.

          But lets get back to whats important; UF sucks and is only going to get worse. And it feels SO good.

          • Sh3rl0ck

            2015 was horrible, but 2010 was the absolute rock bottom for the SEC East. It was so bad that USCe won the East. They finished the season with 5 losses. Only USCe and UF had winning records (both with 5 losses) and, at 5-3, USCe was the only team with an winning record in conference. 2015 at least had two ranked teams and 3 with winning record.

      • dawgtired

        “Their recruiting has been absolute garbage for two years ”

        We got embarrassed by a Boise St. team that historically recruited worse than UF has the last two years…I’m not banking on anything like recruiting rankings to determine if they are going to be bad.

  4. Mike

    So, you are saying that both Florida and Georgia might have a chance?

  5. Mr. T

    Only surprise for me was UK above Vandy and I had them flipped. UF above UGA because of a saltier D, ST’s, and 27-3.

  6. 69Dawg

    You could have made a nice living the last 25 years betting on UF against UGA so the media picking them over us is understandable. We have been picked by the media as far back as the Donnan years only to disappoint. With Florida it has been more about them wanting it more than our guys and not getting stage fright when we are picked to win. I’ll believe it when we go in there and kick their butts.

    • MGW

      We exorcised those demons when we beat them 3 years in a row. I’m not worried about any of that garbage anymore. 2014 was a fluke and 2015 we deserved to lose.

  7. Bulldog Joe

    The LSU, Georgia, Kentucky, and especially the Texas A&M predictions are too high.

    Put LSU below Arkansas, Georgia and Kentucky below Missouri, and Texas A&M below Mississippi State.

    Th bottom five in the SEC East could finish in any order, but I give Vanderbilt and Missouri an edge for returning strong defenses.

    • dawgtired

      Georgia below Mizzu? Forth in the East, why are we that bad?

      • Bulldog Joe

        Mizzou returns an elite defense and an offense that is starting over.

        Georgia lost most of its starting defensive front seven, and has new leadership and schemes starting over on both sides of the ball.

        Both teams will struggle this season, but I give the team with one elite returning unit an advantage over the other.

  8. so the press is just over 20% getting it right . What if they just chose UA every year what would their percentage be? Better than that.I bet.