Here’s your cold shower for the morning.

Well, um… Kirby doesn’t seem to think Mark Richt and Jeremy Pruitt left the pantry particularly well-stocked in the secondary.

Georgia’s Kirby Smart is candid about his players, including a secondary that returns just about everyone. “We’ve got some good players back but not great players, certainly not the level I would be accustomed to coming from Alabama,” Smart said. “It’s not that caliber of corners.” Safety Dominick Sanders is the clear leader of the group but, according to Smart, needs great players around him to maximize his potential. “He’s an All-SEC second-team type of guy,” Smart said.

High praise indeed.


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  1. DawgPhan


    Isnt this the same secondary that was #1 in the nation last year in pass defense?

    Wasn’t Bama’s secondary 30th in the country in pass defense.

    I’ll hang up and listen to the dawgrading of our success and the only stat that matter is national titles and how bama has 29 of them.

    • JCDAWG83

      SC was #1 in pass defense in the SEC in 2010 because they couldn’t stop the run and no one needed to pass against them. Georgia was #1 last season because they didn’t play any teams with any sort of passing threat.

      Bama won the NC last season, Georgia got a speech from a mediocre coach about how “rings gather dust”. I’ll take the Bama option if I have a choice.

      • dawgtired

        Sounds like Kirby is concerned about coaching and winning with the level of talent CMR went to battle with. Maybe SOS was right when he said anyone could win with the talent Saban had at his command. Superior talent covers a lot of coaching sins…and I guess good coaching helps minimize the impact of mediocre talent. Let’s hope Kirby continues to recruit at the current class level and we won’t have to worry if he can win with mediocre talent.

        • McTyre

          Having talent below that of Bama’s at certain positions doesn’t constitute mediocrity. And thankfully our current overall talent is better than that of everyone on the 2016 save possibly Ole Miss and UT. Finally, fans who parse KS’ preseason or pre game comments to the media for insider knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses relative may want to pace themselves. There’s absolutely no upside to lavishing praise on current players in such forums with games yet to be played. Chubb and Pollack are examples of players whose work ethic doesn’t require constant or periodic motivation from the staff.

    • Will (The Other One)

      What great passing QBs did they have to shut down though?
      Vandy’s QB had nearly 300 yds, as did Josh Dobbs. But going against the weaksauce passing of Mizzou, SCar, Tech, and Auburn can really bring those average numbers down.
      The more advanced numbers were not as impressed (check out the PDR numbers in Phil Steele for one example.)

  2. David K

    Our pass defense was strong because we dropped our outside linebackers into coverage all of the time. We rarely blitzed safeties and never pressured the quarterback. I’d guess Kirby wants to apply more pressure and leave his corners out on a island a lot more. Pruitt did an amazing job with what he had to work with, but it certainly hurt the sack stats of guys like Leonard Floyd.

    • D.N. Nation

      Leonard Floyd giving a sh*t only about 68% of the time didn’t help either. (Love ya, Leonard, but.)

  3. paul

    So they’re THE guys just not HIS guys. Only time will tell if he can do something about that. It will be interesting to watch.

  4. Jared S.

    The way he essentially called Sanders out almost sounds like he was trying to send a message to Sanders that he’s not as good as he thinks he is…. Am I reading too much into this? Isn’t it kind of odd for a coach to call out a specific player and talk about how he’s good but not great?

    • DawgPhan

      or that he spent time at media days talking up sanders. Or that he brought sanders to media days.

      He is just saying what he thinks he should be saying.

      I also really doubt that sanders has gotten a big head about anything. He has always handled himself really well and is a good kid.

  5. I’ll take Malkom Parrish any day of the week as a guy who can cover and is willing to come up in run support ala Brandon Boykin. Kirby recruited Rico McGraw for Bama, so to say he’s not Alabama quality is a bit of a stretch. Aaron Davis may not be the 5* athlete Kirby is used to having, but the guy is pretty good in coverage.

  6. Mean Machine In Red And Black

    For us to improve this year, we’re going to need a chip on our shoulder. The SEC media is helping by picking us 3rd in the East. I think Kirby is helping too. That said, I don’t think he said anything inaccurate. But I also don’t think he’s ruling out Sanders coming that guy.

  7. Red Clay Hound

    Also, our secondary benefited greatly from having faced option teams like Tech and Southern.

