Love the Chubb.

Derek Mason does.

Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason, a former defensive coordinator at Stanford, knows plenty about dealing with elite running backs. I asked Mason what he thought made Chubb so good.

“Nick Chubb is really special,” Mason said. “His feet never stop. He always moves the line of scrimmage. He can anticipate contact and his ability to offset tacklers from angles is unbelievable. That’s an innate ability. His ability to see what’s happening in front him and react on a dime. Had he not gotten hurt (last year) there wasn’t anybody he wasn’t running through or making miss. Nick Chubb is the best running back in this conference that I’ve faced.”

One can only hope he continues to make Mason feel the same way after October 15th.



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4 responses to “Love the Chubb.

  1. Yeah, I love your header and last line.


  2. lakedawg

    Had this same conversation with another fan yesterday, a very few just have that special ability while others have parts of it.


  3. Juan

    Vandy didn’t play LSU last year…