Catch the damned ball, Godwin.

Interesting post about SEC superlatives at Pro Football Focus based on analytics of conference players, with one Georgia player making the list:

Best hands: Terry Godwin, Georgia

Seven players in the SEC had a perfect drop rate last year, but none saw more targets than the 35 catchable passes thrown Godwin’s way in 2015. The Bulldogs will be hoping he can follow that up with another solid season in 2016.

A perfect drop rate?  Gotta admit I don’t remember Godwin being that accomplished last season.  But I bet Greyson Lambert does.


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17 responses to “Catch the damned ball, Godwin.

  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I do. He seemed small in st nature, but played big in every game I saw and I hope he add to that this year.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    I feel like they should call this “perfect catch rate” instead of “perfect drop rate.”


    • ltrftc

      Yeah but maybe a little misleading as this discounted “uncatchable” balls. Even “zero drop rate” or “flawless drop rate” would have been better though.


  3. David K

    I’d like to see Reggie Davis catch the ball a little better this year actually.


  4. Cojones

    IMac should have been mentioned in my estimate. He’s set to break the all-time UGA record for returns (better than Boykin) and also the SEC record. His 13 yds/return and 2 tds should have at least been noticed with 200plus yds on 17 returns. “Superlatives” can easily be judged to include Isaiah, but (sigh) guess he will have to go out there and show them again this season (his last).

    Mackenzie, Godwin and Mecole Hardman make for a bunch of interesting players more capable of making us rise from our seats cheering than other combinations we have on the team, but we have to wait so long in between their plays that they get lost from the minds of many people as potential game-busters. When these players are mentioned together with Chubb, Nautta, Eason and I begin to nudge the vapors. Think I’ll keep a little claret close by today to pull me through if they hit full-on.


  5. Irwin R. Fletcher

    I know this is a Goodwin comment…but can we please talk about this huge man in a tank top?


  6. artful codger

    TG had a nice passing rate too


  7. Dawgphan

    I really hope that we find ways to get these guys the ball in space.

    seems like we have some good talent at WR, maybe not a ton of experience, but crazy talent.


  8. fred russo

    I sure hope we can do better than Reggie Davie this year!!!!!