The cost of doing business in Knoxville

UT’s total for settlements and attorney fees in athletics-related lawsuits in the past two years is roughly $4.5 million.

Then again, if it’s being paid with other people’s money, no big deal, right?

In the $2.48 million settlement amount, half will be paid by the athletics department and half by the Knoxville campus.

According to UT, the funds come from “income-generating activities” at UT such as licensing fees and other profits…

And if you’re wondering what it would have cost the school to fight the good battle to clear its name all the way to its conclusion, well…

In its settlement announcement, the university estimated that continuing the suit through trial, set for May 2018, and appeals would have cost as much as $5.5 million.

Such a deal.


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4 responses to “The cost of doing business in Knoxville

  1. Uglydawg

    “Season Tickets will now be called “Season Licenses”.


  2. steve

    Blindfolded lawyers with baseball bats + Lyle Allen “Butch” Jones, Jr. papier-mâché piñata = an audio file of a money splatter.


  3. Macallanlover

    Still don’t see why Sgt. Carter’s role in the intervention where he scolded the player for helping the raping victim isn’t getting more heat. Was more egregious than Briles’ behavior at Baylor, imo.


  4. CannonDawg

    Ever consider opening a satellite law office in Knoxville, Senator? Sounds as if the need for legal counsel there is unlimited. 🙂