“… in our league you better win, or you won’t be here long.”

Shorter Kirby Smart:  Rebuild?  The hell with that.


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  1. Uglydawg

    Very encouraging words and attitude from Coach Smart! He is very serious about his players having their heads prepared for each and every game. If he can do that, he will be very successful at Georgia. This is a quality that has been missing at Georgia for what seems like forever.

  2. I think Kirby knows he’s been dropped into a much better situation than his mentor inherited in Tuscaloosa. He starts with better athletes and has as good support of the program as Little Nicky had when he got to Alabama. I don’t expect us to win the East this year, but I do expect us to be in the mix.

    I want us to beat Boom down, win the Big 3, and win a bowl game. If we get to Atlanta, that’s icing on the cake.

    • ltrftc

      You defining “win the Big 3” as Auburn, Florida, Nerds? Or are you talking about the 3 “hardest” games on the schedule in conference: UF/UT/OM? I see a path to winning every game, but don’t expect that we’ll be able to string them together, as it would just take an incredible amount of luck and health. I’m good with scenario A above. I don’t think USC should be an issue. Mizzou looks dangerous just being the first road game and a stout defensive line. One would have to expect their offense will improve over ’15’s awful performance, but the same could be said of us.

      • The Big 3 is what the Big 3 have been since the dawn of Georgia football – Florida, Auburn, and tech.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          If I can add a wish…
          Beat Bootch too.

          • I really want to beat Bootch as well. I’m just not sure I would consider this year to be a failure if we don’t. Like it or not, they’re more experienced at some key positions than we are this year.

        • ltrftc

          It’s what I assumed, though hard to say Tech is a big anything these days. The game is important, and yes Fish Fry has a way of causing problems for defenses the first time they face him, but I don’t see that being an issue this year. Would like to take either the OM or the UT game in addition to the other three. Obviously, that scenario including UT would just about seal the east for us unless a school like Mizzou shocked the world, so just not sure if that’s going to be in the cards for this year.

  3. Uglydawg

    Currently, Georgia has a nice advantage over the rest of the East in talent. We need to curb-stomp everyone while the getting is good. The only team that is really close to UGA right now, is Tennessee, and if the Dawgs can beat them in Athens this year and go on to win the East..recruiting will be unbelievable. Georgia will be in for a good long run of supremacy. Even with a close loss to Tennessee, Georgia will be on it’s way if Eason is what we are hoping he is. Things are moving in the right direction. If we beat the Big 3 , and Tennessee…and win the East, the train will be rolling.

    • AceDawg

      Agreed – UGA has as much talent as Tennessee, just not as much experience. The Gators will probably always be in position to rise because of the talent available in Florida, but Tennessee will be in trouble if Kirby wins the state of GA in recruiting to the degree he is right now. UT won’t have the recruiting base it needs to be elite. South Carolina is on shaky ground as well unless Muschamp miraculously truly does become a good coach – something I won’t be betting on.

  4. W Cobb Dawg

    “Last season, Georgia was picked to win its division before falling short at the regular season’s end.”

    Didn’t fu have the division title locked up in Jax? We had 4 regular season games left. Thinking we were in the hunt til the end is a nice notion, but we were eliminated as early in the season as I can remember.

    • Bulldog Joe

      A win over Florida would have earned Georgia a 6-2 conference record, the tie breaker, and a trip to the conference championship game.

      The stakes were what made the third-string starting QB decision look so insane.