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Hey, who took all the five-stars?

Yeah, this is pretty disgusting, although at least one of the architects of it is in Athens now.


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Black is back?

Just putting this out there.

I have to admit it’s interesting they’re using the black jerseys as a recruiting tool.


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I got some wheels.

I’m way off the plantation with this — no, not that plantation — but, since you asked, here’s what my new car looks like.


It’s a 2016 base Porsche Cayman, and, no, I didn’t set out to get one with that color scheme in mind.  Fortunately, it just worked out that way.  School affiliation aside, the other benefit to Guards Red (that’s what Porsche calls it) is that I’ll never lose the car in a parking lot.

The car is an absolute blast to drive.  It’s mid-engined, and if you’ve never driven a car with its engine in the middle, it’s hard to describe the sense of balance you have driving.  Between that and the sound of the flat-six engine behind your head when you hit the throttle, it’s as intoxicating an experience as you can have behind the wheel without alcohol being involved.

The car’s not for everyone, I know.  I’m just lucky enough to be at the stage in my life when I can get away with a two-seater that has modest storage capacity.  The rest of the package more than makes up for its shortcomings.

I’ll leave the final word on it to the smug musings of Mr. Ferris Bueller.



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