    • lakedawg

      And we faced the same teams last year that we play this year, so why not can we be as good. BS to make excuses before we play the games.

  8. Gurkha Dawg

    Quit whining like a little bitch Kirby. So you don’t have a secondary 2 deep made up of all 5 stars? Tough shit. Win with what u got. This is the big question about Kirby’s defense. Will it be good without having the big talent edge? Can’t wait for the season to start.

  9. sUGArdaddy

    Well, did he speak an untruth:

    Pre-season All-SEC Second-Team Defense

    DL Montravius Adams, Auburn (167)

    DL Bryan Cox, Florida (105)

    DL Davon Godchaux, LSU (105)

    DL Charles Harris, Missouri (103)

    LB Tim Williams, Alabama (196)

    LB Zach Cunningham, Vanderbilt (178)

    LB Jarrad Davis, Florida (160)

    DB Jamal Adams, LSU (193)

    DB Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama (188)

    DB Tony Conner, Ole Miss (146)

    DB Dominick Sanders, Georgia (145)

    I think it was a message in two directions. He wants to send to msg to Dom, who was actually first-team after the 2015 season, and then he’s picked pre-season 2nd team. Riddle me that. He’s saying, “That’s what they think of you. Prove them wrong.”

    No other UGA DB got a whiff on 2nd or 3rd teams. Bama has a DB on each of the 3 teams. I also think he’s setting the media up to eat their words because it’s a little ridiculous to have a returning 1st teamer be picked 2nd team pre-season.

    If Kirby said it, it was calculated…and I like that.

  10. @gatriguy

    I think Kirby is trying to be honest without being hypercritical of the previous regime. The fact is the 2013 class is a smoldering crater. Those guys who ups be the leaders and upper classmen and they’re not there. Trigga, Shaq Wiggins, and JHC should be anchoring the back end of the defense and they’re not.

    UGA played 1 team last year that could throw the ball down field, and in that game Kiffin had guys running 10 yards wide open.

  11. Not the talent you want Kirby? Then you’ll need to be innovative and coach them up until you get the pieces you need in here. Do more with less. I know its a concept you are not used to at Bama, but I hope you can pull it off. I’m rooting for you. Hopefully your defensive innovation can be at least All SEC second team caliber?

    • @gatriguy

      Not sure if this is supposed to be snarky or not, but Kirby is telling the truth. The defense benefitted greatly by not playing a lot of passing teams over the past 2 years.

      You might not like hearing that Richt mismanaged the roster for years, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Sometimes brutal honesty is needed.

      • Agreed, I was just being snarky. Not denying we have shortcomings…halfway serious about wanting to see Kirby do more with less tho.

        • Irwin R. Fletcher

          You hire Paul Johnson to do more with less. Kirby’s job is to do more with more.

          • PTC DAWG

            Ed Zachery…we had a Coach trying to win with 68 scholarship players at times….more with more, I like it.

          • Yup, and until he got more (which seems like he is well on his way there) he’ll just have to make salad with what he got. I think he’ll do fine…I’m not one of those who thinks he makes due on talent alone. I know the guys got some x’s and o’s skills. Interested to see how he does it this year when the cupboard is not as full.

  12. Rampdawg

    Bear and Dooley speak. Never show all your cards.

  13. Uglydawg

    What Rampdawg said…+1..
    Either Kirby is too honest for his own good in this matter (“Throw the ball, NC and Ole Miss), or he’s Bre’r Rabbit smart (no pun int) and he sees the secondary as his brier patch.

    • dawgtired

      I’m thinking it’s 51.3% honesty and 48.7% coach speech. He’s got to tell the media something.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      Love some Uncle Remus and Bre’r Rabbit stories! I have great memories of reading these stories to my kids in their younger years. Bre’r Rabbit Smart has a nice ring to it. Well done sir.

  14. RugbyDawg79

    I think Kirby is recruiting DB’s and is trying to make it seem early playing time is available.

  15. 69Dawg

    These comments scare me. I’ve said before we don’t know if any of these Alabama coaches can coach teams that are not loaded. Is he channeling his inter Vince Dooley or he just trying to let the team know he’s not impressed. If he can’t take a team that won 9 regular season games and win 9 with this schedule then we’ve bought a pig in a poke.

    • UGA85

      Really? You would judge a new head coach after one year? I don’t think that’s fair or accurate. CMR won, I think, eight games in year one, and Saban won seven, and neither of these is a pig in a poke, regardless of schedule. So much change, so many variables. IMO, we should give CKS a few years before rendering judgment.

