I got some wheels.

I’m way off the plantation with this — no, not that plantation — but, since you asked, here’s what my new car looks like.


It’s a 2016 base Porsche Cayman, and, no, I didn’t set out to get one with that color scheme in mind.  Fortunately, it just worked out that way.  School affiliation aside, the other benefit to Guards Red (that’s what Porsche calls it) is that I’ll never lose the car in a parking lot.

The car is an absolute blast to drive.  It’s mid-engined, and if you’ve never driven a car with its engine in the middle, it’s hard to describe the sense of balance you have driving.  Between that and the sound of the flat-six engine behind your head when you hit the throttle, it’s as intoxicating an experience as you can have behind the wheel without alcohol being involved.

The car’s not for everyone, I know.  I’m just lucky enough to be at the stage in my life when I can get away with a two-seater that has modest storage capacity.  The rest of the package more than makes up for its shortcomings.

I’ll leave the final word on it to the smug musings of Mr. Ferris Bueller.


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68 responses to “I got some wheels.

  1. Wow! Enjoy that ride, Senator!

  2. Jared S.

    Awesome! I’ve always wanted to drive a mid-engine! I’ll think of all the fun you’re having while I drive my forest green 2001 Buick Century (with a Georgia decal on the back glass!).

  3. @gatriguy

    If you had access to a car like this, would you take it back right away? Me either.

  4. HVL Dawg

    Congratulations. Beautiful car. Finally old enough to afford one, too old to get in and out of it.

  5. Dawg with no fleas

    Damn, who knew writing about UGA football could be so profitable. 😀

  6. 69Dawg

    Always heard the color called Arrest Me Red. Drive safe.

  7. Russ

    Nice! So that’s where all my clicks went!

    Congrats, and enjoy it in good health.

  8. mwo

    Very nice, gradulations from Corrine Brown.

  9. Billy Mumphrey

    Well then, we have something in common. I have a blue igloo cooler too😉 Nice looking car Bluto.

  10. gastr1

    All it needs is a license plate with Bad Motherfucker on it.🙂 Awesome car!

  11. PTC DAWG

    Nice ride enjoy, I would have gone for the Boxster, but that is why they make different models. Don’t let Al f it up.🙂

  12. two-seater that has modest storage capacity. modest storage capacity maybe BUT how many of us can say we have two trunks? now quite your bitchin and go kick in some vectored torque steering and than bitch about the storage capacity. …storage capacity…it’s a Porsche for christ sake…..People who drive a Porsche don’t complain about storage capacity …they have “people” for that type of problem…storage capacity in a Porsche…..talk about a first world problem. Mo money mo problems. Do it make your demi thicker?

       I could go on a while but seriously ,Congratulations and you earned and deserve it
  13. Beautiful car! Have fun with it!

  14. UGAM

    Awesome, congrats senator. Many Ear to ear grins in your future. I had the privilege of taking one around seabring on some hot laps…those caymans are truly works of art, and the noise it makes when wide open is better than anything on the radio.

  15. BobTheCarGuy

    Awesome car. Where did you buy it?

  16. Macallanlover

    I had to scratch that itch once many years ago. If you haven’t had time to experience it yet, the most exhilarating experience I had in my “middle age crazy” sports car (also red) was driving in the mountains through the curves . Going up you can really challenge the curves with little fear and fully appreciate the handling. On the downward curves, the car was willing and able but I didn’t have the courage to push it. Have fun.

  17. sectionzalum

    dayum, son! you an empty nester now?

  18. TMC DAWG

    Way to go Senator! Enjoy, I have a 66 GTO ,restored to the max. Love driving it around and turning heads!

  19. More power to you. And it’s not “urnge”.

  20. CaliDawg

    I’m obsessed with Caymans. Congrats Senator. Did you go with the PDK or the manual? I’m looking for a used one myself.

    For those unfamiliar with Caymans specifically, here’s what Car and Driver has to say about it: “The secret is its mid-engined chassis, which imparts hyper-sharp reflexes and a natural at-the-limit stability that requires electronics on the rear-engined 911. From its sublime steering to its wonderful transmissions, and from its gorgeous styling to its rigid structure—40 percent torsionally stiffer than the hyper-rigid Boxster convertible—the Cayman is one of the very best cars on the planet.”

