Maybe we’re the ones guilty of Dawgrading.

The And The Valley Shook! guys are at it again with their preseason evaluation of SEC units.  Today, they look at offensive lines and, well…

1 Georgia
3 Bama
3 Tennessee
5 Arkansas
6 Auburn
7 Mississippi St.
8 Kentucky
9 Florida
10 Ole Miss
11 South Carolina
12 Vanderbilt
13 Texas A&M
14 Mizzou

The expression “from your lips to God’s ears” comes to mind here, but, seriously, if they’re close to being on the mark with this (don’t forget, Steele is pretty strong on the Dawgs’ offensive line’s prospects, too), the offense may be poised for a nice comeback.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  In Pittman we trust.



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24 responses to “Maybe we’re the ones guilty of Dawgrading.

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    He has LSU 1 and Georgia 2.

    Having said that, I think it is mostly based upon returning starters.


  2. kckd

    If by the end of the season, we’re saying our OL is the best, we’ll be in Atlanta.


  3. aladawg

    Somebody’s putting a lot of stock on Catalina too!


  4. Mr. T

    “In Pittman we Trust” indeed. If Catalina can play SEC level OT, the O can return to weapon’s grade production & BALL CONTROL.
    And though the homer has LSU & not UGA as first, that LT spot worries me.


    • Macallanlover

      Yes, Pittman can be the only reason for this. Agree with others, if we are in the top 3, and stay healthy on the OL, we can compete with anyone on our 12 game schedule. I think they are a legit question mark based on last year and feel this stock is over valued….hope I am wrong.


    • dawghouse23

      Do we really want to put our trust in a coach that’s not a great technician and doesn’t teach proper pad level?!


  5. Herschel Talker

    Interesting. I don’t see it but if they play more consistent and with a mean streak we might just have something…assuming injuries don’t wreak havoc.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    There are two guys ranking at ATVS. Posuer has LSU first. Gomilla has Georgia first.


  7. 69Dawg

    I’m trying to have low expectations for this line but the damn media won’t cooperate. As the line goes so goes the offense. I want to see us make some 3rd and shorts with straight ahead runs before I’ll be satisfied. If we have to play cute to get 3rd and short then it will just the same old same old. If we can hold the ball on O then the shortage of Dline guys can be helped, if not it’s going to be another one of those years.


    • Mayor

      “As the line goes so goes the offense.” So true. If the line plays well the coaches can play the kid at QB and the Dawgs may have a for real passing attack. If the line is lousy putting the kid in could ruin him for the future.


  8. Cojones

    Take a look at where they rank Ole Miss. 10th won’t get it, unless they get better later in the season, but we play them early.

    Tenn tied with Bama? Where are all these great players coming from at Tenn? They didn’t live up to it last year and Chubb will be in the game this year. They go down as well.

    FU is a clusterfuck? We didn’t see that in their running game in the last two years, so what has happened to shape opinion in such a skewed fashion as to who can win the East and the SEC? Stupidity methinks.

    I have no confidence in these opinions nor estimates of lines. Weren’t we smelling the top last year before the season and decided that our O line won a few but lost a few for us as well?


  9. Lrgk9

    If the OL can give Lambert 5-6 seconds, he might be able to find the secondary receiver…


  10. lakedawg

    And some are saying they would be happy with 9 wins? 98 career starts for basically 4 guys, 2.5 years starting. Don’t think those numbers included Catalina, although I believe he will be a backup unless the injury bug shows up. Anything less than 10 wins regular season will be a disappoint.


    • Cojones

      If I felt their assessment was valid, I’d agree totally with you. Already said we should win 12, but that would totally rely on the sales puffery that’s been blown up our skirts by writers. Simple truth is that I expect our guesses here at gtp are more informed than many pundits show in some of their lazy-ass assessments.

      Your point and your take on your data is substantially better than some of those writers trying to convince us piecemeal that we have a great team, but the SEC writers don’t put everything in the same perspective as some writers. So, who the hell knows, right?


    • Nevermind about all of the problems at QB, RB, and WR. We are going to dominate this year because Pittman should be EXPECTED to turn an offensive line that has dissappointed for over a decade into ass stompers overnight? Whatever bro.


  11. DawgPhan

    I would be totally shocked if our OL was the best in the conference. I really would. I suspect that would be a really good sign for this team.

    But I have gotten burned so many times thinking that UGA was going to have great OL play.


  12. JarvisCrowell

    I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not buying any of this until it’s shown on the field. Our O line has be lackluster for many years, and was last year. I don’t know where they’re getting this prediction unless it’s just “we have a lot of returning starters so we’ll obviously be dominant”. That being said, nothing would make me happier than Chubb having some true road graders to run behind.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      With true road graders, it won’t matter that much who runs the ball. The only thing wrong with Douglas, Crowder, Holyfield and the other guy who wasn’t originally a RB is that none of them are Chubb or Michel, but it’s not like they suck. With a good line, they can shine.


  13. RG

    Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer. That’s all I have to say about that.


  14. Sounds all good to me. I wonder though if all of them are banking on Phil Steele’s assessment as well.