    • Uglydawg

      69, your second sentence is food for thought. It will take some digestion for sho’. We don’t “know”. If we win 8 in the reg season and look really great doing it..and we lose to a team that happens to be much better than we thought they could be..a “Cinderella” if you will…then the jury will still be out.
      But as far as your statement that “we’ve bought a pig in a poke”…I just can’t imagine it. Everything the man has done so far has seemed right and has been done at higher levels than I had hoped for. This staff is very experienced and respected. There may be a “learning curve” for KS, but if any assistant was ready to move up I believe it was either KS or Bobo..and Bobo went a year too soon.
      Good post, though..and like I said, food for thoughtful digestion.

      • dawgtired

        “This staff is very experienced and respected. There may be a “learning curve” for KS”

        +1 – Even though the load falls on the head coach, we know the staff will be responsible for actually coaching the players ‘how to play’. The experience under Kirby will help him through the early learning curve. It’s good that Kirby’s first year as HC starts with a soft schedule (as possible in SEC). We will be find this year leaning on the staff’s experience…and then it will only get better as the talent pool grows.

    • PTC DAWG

      He will load the team, that is the name of the game. Might even have 85 on scholly most every year.

      • Otto

        No kidding and at the moment his first full is ranked 2nd. I am in some ways more interested in signing day next year than Wins and Losses in his 1st year. again some ways.

        • I will never be more interested in NSD than in the 12-15 Saturdays in the fall. Jimmies & Joes are very important, but I want to see that translate into Ws. Ray Goff proved that you can win Signing Day and lose big time on Saturday. I don’t believe that’s where we are with Kirby, but I did live through the late 80s and early 90s.

        • dawgtired

          For me it’s like two seasons. A season of playing football and a season of competing in recruiting. It’s how I make it through the off season.

  16. Macallanlover

    I never thought our 2015 DBs were even in the Top 20 nationally, and feel it is true that the ranking was distorted by the quality of passers/receivers we faced, and our scheme to cover up some weak spots. That said, I don’t care for this attention as to their weakness. He has many more things to worry about than pass coverage, and their ability relative to Bama’s talent level is something every coach in America would whine about. They were decent, not great, but they are a year older and have added some new talent. Focus coach, focus. Your problems are closer to the LOS, and on the other side of the ball, and kicking. You can get your message about not being complacent to them directly, not through the media.

    • Part of the reason we struggled against the run under Pruitt was due to his desire to protect the secondary. Obviously, improving the front 7 is a priority, but when we faced teams that could run and pass, the secondary struggled.

      I think he was being honest. This not motivation. Sanders is NOT an elite player. He plays the ball well, is dangerous when he intercepts the ball, but he is a liability in run support. Mauger is an average S at best. I love Malcolm Parrish’s aggressiveness in tackling and closing, but he is NOT close to an elite cover corner. I am optimistic that McGraw and Briscoe have the athleticism to grow into all-SEC CBs, but until they do, we will not be a particularly great secondary. The good news is that we added Mecole, and the 2017 DB class should be fantastic.

    • Jason

      This talk is more about.. hey they just kicked someone who wins 9.4 games on average out. I need to be sure to set expectations low so that I don’t hang myself as a first year HC.

  17. UGA85

    To me, CKS’s comments make CJP look even better. Our secondary was quite good last year, apparently with athletes that aren’t first caliber SEC. And I don’t understand those who minimize what CJP did last year because of our schedule. Our defense carried us to 10 wins, much like the offense used to do before CJP came to UGA. IMO, if our defense under CKS plays like last year’s, we should be fine.

  18. Jason

    This is stupid. Why would Kirby do anything but raise doubts about the status of the team that he was given control of? He just got a great Job from a coach who was successful, just not successful enough for his fan base.

    Any CEO or Coach who gets hired and talks about how great the current situation is is a fool. This only gives fodder for your detractors and takes away from your ability to claim any successes. Which when you are coming into a situation where a large part of the population liked the former coach you don’t do. You try to walk the fine line of hey there are “real” issues here and hey that guy is a good guy (former coach).

    This is simple coach speak. Kirby has been doing it this entire time. Is Georgia as stacked as Alabama. Not at all. Only one team can be the best at recruiting Georgia wasn’t it. Georgia went through turnover at the DC level and this lead to some players leaving. Did some of the roster management of the past with our kicking guys off the team lower the quality of what we have? To some extent. Georgia during the past 15 years held their players to a higher standard than Alabama.

