Evil Richt hasn’t made the transition to Coral Gables yet.

‘Cause if he had, you know Evil Richt would have made mention of playing Georgia Tech on Mark Richt Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium.


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19 responses to “Evil Richt hasn’t made the transition to Coral Gables yet.

  1. georgiajeepn

    The only time Richt got evil or mean was when the female reporters interviewed him on the field at halftime or after the game. Then he got mean. Wish he had done that on the sidelines a little bit more.


  2. Every UGA fan come September

    Who is Mark Richt?


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    It might be the only time CMR’s ever seen more gtu people in the stands than fans rooting for his team. I said might be. Same day we have ut in Sanford.


  4. Bright Idea

    Tech’s 2 wins over Richt were plain ole’ gifts.


  5. anybody ever figured out how much we paid the holy roller per win over the course of his less than stellar career?


    • DawgFlan

      See link above for 2015. It sounds like you may be disappointed in the answer, so probably best to not do the math. Fellow SEC schools tend to pay significantly more to coaches who win at a clip much lower than 75%.


    • Macallanlover

      Sure, say something stupid and criticize someone who has character and principles. Leaves you in a pretty bad place doesn’t it. Duh. You should have gotten further away from the Geiger counter, did some major damage on yo head boy. And your stellar career accomplishments are?