    • After 40 years of driving manual transmissions, I decided to go with the PDK. I’ve grown tired of driving a stick in rush hour traffic, I’m afraid.

      That being said, if the PDK wasn’t such a bloody brilliant thing, it would have been a much tougher call. Porsche’s old Tiptronic pretty much sucked.

      Good luck on your hunt.

      • PTC DAWG

        Boo hiss…

      • Got Cowdog

        I have a major motor jealousy stiffy!
        Nice ride sir.
        As for transmissions, have a 76 Bronco under reconstruction. Keeping the three on the tree, even though the HP might be a little much. 302 you know.

  21. MLB2

    Thanks for the post and congratulations. Enjoy, brother.

  22. Hogbody Spradlin

    Boy does that have Lester Burnham middle age fling written all over it.:-)

  23. RugbyDawg79

    Congratulations ! Beautiful car

  24. Navin Johnson

    This is going to sound ridiculous to some for a car with that price tag, but I believe that the Cayman one of the best, if not the best, values on the market today. SOOOO much for the money.

  25. SSB Charley

    I would like to take a moment to say eff yeah! Nice!

  26. doofusdawg

    Nice ivy!

  27. 81Dog

    I can’t decide if you’ve become Mr. Wolf or Cameron’s dad. Either way, you’ve got a sweet ride.😉

  28. Nashville West

    You’ve come along way since the VW Scirocco. Enjoy it Dawg.

  29. John Denver is full of shit...


  30. AthensHomerDawg

    Great car congrats!
    Steep driveway?

  31. Gravidy

    Very nice, sir.

  32. AusDawg85

    Nice and congrats, but can’t hold the golf clubs. I’ve got an Audi SQ5 which is essentially the Macan and am convinced Germans don’t play golf…other than Langer…as a bag with driver (BullDawg headcover of course) won’t fit straight across the back.

    Nice kudzu too!

    P.S. If you need to discuss increasing your life insurance coverage…

    • Seriously, I had a friend whose wife made him do just that after he bought a ‘Vette. With the way he drove, I didn’t blame her, either.

      • Macallanlover

        Liit off this track but reminded me. Business colleague of mine in the nineties,had a Vette. called his insurance guy and wanted to buy a $250,000 policy on his wife.. Insurance guy asked why, since she didn’t have a job and he was a well paid exec. He said, with a straight face, “Well, if something happened to her, it would take at least a Ferrari to help me get over it.”

  33. Walt

    Isn’t it nice that nowadays you buy a very nice car and it comes with a very nice sound system as well. Rock on.

  34. Castleberry

    Keep it wheels side down, sir.

  35. I got one of those –its just 1/16 scale that my 5 yr old likes to play with. Enjoy!

  36. Uglydawg

    Beautiful..but now you’re a marked man. I’ll be looking out for it on SSI.

  37. Spike

    Can’t wait to see it with the car flags and magnets! Show off….

  38. SentientHunter

    Nice ride, Senator … I’ll have to be content at the moment with my old Hyundai Sonata, with the Georgia Bulldogs license plate frame, as I drive around northern California. But, at least I got to play with the Kepler Space Telescope for a number of years.

  39. ElectroM

    Tang Mobile!

  40. Juan

    Did someone hack this site? Lol this post can’t be real

  41. Gurkha Dawg

    That’s the only color for a sports car, Senator. I’ve always known it as Ferrari Racing Red. Had a Fiat Spider that color when I was at UGA a long time ago. When my last kid goes off to college in 5 years I’ll be in the market for one if you’re ready to sell. That’s one gorgious car.

  42. engrdawg

    Congrats! It looks and sounds like an awesome car.

  43. Napoleon BonerFart

    Love those mid engines. My high school girlfriend had a Fiero. So, I know how you feel.😉

  44. sniffer

    Speak English
    Eat French
    Wear Italian
    Drive German

    Sound about like you, Senator?

    ps. My C300 folds…actually, it becomes my wifes (she can’t be trusted with anything more). Take possession of my AMG C 63 Coupe in August

  45. You've been hit by a smooth criminal

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  46. Well done, Senator. Well done.