    Did Pruitt drop our LBs back in coverage more than usual to take the pressure off the secondary? Yes. This had a 2 fold affect. To make whoever was our secondary coach look great (Pruitt) and to kill our ability to stop the run as much. Was Richt pulling in top 10 recruiting classes. Yes.

    The players are there. Could they use some help yes. But its not doom and gloom or anywhere near.

    If someone is second team safety… Assuming 2 CBs and 2 Safeties he is the 3rd best safety in the best conference. Not really a bad compliment to make and one that you can make to hopefully inspire someone who is good to do better.

    This is Coach Speak at its finest. Our team is really rough. We need to make alot of improvement. If we can’t win 9 games next year its the other guys fault. If we win 9 games its because I am a hard worker and great value to this university.

    • CB

      Absolutely correct. Come on Senator, you’re better than this. I’m pumped about the recruiting so far, but Kirby Smart has been talking out of his ass since January. Why would this comment be any different?

  19. PTC DAWG

    It is what it is, we beat no one with a pulse last year.

    • Jason

      Last year was a disaster. A poor OC. A QB that was so conservative about airing it out that he would look like he forgot he was in the game on some plays. A DC that worried so much about the pass he forgot about the run.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        A “disaster” – really? I hope Kirby can cure cancer, because that’s where you’re setting the bar.

        • Jason

          Yes a disaster. Your definition may be different than mine. I am not sure where you get the whole cancer spiel.

          If my OC is not up to par and in over his head. This is a major Issue. If my QBs are inept for 11 games. This is a major Issue. If we give up a 21 point lead in one game and lose its an issue.
          If we lose to UF by 24 points by putting in a first game starter. A major issue.
          If we have a monsoon game, at home, and our team looks like it would rather be playing xbox this is an issue.
          Barely beating a listless Missouri team is an issue.
          If my DC gets in fights with other coaches. This is a major issue.
          All these issues make A disaster.

          Volcanoes erupting are not disasters until it happens near something we care about.

          Noone talks about that disaster earthquake that never injured a single person.

          All of the above make it a disaster.

          Considering most of the items I mentioned had to do with either mistakes by the prior UGA Coaching staff or with personnel changes.. Personnel changes that might be alleviated with a really good freshman QB. I don’t think the issue is cancer. The issue was a few bonehead decisions along with some QB development issues.

    • lakedawg

      And we play a weaker schedule this year, how about that little plum?

  20. DawgPhan

    You guys are really doing the lords work here.

    The dawgrading of finishing #1 in pass defense last year is really something else.

    It will be interesting to compare if Bama’s pass defense improves with Pruitt and if UGA’s head’s south with Kirby.

    • PTC DAWG

      You think all stats exist in a vacuum?

      • UGA85

        To me, downgrading CJP’s defenses because of a “weak” schedule would be like downgrading Bobo’s offenses for the same reason. Most here feel Bobo is great, and that’s fine. But CJP has never not been a great defensive coach, and the progress he did make at UGA was amazing, IMO.

        • CB

          The people writing checks in college football seem to value Pruitt a lot more seeing as how he and Bobo are making about the same amount of money with CJP as a DC and Bobo as a HC. Hmmmm….

          • Bobo’s a HC at a mid-major that averages less than 25,000 in attendance per game ( When he jumps to a P5 head coaching job, then compare. CJP has some growing up to do before he even gets a sniff of a head coaching job.

            • CB

              New stat. WAP (Wins Above Predecessor) Bobo is at -3. Gonna have to do better than that to get a P5 job.

              • I don’t follow Colorado State football that closely, but I believe McElwain got out at the peak. I’m pretty sure he left the cupboard empty in Fort Collins. Many considered that Bobo did a pretty darn good job in his 1st year. I’ll still take him over Pruitt for a head coaching job.

                • CB

                  Whatever. Took Bobo like 8 years in a weak SEC East to get a crappy mountain west job. Pruitt has two national titles under his belt, and I’m pretty sure he was a hs coach when Bobo got the OC job at Georgia. Say what you want about Smart’s recruiting, Pruitt already had Georgia headed in that direction with the amount of offers he was putting out.

