I think the technical term for this is “talent gap”.

Alabama has more players on the media’s 2016 All-SEC preseason first team than Georgia has on all three.


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10 responses to “I think the technical term for this is “talent gap”.


    Someone was asleep at the wheel.


  2. Cojones

    Obviously, they didn’t ask us.


  3. Lrgk9

    Not if you count Isaiah McKenzie twice as 3rd team RS and TP.


  4. Bob

    There is a gap for sure. But I will wait till the end of the season teams before I panic. If the guys who pick the 1st three teams are the same ones who pick conference champs then I rest my case.


  5. Mr. T

    Let not the Tide recede for all this fawning praise will not be lost on its foes. I still believe UAT will not survive the SEC Road nor be in Atlanta other than to change planes.


  6. Biggity Ben

    I find it hard to believe Alvin Kamara is a better ST player than IM. Also, I wonder which of those RBs would start over Sony were he on TAMU, Vandy, or Kentucky. Lastly, let them sleep on Dom Sanders, it’s just fine by me.


  7. I’ll wait for the end of the season to be happy, sad or upset. I’ll also will wait for Freshmen all SEC at the end of the season as well.


  8. Dawg in Austin

    Interesting that Ole Miss only has 3 players on all teams. Maybe we have more of a shot in Oxford than I initially thought.