Ah, dodgeball.

Seth Emerson takes the final, fateful step.

Prediction: Chubb starts against North Carolina. There, I’ve moved to that position, after saying for months that he would just get his feet wet in the opener, which itself may have been optimistic. But Michel’s injury has ramped up the timetable, and while I would still bet that Chubb’s carries are limited in the opener, we’ve learned at this point to discount Chubb at our own peril. Plus, I personally watched Chubb play dodgeball, and he looked fine.

Tongue-in-cheekiness aside, if Chubb does in fact start, that is one amazing story.

The only downside is that the more likely he is to start, I suspect the less likely Michel is to play.


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19 responses to “Ah, dodgeball.

  1. Yolo Tomassi

    I would not play against Chubb in dodge ball.

  2. stoopnagle

    If Chubb starts vs. UNC then they better hurry up on MB Stadium. The roar of the Georgia people will probably knock the dome down.

  3. Dawg with no fleas

    If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a linebacker.

  4. Mr. T

    From the rumor mill, Sony suffered a compound fracture. That would extend his recovery time somewhat more than just one bone cleanly broke. May or may not be accurate but if Chubb is that close to going, no need to rush Sony. Besides, we have some healthy but untested guys I’d like to see outside of Douglas. Crowder, Herrien, & Holyfield have Fall Camp to earn some carries.

    • Herschel Krustofsky

      Compound fracture just means the bone stuck through the skin, creating a wound. It doesn’t have to do with the number of bones that broke or the fracture pattern.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        “…just means.” ?
        Sure it has to do with the fracture pattern. It also leads to higher risk of infection,compartment sydrome,and non union of the repair. Rehab is longer and if the radius break is severe enough it affects ones ability to rotate palm up or down . I’ll pass on that “just” type injury to a running back that catches a lot of pass.
        Just ssyin’

        • Mayor

          Correct. Compound (i.e. break plus puncture) is worse than if the bone were broken in 2 places which would be a double fracture.

          • Herschel.Krustofsky@gmail.com

            That is not always the case.

            • S

              This kind of argument is a bit pointless. Each injury is individual. Whether it’s non-displaced, displaced/not compound, displaced/compound, transverse, oblique, proximal, distal, in the middle of the diaphysis, no two breaks are going to be exactly alike and no two breaks will heal exactly alike. And there are also other factors – what damage, if any, was there to the muscles of the forearm? What damage, if any, was done to the radial or ulnar nerves? What damage, if any, was there to the interosseous membrane? If compound, what degree of contamination to the wound? How much further damage/contamination occurred in getting Sony to the doctor? How competent was the initial set? How well does Sony heal as compared to other individuals? How well does Sony respond to physical therapy?

              All of us are low-information when it comes to this. Like every one of you, I really wish I could more accurately speculate on how this impacts Sony the man and Sony the player. Generally speaking, though, at least bone breaks tend to heal more completely and more quickly than tendon/ligament injuries. And an ATV wreck? Those can be so nasty. I’m just glad that he didn’t get some kind of spinal injury or have a joint shredded or worst of all, killed.

        • Herschel.Krustofsky@gmail.com

          I said “just means” to indicate that it only applies to breaking the skin and not to the number of bones that broke or the fracture pattern, as Mr. T implied when he said “recovery time somewhat more than just one bone cleanly broke”.

          You’re right about a compound fracture leading to a higher risk of infection but you’re wrong about it having to do with the fracture pattern. A number of different fracture patterns can also be classified as a compound fracture.

          I agree that the fracture pattern affects the healing and the rehab. But the fact that it’s a compound fracture generally only lengthens the healing time and rehab if there’s an infection or if it’s just a bad wound (which is sometimes the case).

          As far as how any of this applies to Chubb, I have no idea. I don’t know anything about his fracture.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Not a rumor. …

  5. AusDawg85

    A source not close to anything or anyone tells me Kirby is secreting melding Chubb into Sony and will name him…Subb. I saw it on a copy of the depth chart.

  6. DawgFaithful

    If we start Chubb and it effects Michel’s carries, who cares? Emerson insinuates that to be a negative.

    Put it this way, if Chubb starts and we don’t see Michel, it’ll be because Holyfield or some other back has picked up the slack and we’re winning the game.


    • merk

      Michel had ball control issues last year with his broken wrist. I highly doubt Kirby will be too excited to test that again with a broken arm.

  7. Nate Dawg

    Come on Nick…come on Nick!!
    …And Come on Sony too!!