                  • Pruitt has never been a head coach at any level. I liked Pruitt from the day he came to Athens. He instilled toughness in a defense that was sorely lacking it and had upgraded recruiting on the defensive side of the ball.

                    I don’t understand the hate for Mike Bobo. The guy could develop QBs, recruited well, and built an offense that put up points and yards like crazy.

                    I’m sure Jim McElwain thought the same thing about that crappy Mountain West job. Whatever.

                    • Jason

                      The Mike Bobo hate came from…

                      David Greene never really progressing. Whether David was just naturally that good and he hit a wall we don’t know. DJ was awesome I hope that was due to Bobo coaching him up we don’t know. Cox was meh. Terishenski was meh. Stafford didn’t really progress much.
                      Murray definitely did.

                      Lackluster play calling in his early years.

                      Not utilizing his strengths in the players he was coaching. Leonard pope was a beast and deserved the ball more. Marshall is an around the ends runner yet he was given the same plays as Gurley. Run the d*MN ball against usce.

                      Not coaching his players up when they start slow. It seemed if a qb was having down field accuracy issues Bobo would keep them throwing down field until they had a completion or interception.

                      These are all fairly anecdotal but this was my problem with him early. That being said his last 3 to 4 years he was a great oc but needed to coach up more and call plays to his players strengths.

                    • CB

                      I don’t hate Bobo, I just don’t think he’s and elite coach. He’s just you know… okay. Name me any year that he was OC and I’ll give you 3-4 games where the offense underachieved if not downright failed with the exception being 2014, but I can still give you 2 that year (even if I concede the anomaly that was 2014, that’s one year out of eight). Who cares whether or not Pruitt has been a head coach? My point is he’s been more successful as a coordinator in a much shorter amount of time.

                    • CB

                      How Bobo survived the 2010 season is still beyond any and all comprehension. We scored 6 pts against SC, 12 pts against Miss St, and 6 against UCF.

                • Jason

                  Bobo is the most successful first year hc for his program

    • “You guys”? Kirby’s the one who said it.

      • UGA85

        Maybe I’m wrong, but I read CKS’s comments as a reference to our talent level at DB, not necessarily as a reference to our performance last year.

      • Uglydawg

        Never forget that a lawyer is reading our words…we may lose track but he doesn’t🙂

      • Cosmic Dawg

        He’s getting plenty of help here today.

      • PTC DAWG

        I was directly addressing one poster on here…and I would never say “you guys” in the first place.

    • Jason

      1) If your pass defense is #1 it can only head south
      2) Kirby is the HC not the DC
      3) We played 2 run first teams(Tech, Ga Southern) . We played 4 teams with QB “Issues” (Mizzou, Auburn, Vandy, USCe). Comparing the schedule we had with Pruitt to what we face now is not wise.

      In all likelihood…. Georgia’s D will leverage the LBs more in stopping the run. Which will of course open our secondary up more. But also the aforementioned teams (Mizzou, Auburn, Vandy, USCe) will have much better passing situations which will in turn hurt our stats as well.

      I expect a moderate drop in our Pass Defense and a moderate increase in our Run Defense. I hope Mel will not be making the same mistake Pruitt did by allowing our Defense to be off balance.

  21. I look at it as a shot at the kind of recruiting in the previous regime be it Richt or Pruit. That’s all. We shall see in the next couple of season in recruiting and development of athletes.

  22. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    It’s a comment that has generated more traffic in terms of clicks than it deserves. Like a lot of coach speak, it’s hard to know where the real truth lies, but no coach is going to say “we are so talented at [insert phase of the game here] that if we go downhill, it’s because I’m a bad coach”. Plus, it may be – and with Kirby it probably is – that he has recruits he pushing for in that area that may need to know they are wanted. You can’t discount that recruiting angle.

  23. sUGArdaddy

    It is hard to figure about last year’s secondary. A season is a season, but the East was universally the worst passing bunch we’ve seen in years. Mizzou, USCjr, Florida, and Vandy could barely complete a pass vs. air. Auburn can’t pass for nothing. We played no big-time non-SEC foe, and we had GT and GA Southern on the schedule.

    No A&M, no Ole Miss, no Miss St. Heck, even Brandon Allen wasn’t too shabby. No Deshaun Watson on the schedule (thank you, Lord). We don’t know what other secondaries would have done vs. that schedule. We took it and finished #1.

    I don’t think the comments were for us.

