Thanks for playing, Speaker Ryan.

Those of you who think sports and politics don’t mix…

Maybe you’re right.


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32 responses to “Thanks for playing, Speaker Ryan.

  1. Don in Mar-a-Lago

  2. Argondawg

    What planet are these people from?

  3. OrlandoDawg

    You could have used the same header as your last post for this one.

  4. Otto

    I’m a voter not a Republican

  5. The quincy Carter of accountants

    Or like when Florida plays Auburn? Don’t you root for the earth to be destroyed by an asteroid? Start thinking like that.

    • 69Dawg

      No but I do pull for the Goodyear/Metlife blimp to crash. I guess I’m just a little more selective with my choice of catastrophes.

  6. Ole Dawg

    I can (barely) stand to root for bama or lsu in the natty but I’m damned if I’ll ever root for something wearing orange.

  7. Normaltown Mike

    Do Wisconsin Badgers cheer for the Wisconsin State er A&M er…do they have any other schools up there?

  8. Sam Johnson

    I remember when the USSR national basketball team toured the U.S. and played Tech. My only thought then was, “Go Commies, to hell with Tech!”

  9. You’d think a modern day politician would understand the irrationality of tribalism perfectly well.

    • wait doesn’t Barrack Hussein Obama support and legitimize the Black Lives Matter crowd? Is that not the essence of tribalism.?

  10. PTC DAWG

    If I thought Ga was in play, I would vote Repub (I think the lesser of two evils, I think)…that said, I almost always vote Libertarian. It fits me much better than the two mainstream parties.

    • Trbodawg

      I was just telling my technicians; the thing I want to see most out of this election, is for people to finally realize they have more than two choices. I gotta hope for this change…

  11. Dave

    Paaaaauuuuulllll….u keepa talkin like that and u gonna get prinaried.

  12. aristoggle

    Well, Mr. Speaker, no, I don’t think any self-respecting Aggie would pull for Texas. And, I sure as hell wouldn’t pull for Tech, Auburn ,Tennessee, or Florida.

    I will say that my opinion of Alabama has softened after the way Saban supported Smart in his transition.

    • Mayor

      How in hell would Tech, Auburn, UT or FU winning a nattie be good for the Dawgs? I only want stuff that helps Georgia. I want those 4 teams to lose every game.

  13. Ben

    Ryan may be smart, but he’s an idiot. This is the most boneheaded thing he’s said in the the past 24 hours. The only thing that makes it not the most boneheaded thing from the RNC in all is that their convention is on. King took care of that last night.

    • Rick

      This was addressed to Ryan, not something Ryan said. Ryan is smartly trying to position himself as The Guy if Trump fails.

  14. ASEF

    Reasonably sure Aggies cheered when Colt let himself get plowed by a 320 pound DT generating +3,800 pounds of force at impact in a national championship game.

  15. My lord. If Tech somehow cheated their way into a national championship game, I’d root for a series of gruesome injuries en route to a thorough thrashing by Tech’s opponent.

  16. Never, will I root for the Nerds.

  17. JCDAWG83

    If tech played ISIS I’d wear a turban and pray to Allah for tech to lose. Paul Ryan is a fool, I hope he loses his reelection bid in Wisconsin.

  18. As a Democrat I now thank Pail Ryan for putting Texas in play.

    • Otto

      As a NeverTrump conservative I thank him as well, now if he would just say something about GT.