Kirby Smart understands offseason angst.

He’s up in Bristol, doing the annual ESPN ass kiss all coaches have to do, and that meant he got some face-to-face time with Mike Greenberg, who laid into Smart a few months ago over his transfer restriction policy.

Things were a little mellower this time, mainly because Smart was gracious.

After about 10 minutes discussing other matters, Greenberg brought up his criticism of Smart, and offered him an open-ended chance to respond.

“I appreciate that, Mike, first of all,” Smart said. “And I think in the down time of college football, when there’s not a lot going on, it’s easy to reach and grab straws to yell and scream about something, and I certainly think that issue is a sensitive issue to a lot of people…”

Bloviators gotta bloviate, y’all.  Take it from one who knows.



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11 responses to “Kirby Smart understands offseason angst.

  1. D.N. Nation

    Watched most of the interview. Kirby’s an affable bullshitter.


    • Otto

      Sadly a very necessary skill for a Head Coach.


      • ServiceStaff

        Or you could win championships and not have time for whatever you decide is bullshit


        • D.N. Nation

          Even Saban had to put on a suit and listen to PAWWWL’s takes.


          • lakedawg

            Do not listen to Pawwwl very often, but bet Josethel from Turniptown gave him he’ll about treating that runt rudely.


          • Otto

            Agreed Saban may put up with very little of it now but he did earlier in his career. Bama is an interesting job win a few championships they leave you alone for a few years…. get beat 3 times in a row by Auburn and a brick flies through your window.


            • stoopnagle

              Yeah, in the current state of things Bama isn’t losing 2 in a row to Auburn, let alone 3.

              I just find it sorta telling that he can say “I don’t care” when player discipline is questioned after a weapons charge and his bosses (allegedly the AD and President of the university) let it go. Can you imagine Jere or Adams not expressing some concern if Kirb-dawg said he didn’t care about no BB shooting in ECV?



    Kirby should have punched that no good Yankee right in the mouth.


  3. Alcohalic Genius

    What he meant was its the same as when we welcome and appreciates the ho’s coming to church and we be nice to them, but we don’t want them teaching Sunday school or leading the choir, . . . ya ho. Amen.


  4. stoopnagle

    When it comes to this end of it, I think Kirb-Dawg is doing alright.

    Over/Under on how many weeks until he tells that Jeff guy from AJC to “GFY”?


  5. AceDawg

    Smart is doing what makes sense as a guy with zero games under his belt. He has values, but he doesn’t have all the answers yet on team policies, team discipline, etc. He’ll evolve as he gets games under his belt, but he at least seems comfortable drawing heat.