Nick Chubb continues to be unsinkable.

Even his head coach has bought in.

“I think Nick Chubb’s going to be fine,” Smart said. “But I won’t know that until the first scrimmage. Or the second scrimmage. When we get to go live and tackle and hit and he gets over that mental aspect of taking that first hit.”

Chubb’s progress has astounded coaches and players alike, with Smart stating during the spring that the Cedartown native was ahead of schedule with his recovery.

Having torn three ligaments and damaged cartilage, Chubb’s been able to rehab quicker than perhaps even Smart expected.

“There’s nobody in the country who could be back as fast as he is right now,” Smart said. “And he’s sped up the progress by his effort and toughness.”

It sounds like he’s saying Chubb’s pretty much made it back physically.

The good thing is if that’s the case and all that’s left in recovery is to determine Chubb’s mental state, I have a hard time believing he’s any less tough mentally than he is physically.


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  1. Hardcoredawg 93



  2. Uglydawg

    If he’s 100% Georgia will very likely place twice in ATL this year.


  3. WF Dawg

    “The good thing is if that’s the case and all that’s left in recovery is to determine Chubb’s mental state, I have a hard time believing he’s any less tough mentally than he is physically.”

    Spot on.


  4. DawgPhan

    I dont know enough about the recovery process, but is the expectation that he is back to where he was preinjury or is he better than that?

    Is it possible that he is on track to where he would have been without the injury?


  5. lakedawg

    After watching that play which almost brought tears never thought he could possibly play first game this year. Shows wha t faith, determination, and hard work can do. Could not happen to a finer young man.


  6. Macallanlover

    I would love to see Nick Chubb in 2014 form as much as anyone but think you guys are confusing the issue here. No one would ever question his mental toughness but even if he is physically ready, and it sounds like he is based on Kirby’s comments, the problem would be the instinctive, almost non-conscious decision his mind makes for him. I feel that is what separates the truly great runners from the very good, and I don’t think anything but time and experience will get that back to tip-top shape regardless of the work the doctors and rehab specialists have done.

    A 90% Chubb is probably better than most of our other options but I feel his ability to pass protect, break arm tackles, and use his straight ahead speed is what he can provide, not necessarily the sharp cuts and change of direction. Certainly taking some hits in August will help begin the final stage of his recovery but I don’t expect his recovery to be complete in the early part of the year. I just hope for his sake that he can make it back to his pre-injury level.


    • Uglydawg

      I love being optimistic, but I keep remembering Marcus Lattimore. I’m sure there are more good stories about knee repairs than there are horror stories, but this is a “Georgia Thing”. If you understand what I mean by that then you probably understand my cautious optimism’s being damp with paranoia.
      But if anyone can, Nick can.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      ^ this!
      Blew up my knee the first time my Jr HS year. Orgel was my coach. Repair involved the patella and a staple and bone work.
      Dad was in SAC and we always played racket ball. Since I was a youth. Made it to tournament form by my Jr year in college. There is a disconnect after surgery knowing where your feet are in space without having to think about it.
      Chubbs recovery is nothing short of amazing.
      At least what we’ve hear is encouraging. 2 ACL and the PCL. YIKES! It will take a lot of reps to reconnect all the dots per his natural ability to cut in space. YAC won’t be what it was ….until later in the season.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    ut game = Chubb’s payback time!


  8. Nate Dawg

    Come on Nick…come on Nick!!



    That’s by # 1 Dawg CHUBB CHUBB CHUBB


  10. AceDawg

    The Chubbatron will be spotted on the field in game 1 and high in the Heisman polls shortly thereafter. I suspect he is at 110% health already and that any setbacks will merely knock him back down to 100%.