  24. W Cobb Dawg

    Well, it may not be loaded with future high nfl picks, but it’s also not the steaming pile of sh#t Grantham & Lakatosis left behind for Pruitt to work with. Not sure you’ll find a harder working DB unit in the sec. Pruitt got steady improvement and seemingly every ounce of talent out of these DBs. If Tucker can continue that I’ll be very impressed.

  25. I don’t question the accuracy of his comments, he’s been evaluating players for years. I just don’t understand why a coach would downgrade his players with the media. Why not save those evaluations for the practice fields and the meeting rooms, and then go coach ’em up.

    • he is simply being honest. While there is arguably a bit of managing expectations, I don’t think him saying what he said would be “offensive” to the players. Our DBs know that they have not demonstrated all-SEC play, and Kirby pointing it out in an interview with the media in previewing the team is entirely appropriate. is he supposed to say he was impressed by the talent in the secondary when he does not mean it? He has praised the attitude and work ethic of the team as a whole. At the same time, he has suggested that there is a sense of entitlement in the program (whether that was directed at certain guys or the team as a whole is unclear).

    • Otto

      Maybe he wants them playing with something to prove. Management and motivation is a tricky thing.

  26. Otto

    In the SEC against the run:
    Bama #1 UGA #8
    The Pass
    Bama #6 UGA #1

    Scoring Defense
    Bama #1 UGA #3
    Total Defense
    Bama #1 UGA #3

    Bama being #6 against the pass makes sense in that teams were playing from behind against them, and they faced better passing attacks. Kentucky was the highest rated passing attack in the East. at #6. UGA had a good but not great defense. Smart looks to be bringing the talent in to change that. Signing day will be interesting.

    • UGA85

      The third ranked scoring defense in the SEC is more than good, IMO. Especially when you look at our offense. CJP made consistent, significant progress with UGA’s defense during his tenure.

      • Otto

        You say especially when you look at our offense, UGA’s offense ranked 2nd in total offense for the SEC East and 8th in the SEC overall. Tenn. was 7th in the SEC. Auburn was 10th.

        The defense may have been very good but it wasn’t elite. I think CJP did a fine job with what he had but even he said the talent wasn’t what he had at Bama or FSU.

  27. WNCCanine

    Inconsistent effort has been a constant problem. If you want more effort you send the message that the team can’t loaf and get by on talent. He is sending the right message.

  28. Spike

    Well, that was a real buzz killer…

  29. 69Dawg

    This thread will repeat itself over and over this year. Our 2016 schedule will be, with the exception of UNC replacing one cupcake, the same as last year. Granted we weaken up with Ole Miss in and Alabama out. I said above that the team should win 9 games. This set off the usual comments from the we expect too much from a first year coach. Well lets say we lose to UNC, Ole Miss and UT, we would have to win the rest for the 9 wins. Realistically, we have two tough games remaining, UF and Auburn. If we lose them both then
    CKS will start 7-5. Everybody who thinks 7-5 will be an acceptable record for year one will use the “but he’s a new coach” defense. Just remember 2 of those wins will be to the two cupcakes, so 7-5 becomes 5-5 against Power 5 teams. Last year we were 6-5 against Power 5 teams so there won’t be much difference. Either way we will be arguing this for at least three more years until CKS either learns on the job or his excellent recruiting gets us too many 5* and 4* players to fail.

    • PTC DAWG

      In my mind, year one is a gimme, with most any new head coach. You think UF is going to be dominate from here on out because of last year. UGA gift wrapped the East for them. I don’t expect UT to coming Athens and start a rookie you?

      • Jason

        Normally I would agree with year 1 or even more year gimme’s depending on the situation. But if we fire a coach averaging 9+ wins a game… we don’t want the same thing that most other schools want. We want more.

        We want a coach that wakes up in the morning and P*sses excellence. Someone who is as hard as a Diamond in an ice storm. Someone who can drive with a live cougar in a car. Someone who can win a race driving backwards.

        Because I am pretty sure McGarity has thrown down the Gauntlet. And if you are not first you are last.

    • “His excellent recruiting gets us too many 5* and 4* players to fail.”

      Ray Goff would differ with that conclusion. His era showed champions may be built on the first Wednesday in February, but that’s not when championships are won. Saban has had the best of both worlds (Corch at UF was the same) by winning in February but building a team that competes into January.

    • lakedawg

      We lost 5 games last year?

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